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Champion Windows has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 368 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 2th position out of 170 companies.


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CW failed to measure sliding patio door correctly. Now they refuse to return over $3000 I paid and I am unable to change size of doorway without HOA approval. I just want my money back . When CW realized the size of foot was larger, Sales rep, Travis Tower called me asking for an additional 1200.00. I declined and just wanted to cancel contract and get 1065.00 paid returned. On a different day, Sales rep, Travis Tower indicated CW would honor quoted price for new size door. I agreed to proceed. And thereafter made two additional 1065.00 payments. Believing CW was doing the right thing by installing the correct size door. I keep talking to different managers which are all sales people, and they fail to return my money. They all have different stories as to whose fault this is. I was originally told correct door size would be installed and I was lied to. They were planning to piecemeal the project by just installing the smaller door. Fortunately I was home and realized what they were considering. Installers also complained because they were not given all materials. CW lie to customers and apparently do not prepare installers. I WAS NEVER TOLD THAT A SMALLER DOOR WOULD BE INSTALLED. sales person just kept confirming that new size door would be installed.I signed an addendum and never received a copy of it..I was told that the original price quoted would cover the new size door since they failed to measure correctly. Now, spoke with managers who have admitted mistakes made and want to penalize me. By taking 30%. This was ONLY their fault. I just wanted a new sliding door for my foster kiddos and aging parents. This has been a horrific experience. Bottom line : I want a full complete refund. It has been more than 3 months and they still have my money and no manager is taking responsibility for this debacle service


Referral Check Not Received

I have not received the referral check. I have made several attempts to obtain the referral check. I have made multiple calls and waited patiently several months, weeks and days for a return call.


This company will ruin the value of your home and still demand payment even if they walk away from the job.

Updated by user Apr 25, 2023
The company has not responded to our attorney’s letter regarding this matter. The case has been turned over from the licensing board to the Attorney General Criminal Division. We also found out our windows are not NFRC certified for being energy saving, which is what...

Updated by user Mar 26, 2023
We have filed a complaint forms with the licensing bureau, AG of Michigan, AG of Indiana, and Better Business Bureau. We have reached out to the local office, who sent the letter, with very little help. My husband did speak to a manager who admitted they send these...

Original review Mar 26, 2023
We entered into a contract 4/1/21 with Champion Windows to replace all of our windows. The windows arrive to be installed in August 2021, but half of them did not fit so they had to be reordered. In addition to them not fitting we question the actual workmanship of the window sashes. The welding was bad, there was plastic that was cut in certain spots that was sharp on handles, there were gaps, holes, and many more issues with the actual quality of the product. Over the course of the next 6 to 7 months the company came to install the windows that have been ordered only to find out that windows have been ordered the wrong size again. I think we had a total of five or six service visits where they attempted to install windows, they did not fit, and none of the windows were still fitting. When they came to install the windows at the second service appointment they actually took all of our old windows out, so even the sashes that did not fit were left despite the fact that there were gaps and areas visible to the outdoors because they were so small. They attempted to fix it with blue painters, tape around all of the edges of our windows for months because they could not get the measurements correct. It was during winter and to date we have many bad drafts with the windows. Things became so out of hand that in December 2021 we met with the regional manager who came from Ohio to our home in Michigan to look at the windows where he agreed the quality of the product and the lack of correct sizes were so bad he agreed to re-order every single sash for every single window and promised they would be fully inspected for quality before they left the factory. We attempted to communicate with them for the next few months wondering where the windows were and then we were finally told in the middle of March they had arrived and were inspected and a service man came on March 15 to install them and guess what they didnt fit. At that point we continue to question if it could be the actual frames because the installation on the very first attempt did not go so well because they did things very poorly so we are wondering if maybe the frames themselves were wrong. On March 15, The manager said he would figure out what he would do next and let us know. We did not hear back from him so we contacted another manager who told us to please make a list of everything that still needed to be done, which we did and we sent to them on March 23, 2022. It was a Google Docs so we have verification they did view it. We have not heard from them since. We attempted to reach out to them numerous times, and all of our text messages, phone calls and emails went unanswered. In our contract it stated that we would pay upon completion of the job. Our contract did state the job would be completed within 1 to 5 business days after it started and we gave them grace on that, but after 2 months of not hearing from them (over 7 months from the date of the first install) we called an attorney who told us to just wait for them to call us because they are the ones breaching the contract with walking away from the job. 4 days ago we received a letter in the mail, 12 months after they stopped all forms of communication with us, demanding we sign a completion form and pay $13,000. The letter also stated at the completion of the job was March 14, 2023. They have not spoken to us since March 23, 2022. Due to issues that we had at the beginning of the process with them I documented everything, videos, photos, emails, and I even have signed documentation from service workers about things that are wrong. The demand letter states that they are to receive the signed completion form, which was not even included in the package they sent, and the payment by March 28, 2023. The photos I attached are just of quality as the videos I have show everything else. Every single window looks like a kindergartener built and installed it. My son even cut his hand opening his window last year and they sent a service guy early 2022 to file all of the sharp spots, as we were told it would void our warranty if we did it. It did not fix all of the sharp areas. We even had a service tech sign a letter with all of the things wrong because he said they were not fixable and we should request all new sashes and frames. We asked for caulk we could paint as we were doing a home remodel and were painting trim and they failed to do that. We also requested silicone that matched the trim when they were installing the frames in August 2021 and the guy said all he had was clear and refused to stop a job to go get the correct color silicone and told us no worries it would be fine and clearly it is not.


Product ordered

Order replacement glass for storm door in July, couple months later, Champion does not know the status of my order or wont tell me. Customer service wont call you back as promised. You're left with a decent product but horrible customer service. Called customer service, gave me the 888 number and said it was a direct line. All the numbers, local and national, funnel your calls into one automated run around.


Replacement of glass sliding doors

I am sending this message because it has been approx.: one and a half years since my first contact to have the doors replaced. I realize that COVID-19 may have caused some issues with parts and service. However, I see service trucks traveling around in my area. I have paid for my sunroom and owe no more payments. I truly believe if I owed your company any more payments, you would not tolerate my behavior of not paying and unable to contact me. All I am requesting, is that you as a business honor your commitment to replace the doors/windows on the lifetime of my sunroom. I do not believe i am asking too much and I am trying to be very patient about this matter. I have no order or contract ID due to no one at Champion Windows will assist me. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.


I'm confused.

We found out after the fact that Champion couldn't make a window that we wanted. After the fact, meaning after the install. I mentioned that that particular window was wrong. It was installed (poorly by the way) anyway with no regard to our concern. I asked Champion what's up and they said that they couldn't make a window like that. So, you're telling me that a nationwide window manufacturing company, that can make a bay window, a bow window, a casement, an awning, a single hung, a slider, in several different colors and sizes, curved windows, windows with or without grids, can't seem to figure out how to make a left main opener slider? Ok then.


Bad product and customer service

They had to have a second crew come out and try to fix all the issues. They didnt insulate the windows or mount them correctly. Also they have measured one window wrong three times and they still have not put it in I tried to cancel it and they said I would still have to pay full price for it Buyers beware!


Been waiting for 5 months ( March 10,2022) for our doors and windows .

Never buy from Champion at all. Waiting on doors for 5 months can't get any time frame for delivery. Customer service sucks , it's a joke!!! These people couldn't run a lawn sprinkler, much less a business. NEVER BUY FROM CHAMPION WINDOWS EVER !!! i GIVE THEM A RATING from 1 TO 10 IT WOULD BE -12. The sales guy said 4 to 8 weeks it would be complete, Yeah BULL HOCKEY !!!


Horrible customer service

We had 16 windows replaced, roughly around 22K. The installers did a very poor job and when we called to have the issues fixed, we get appointments, take off work, and they never show up! Plus a screen door that was custom ordered, don't have it yet. Order placed in February 7th, still not completed as of 7/11/22. No one will answer our calls.



On Oct.25,2021 we ordered 14 replaced windows with half screens in tan color.On Feb. 24,2022 windows were installed but seven(7) half screens were missing. We were advised by saleman,mr. james a burk that he would order the seven half screens that were missing. On march 26,2022 james a. burts brought and installed 7 flex screens on windows. Mr. burts was advised by Vera & I that the flex screens was not what we paid for and were not the tan half screens we ordered. Mr. burts stated he would remove these flex screens(cheap) and reorder our 7 half screens.Mr. Burts has not been trueful with us and has not done anything he said he would do . We are senior citizens and believe we have been taken advantage of by Mr. Burts.


Resolved: Issues leading to cancellation

Updated by user Dec 29, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jun 29, 2022
I am requesting to speak with an upper-level customer service manager concerning issues I encountered during the pre-installation process that led to my cancellation. I have attempted to contact the local manager over the last several days, but I have not received a call back.


Not happy with product, install, or customer service 1-1/2 years later.

I am getting ready to hire an attorney after these jokers. The state of Minnesota should not even allow Champion to do business here. I purchased 2 doors with install for a total of $6000.00. The quality of these metal doors is poor and the installer they hired did a poor job. I have cosmetic issues and severe drafts and ice around window in middle of the door and all around the door gasket. The threshold is now more damaged since two guys arrived a year later and made worse. One of the men training the other man stated they had to get a new threshold from the door manufacturer. Todd Ernster, Service Install Manager is a liar and takes no responsibility. I have been dealing with this close to two years since purchase of the doors and there is still no resolution with the problem and no new part or response from Todd or the company. I have Todd's personal cell # he gave me, and he still will not respond to my text or calls. Today is June 8, 2022, and I have filed with the BBB and my next step will be to look into legal action with this company. No more COVID excuses, or I do not have good workers. The contractor sent to install was poor quality in the first place.


Horrible customer service!

I was told that I'd have a replacement window delivered about six months after calling multiple times and speaking to multiple people and even sending pictures of the cracked window (from the cold and heat most likely). I was promised a replacement window only to take a whole day away from work to have a Champion Window rep take a damn photo of a bar code and take more pictures of the same window I had already submitted pictures of six months before. I could have done six months ago what this guy drove an hour to do. What a waste of time, gas, and money sending this guy to do what I could have done in a few seconds! Champion owes me a day's salary I missed earning to sit at home and wait for my window to NOT be delivered as promised. I'd have NEVER agreed to lose a day of work for a damn photo I could have taken! The people I spoke with don't even know if there's anyone I can voice my complaints to. They work for Champion but don't know anything about Champion or the website they constantly refer their customers to. Go to Anderson Windows or some other company and save yourself the frustration.


Champion Failed - Will NEVER recommend - Extremely Poor Customer Service

We signed a contract for a 14x14 sunroom costing $54K on 10/26/21 & you immediately got paid $24.5K from GreenSky. I called Lyle, the salesperson, on 04/25 & sent him a text. Not hearing back from him & wanting to know the status, I then called on 04/26/22 the local office in my area for an update b/c I needed to remove trees & power wash the house to prepare for the sunroom. When speaking with Wesley on 04/26 he adv'd that they were waiting on HOA approval. I was stunned as I had sent that on 12/12/21 and again on 03/23/22 when requested by Lyle the salesperson for a 2nd time. I had many conversations with various people for a week b/c I was so frustrated no one was able to give me an appropriate answer with regards to proper customer service or on this project as to why no one followed up with me. Here we were accruing interest on a pmt of $24.5K and nothing to show for it. What is shocking is that if I don't call to inquire about the status of the project, was anyone EVER going to contact us? When finally they started working on it b/c I called again on 05/03, I was told on 05/05 that the sunroom could not be built b/c my county won't approve it b/c of the septic tank & lines. I was so devastated that I couldn't control my tears. Almost 7 months waiting for my sunroom only to be told NO. All this aggravation could have been avoided if CHAMPION would have done its job & showed great service to the customer by getting the permits first and advising us on the project. Have no idea how your staff didn't checkout the issue with our septic system first. Not the salesperson nor the person that came out to do the remeasure. Most of the people I talked to were dismissive and not helpful with this whole ordeal. I shall never recommend CHAMPION to anyone & will advise to go with someone else. This whole experience has been dreadful & disappointing. As one of your employees advised, it is my purview to tell people of my experience. Your company is EXTREMELY lacking in customer service. As of today, over a week later, we are still waiting for our refund from GreenSky. As the customer, we did what we were told. You, as the supplier of a service, failed miserably on every turn. You got paid a good amount of money immediately and we got nothing but excuses when, again, I contacted your company. I now have a desk & bookshelf in our garage that cannot be used. So many ideas for this sunroom for the last 7 months that will NEVER come to pass. It is scary to think that if I had not called on 04/26, when exactly were you going to contact me about your failures? I hope no one ever goes through what we went through with your company. I am in the customer service industry and you are not. I strongly believe that CHAMPION could have done so much more for us but you chose not to even entertain the idea of what can you do to provide great service. Do not see a contract number on the contract just a contractors license. Everyone at the local office knows about this contract/project.


Install / sales Rep. complaint.

My windows were installed on 5-5-2022 and I didn't pay the balance due because of the following. The sales rep failed to explain the installation process which resulted in the new windows extending 3-4 inches inside the window opening. Since I have Plantation blinds they no longer fix within the window opening. if I was advised of this before hand I would have considered another type of window or waited until I was able to afforded the additional cost for different blinds/drapes. I spoke with a person name James ( unknown position with the local office) and he more or less gave me the brush off and concluded the conversation that they would place a lien on my property. I realize there is a balance due however, for customer service some consideration should be given for the failure of the sales rep. fully explaining the install process and as a results I'm stuck with incurring thousands of dollars to put my house back as it was prior to these windows. I question if I will get a reply since by the complaints I've reviewed you have a very poor rating. Just so you know I held on the phone for 45 minutes and no one came to the phone.


1 year later and we still do not have all of our windows.

Original review Mar 20, 2022
We purchased 11 windows April 1, 2021 and we were told 10 to 12 weeks and after 12 weeks we reached out to them many times with no communication back to us. We understand delays, but this is ridiculous. When they finally arrived, most of them were wrong. A year later, 6 failed installations, Over 100 text messages of failed promises, over 30 unreturned phone calls, rude installers, installers and managers telling us the windows are bad and the quality is bad yet wont help, and many days of having to stay home from work we only have two correct windows and nobody will help us. I am going to file a class action lawsuit and seeking attorney. We also plan to go to small claims court if it does not interfere with a class action lawsuit. $12,000 down the drain.

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