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Central Casting has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 27 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 15th position out of 72 companies.


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I was booked for a role with a picture car and no PA was there to direct where I should park....So I parked in a regular John Doe Space....I got a $95 Parking Ticket

Lov Central but my Complaint is this: I'm booked for Thursday August 18 n Monday August 22 Svu for bg role that includes Picture Car...Call Time Hold was 7am...I got to set 650 to park my car for set but there was No PA to direct where to park...So in connection with a rock and a hard place situation I John Doe parked nearby Hold so I won't be that much late..After Wrap...I got a Parking Ticket $95...I'm not risking Picture Car Driving in again Monday...lg


Unpaid for daily work

Not so much Central Casting but the other puppet company protecting and buffering Production companies, called Entertainment Partners (EP). Yes, Partners to production companies, to keep their distance from background workers, especially when they don't pay background workers. EP does a really good job BSing people looking to get paid for working on a production. When you CHAT or CALL, you get someone in a foreign country who takes a real long time to give you the run around, without any real solutions or results.


Rushed COVID testing

I have no complaints. Being relatively new to Central Casting, I needed clarification on the steps to take for a rushed COVID test with a deadline of 4:30 today that was quickly approaching. I wanted to exhaust all means to reach them for clarification. Not knowing it was for a pissed consumer, I submitted my question via Pissed consumer and left a voice mail. I received a prompt response with clarification on what was needed and within time to get tested, if necessary. I am very thankful and happy with Central Casting's response to my concern. Thank you!!



I called three times before my show time to try to make adjustments so I wouldnt be late. I had a call time for 7:30 but I was told I can come at 8. I called back before the new call time, 3 minutes AFTER the original time. The employee said to me youre an adult you cant just wake up and say youre not gonna come you had a job and you are a no call no show EVEN THOUGH I CALLED 3 TIMES. He also WOULDNT TELL ME HIS NAME because he told me already and I shouldnt listened, I was extremely apologetic the entire time. He even HUNG UP ON ME. I called back to speak to a supervisor and he told me he was the only one there. I told him he was unprofessional and I shouldnt be spoken to that way. So Im waiting to know now if I will be suspended for a no call no show.


Fat Piggy Brandi "Weinstein" Hawkins relocates to GA while Psycho *** Smashed Faced Personality Disorder Kristan Berona still dragging the company and background to ***

Employees scattering like cockroaches with lights on. Smart ones got out early. (Congrats Robert Saldivar & Tony Hobbs.). *** ki$$ers inside may be only ones with any job security. Dumb ones climb aboard monthly. Every time you turn around, a new idiot 20-something is now "casting" a show and none of them are familiar with the talent. They can't & won't even click a button on actor profiles & research actors' work histories; they are that lazy. To make matters worse, they've adopted a "texting" system that feigns like actors are being submitted & considered for jobs when it's all just a clever ruse to protect EP's *** legally from being examined by DFEH or sued for employment discrimination. Everyone knows production is NOT deciding the bg or stand ins. They don't have time: that's what the casting directors' jobs are there for ... to select the background! So the casting directors regularly fill roles/spots with family: children, siblings, cousins, nieces, & nephews and friends, neighbors, etc. Many of them get booked regularly through middle men who ask for additional money in a monthly "service fee" to bribe the casting directors for more bookings. And then if and only if there are a few spots left do they fill those spots with a few randomly chosen extras here & there. It is greased palms & elbow rubbing at it's worst. And it's about to implode. A future discovery or leak of payroll records over the last two decades will reveal the same 300 people are getting 95% of the work and are very curiously, more often than not, relatives of the CD's. Forget the 5,000+ actors in their databse. They have a family business to run: the business of booking family & friends with lucrative industry jobs and contracts. And since their parent company controls the payroll, they think no one will never know who's regulary shoveling money into their babk accounts from these ill-gotten bookings It's not just conflict of interest. It's bonafide sexism, rascim, ageism, and flat-out job discrimination. Forget that they tell you it's at-will work. Forget the days of the fruit basket bribes & worse. Won't that be great when it will be the next #MeToo reveal in Hollywood that the very extras who make up the scenes have been whored out in such a way that the days of Central Casting controlling the hiring (and firing) will finally be a thing of the past? Payola systems never went away, everyone. Central Casting regularly utilizes that system because so many of theor friends & families' lives depend upon it. They own condos and cars and houses and timeshares. All the stuff the rest of the background will never dream of owning. Their argument is that it's perfectly legal to know someone on the inside. What they didn't account for is all of those denied bookings & wrongfully terminated for reasons never even told to them. What they forgot is that they forced thousands of background to pick up unemployment and forced tax payers to subsidize their job descriminations. Won't it be great when the next major legal bombshell drops? Newbie employees won't know what hit them while the hangers-on will face criminal charges. The newbies are just dumb enough to believe they will be the next Carl Joy. Be like Maryanne and take your retirement now, senior casting directors. A *** storm is coming your way.


Rude customer service

I love working with central casting, as the people that book you roles are very thorough. My only complaint is that one day I had to cancel due to a family emergency, so I called the number and the lady was EXTREMELY RUDE.. she asked me my name in which I told her and began to spell it, not to be rude, but just for ease and she interrupted me with, "I KNOW HOW TO SPELL, just give me your first five," wow... The rest of the conversation I remained with my yes ma'am no ma'am, but it rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not sure her name, nor am I sure she would be that rude in person, but not good business.


Warning Dont do Biz with Central Casting

Hi,im am an actor,working 15 yrs in the industry.I went to central casting to apply for work.They set up an appointment with me for at 9am.Some agents came out to talk to the 75 of us.They started badgering us,made us wait a good hour.When I showed them my information,Drivers licence,SS card,credit cards,Gas bill.They said I did not have proper ID.All my ID is real,current and legit and in order.A young colored man said we cant do it and said i was prob too old to be considered.This is age discrimination,im 57yrs old.The People at SAG need to get a Grip on this company.Do NOT GO to Central Casting.These guys need to be in Jail !!!


Common Knowledge

It's common knowledge amongst background actors that all the casting agencies book their relatives, friends and favorites to be on TV shows. When they need a cattle call of hundreds of people then they will go to everyone else. Yes, they are racist. But so are some of the directors, not all. Broadway is the same way as well as Hollywood. They have their claws in the industry and are determined to keep certain people out. I had several opportunities as a non union actor to be in front of the camera. That made some SAG actors angry. And I know at least one incident where they went to their rep and complained. I was no longer invited back to that show. There has been a nasty tug-o-war with SAG and production companies. Perhaps getting some feedback from someone in the Labor Department can shed some light on just what casting agencies can and cannot get away with.


Horrifying Racist Not being treated fairly

when I signed up for this agency I was book only twice then things slowed down for the summer when all of the hit major shows came back like star & the resident and other shows I even updated my photos called as soon as I seen a post and still could not get book and I have enough experience with terrible customer service with Brandi also I wish I never registered with central if I knew I was too black to get booked this is one of the worse companies in Atl for all ethnic


I was terminated due to an absence

I understand that when people are absent, it is not a good sign. However, if someone is absent and does not inform anybody that you are going to come to work, than that is even worse! Central Casting has booked me for a lot of work, and there were 2 days, when I couldn't make it in to work because I was sick. However, when I was feeling sick, I contacted their hotline and informed their representatives that I could not make it today. Their staff told me, "it is fine." "Next time, no worries" The next thing I know, I am terminated. I always read Central Castings rules and Regulations on their website. They state, that if, an individual is absent more than 5 days within a year, it results in termination. Well, I guess that is not true since I only missed 2 days within a year, and they terminated me. We all get sick sometimes, but I did the right thing, and informed them in advance on both days. So to me, it is unprofessional from their staff because I want to continue being in the acting business, and they blacklisted me. So, if anyone decides to read the rules on their website, don't believe it. It is all rubbish. They have the power to just fire you anytime with no explanation.


Also terminated for no reason after working with them fir 10

Also terminated for no reason after working with them for 10 years!!! Its Sad. the relationships you've built. Its almost like you've been split up from the actors, producers, directors, production team. It not right at all. Something has git to be done.


Central Casting is a bona fide SCAM

Amongst all the myriad of ways Central Casting Los Angeles scams & frauds their actors, chief amongst those means is how if youwant more than 3 bookings per year, you must pay a middleman called a "calling service" (a 3rd party who gives part of your monthly fees back to the casting directors as a kickback), essentially extorting actors for additional monies or no work will be provided by Central (racketeering). Being that all Central's casting directors are now considered partial owners of the company, this makes them all culpable of participating in racketeering. High time the City Attorney of Los Angeles and the State Labor Board put these bastards permanently out of commission. The whole company is a total fraud and misrepresents the actors. They are NO kind of "talent agency" whtsoever and shouldn't even be classified as su h.


Wait-list and broken availability bookings

So, I'm not looking to be a star. I am, however, looking for a professional work experience. Lately, I'm being asked for my availability on a project, then called the night before and cancelled. Or, I'm booked on a project by one agent, and called by another and cancelled. I know I can't be blacklisted. I show up on time, I don't make diva waves, I come with plenty of wardrobe options... And still!!! Have I been blacklisted for some random reason? I've been told that even asking that question can get me blacklisted. So, if we're doing something wrong, it'd be nice to know so I can correct it. What can I do to change my date with Central Casting???


CC are racist blacklisters engaged in nepotism

They have nothing but 19 yo Caucasian interns choosing who even gets presented to a show's producer...or doesn't. I am trying presently to figure out the best cause of action to take them to civil court. As an "employment agency", they are also in violation of fair-labor laws, etc. Part of the problem is that they are working in collusion with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) to thwart the careers of certain actors, specifically ones they "don't like"; which ends up statistically being actors of color, et al. And as CC/SAG are the "only game in town", it destroys the career of many a young actor...making them both an "illegal monopoly" controlling over 60% of the NY/LA TV/film industry..


Unprofessional treatment of non union extras by Central Casting agency productions

Central Casting New York City is an agency with very untrained unprofessional casting staff and reception staff. They keep posting monthly on Facebook or Twitter for open registration hiring events everyday of new extra background nonunion when their casting directors do not provide extra jobs to the nonunion actors or actresses that they already have registered in their database. What is the point to all those new hirings of unprofessional untrained people off the street when thousands of trained actors and actresses in New York City and thousands of nonunion extras already registered with casting agencies in New York City that have already worked on film industry this year or in the past years are all still struggling daily to find work in film sets as background extras? There is no point to hiring, by casting agencies of NYC , of scores of thousand of un-trained, un-professional, un-talented wannabes people while nonunion professional trained actors/ actresses/dancers/ artists have payed or are paying exorbitant fees for their tuition at professional schools for their training to further their career in performing arts, and while those same already registered with casting agencies nonunion trained professionals are still paying fees to casting agencies to get background extra jobs or for background acting jobs submissions subscriptions? The competition for each film job is fierce even without having all those newbies, and already the nonunion background artists are treated badly in the film sets working long hours in excess of 12 to 15 hours in freezing weather without proper wardrobe such lack of stockings, lack of proper shoes and not allowed to wear warm clothing or warm coats in "Orange is the New Black", having to deal with hostile wardrobe people in "Orange is the New Black" and "Quantico" or " Homeland", without food until the end of work day in " Orange is the New Black" or without food whatsoever in "Blue Bloods " for a full day of work! And by the way Central Casting agency all work phone lines ( union and nonunion) have outdated information since stone-ages! It is like an inside joke on all extras! Trying to figure out whom the casting directors in Central Casting wants to cast in nonunion roles is like an entire surreal experience, since they post on Facebook roles, nonunion extras will call to book such roles but then it is told the roles are no longer available then the extras sees the same roles posted again and again the next few days? I will list all those casting directors in my next article and by the way Central Casting post favorable reviews are probably written by staff there. So Central Casting , once again what is your rationale for hiring newbies if you treat existing union and nonunion extras so badly and your already registered union and nonunion extras are submitting daily for jobs without any chance to getting any work from you except on a frequency of a "blue moon"? Freelance Reporter in NYC, LC Brown


Put you on hold, you turn down work , and never hear from them again, but God forbid you should book something , and they do call. Oy!

These are very cruel users, who arrived in New York with their LA attitude, and never understood that many extras in this town were legitimate actors, with theater credits and day player roles under their belts. One Central casting director, now gone, their life expectancy is less than a year actually asked me, "Will, if they gave you lines, could you do them?" "I'm a trained actor," I replied. "Isn't it awful I have to ask that," She replied. I got the gig and am still getting residuals. However to get a days extra work from these transient millennial know nothings is like pulling teeth. Especially if your over 65, no matter how good you look, they've got your actual age in payroll. Casting and Payroll must be the separation of church and state in New York, but somehow these exploitative monsters get away with this scam.

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