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Chamberlain has a 3.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 230 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 5th position out of 170 companies.


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Help with a Universal remote by Chamberlain KLIK5U

Great customer service and especially technical support and they walked me through the process and it works perfectly. Great help and would buy the product again!!! Thanks Chamberlain


Very professional and knowledgeable

I had a problem with the garage opener belt tension. Spoke to customer service and he managed to explain how to resolve it


The technical service staff was very helpful.

The opener is working perfectly so far. Disconnecting and shaking the openers obstruction sensors and re-aligning them worked.


Remote opener

Looking for a remote opener that connects to my phone. None are compatible as my opener was made in 2016.


Need to set the travel up and down

The travel distance was messed up but the lady on the phone with excellent in helping me fix the problem


Motion sensor not working

We are waiting for you to send us a replacement door mount opener with a working motion detector. If the wall replacement wall mount doesnt have a working motion detector we will expect a new opener to be replaced at your expense.


Great customer service

Remotes needed to be reprogrammed. Had multiple remotes and could program all of the to work Custom service walked me through the process and fix my issue


Garage motor failed

Motor failed and company backed up their product and sending me components free of charge. Tested the product to make sure problem was diagnosed


I am very pleased with your product and I was able to resolve my problem quickly with my customer service representative

I lost power for a full day but I wasn't able to reprogram my clicker remote on my own. With your help I was able to reprogram my remote quickly n easily.


Product is not good

I purchased a Chamberlain B2401 garage door opener from Lowe's within the past 12 months. I have had multiple issues with the product and have called your tech support group multiple times, spending multiple hours on the phone. Very little has been resolved. I have no confidence left in this product and no confidence left in your company/customer service/technical service. It is a fact that issues that I am experiencing are either being blamed on what I am doing, what I have done or can't be resolved. I also feel that what I am explaining is happening is not being believed by tech support. However, there is no reason to make up what is happening. With the loss of confidence in your product, I am considering cutting my losses of the cost of the unit as well as my time and changing it out with a different brand. Hopefully you can understand that I will be posting less than satisfied reviews wherever I can. I hope in the future that your company takes a closer look at a product that has not one but multiple continued issues and help the consumer.


New install is now not responding and I still am dealing with the same issue.

The new installation of my Chamberlain garage door opener is only a few months old and I cant close the door unless I hold the button down until its closed. Call made and they will mail a replacement part and Im supposed to install it. I need to get onto the ladder and repair it? Wow


Can't reset to my new router. Tried several times & goes to incorrect internet provider

Changed my internet router. Attempted to reset using detailed instructions on My Q app. Following step by step instructions, it came to the point to join my named route & the wrong name came up & not the one Im connected to on my I phone 12 & wouldnt allow me to change to correct router in order to move on with instructions.


Question about garage door opener

Original review Jul 13, 2023
The lights constantly blink. I have two garage door openers of yours, and both of them the lights blink. I dont want the lights to blink the brand new one blinks as well.


Help with reset on grarage door

I needed help resetting my garage door opener because it wound not open with my remote or wall mount. The person I talked with talked me thru the steps I needed to do to reset it in less than 5 minutes. Absolutely great experience.


Bad customer service

I own an older Craftsman garage door opener. I need to know how to reprogram the remotes/keypad. They refuse to give me the instructions for this. They just want me to but a new opener. The opener works fine & never had an issue with it. The remotes used to work with the opener. Companies make (or take over from other companies) & dont want to support older products & just want your money. When will it stop?buy


Excellent customer support with programming

I will ONLY buy chamberlain products for my garage because of your excellent customer service. Your tech specialists are knowledgeable, pleasant and patient. And they ALWAYS have resolved my issues. Great job.

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