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CenterWell Pharmacy has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 104 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 20th position out of 351 companies.


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India phone agents are babbling idiots

If they dont have a script to follow, I might as well talk to the da*ned door *** Rude, interrupt callers. CenterWell has cost Humana ANOTHER customer! In October Ill be leaving Humana and going onboard with UHC! ANYTHING beats center-NOT-well!


The scripts are fine. What I ABSOLUTELY HATED is the repetitive robo-calls that I have repeatedly asked them to stop.

I'm set for auto-refill. Auto-ship. I get a robo-call everytime to confirm. Ergo, not auto-refilled. Same occurs after the ship. If I'm not here, I have to call back to the message it leaves on my machine. I have asked numerous times to not get the calls. They continue. Today I fired them.


Sent in circles every time I have to deal with them.

RFirst off any time you use the website you always receive error messages when you try to look into anything. When calling in it takes a minimum dog 30 minutes and 3 transfers to get to someone that will even pretend to be able to help. My current complaint is that on my account it shows they filled the prescriptions I'm needing and that they should be delivered to me tomorrow. This was weird to me because I usually get a tracking number but did not so I called in and am now being told the account status I see online is not correct and that they are needing authorization to fill the prescription from my doctor even though she sent in the order and it's a medication I have been on for 11 years. Throughout that time I have had issues every single time I've had to get a refill with the exception of maybe 5 times. Honestly just at a loss and feel like I'm being played with.


Worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with.

I keep ordering my scripts. I give them a verbal approval on the phone for the price. I give them a credit card to put it on. They say they will ship it and they don't. I have given up on Centerwell Pharmacy. It's back to the local folks for me.


Incapable of filling presciptions

I have only been trying to use Centerwell for a month and the only Rx I received I never ordered. They canceled some orders and told me my Dr did that. I call my Dr and they said they would never do that without talking to me. CW held up all my meds cuz I didn't pay for a med I didn't even order. Today I waited 45 minutes to speak to a supervisor who finally told me I can use a local pharmacy and give them CW phone number to transfer all my meds. I did that and my local pharmacy called back to say that CW refused to cooperate with the transfer.


My PCP sent a prescription for Contour Next One Blood Glucose Test strips

Updated by user Jul 17, 2023
If I could give ZERO stars I would have

Original review Jul 17, 2023
Humana CenterWell said before they ship my test strips and for them to be covered by my Humana Medicare PPO insurance my Doctor needs you to fax them a pre-authorization for these Test strips. I asked them isn't the prescription they sent for the test strips a pre-authorization. I only have 5 test strips from the 35 I bought at Walmart last week and I don't want buy more if the idiots at CenterWell fills my prescription.


False Advertising

Updated by user Aug 10, 2023
Nothing! They only sent me the item AS DESCRIBED - NOT AS PHOTOGRAPHED. Completely FALSE advertising!

Original review Jul 11, 2023
While ordering my monthly over the counter items, when I got to the multi-vitamins called Sentry Senior, which I usually get, the description said 60 tablets, but the photo of the label shown that day clearly showed 265 tablets. I called to speak with a rep, who said he'd pass on the info. This is clearly an error, and the two were not proofread. Today, over a month later, I received a call, the girl apologized, but said that they 'could not' make it good and send me a couple more bottles. She would/could not give me a legitimate reason why. It's not that they could not satisfy the customer, it's that they would not satisfy the customer. Bad way to handle this, as it would not be any big deal to send me a couple more bottles, and then make sure the photo and description match. Simple. Not happy. Just checked their website, and even after a month and this phone call, the IMAGE IS STILL NOT CORRECT!! There is absolutely NO excuse for this.


Website is JOKE, emails and online account do not match

Received email that a payment was required before meds could be shipped. Went online and my account said ZERO balance. After being onhold forever, the guy said I had no balance, even had no orders pending. Then I said I had email and he "found" my order. Then informed me that I did indeed owe this outrageous amount of money for life saving meds. When I asked why it showed zero, he said I would have to pay it to show up! What a pitiful excuse!! So I then asked for the billing dept to make payment arrangements, was transferred and the billing department said I had a ZERO balance ALSO!!! I need this medicine and when, again, I mentioned the email, they miraculously found my order!! The website is a JOKE, especially for our population, who is mostly computer illiterate (I'm 'talking about myself for sure) and what if I had actually believed BOTH of these idiots that I owed nothing, my medicine still would not have shipped and I would be without my important meds. Can't wait for open enrollment this year for sure!


Never shipped or filled Rx

I waited for ever and I never received my Rx, they kept cancelling the Rx, problem after problem on their part. I called them daily and they would say they were shipping but, it never got sent out. I have gone weeks without the Rx because of them. Terrible customer service and website. Horrible company!!!


Another jpissed customer

This is the worst website and customer service. I was trying to order my OTC products and the website wasn't working. It kept saying that my product numbers were invalid. Then I waited 40 min by telephone to speak with someone and no one answered. Hate centerwell.


Bad customer service

I order on line sugar test stripes it took 3 days they came wrong, I called centerwell pharmacy and now because their mistake it will take 10 business days


Customer Support

If you are looking for a pharmacy that provides the worst customer service, the worst website, the slowest service when it works, then Centerwell is for you. They are unable to give you even the most basic help with your prescriptions, and you don't get that until you are on the phone for over an hour and have spoken to multiple people. Their IT department is filled with people who have no idea what they are talking about. One even told me that the website only works on Internet Explorer and not Goggle, really! According to one individual they don't have access to our pages so they cannot correct any errors that are happening on those pages, really! Who produces those pages, they do. Their OTC products are ridiculous, and they have NOTHING to choose from, so sad. Humana should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a pathetic organization to have anything to do with their subscribers. So if you need your medicine to live, please find another pharmacy to supply your needs. A company who is responsible to so many should have enough pride to take better care, Centerwell neither cares and is incapable of hiring the people with enough knowledge to make the changes that would make them a better company.


Lied about doctors RX and Lied about length of approval

Updated by user Jun 21, 2023
Humana told me to go to another pharmacist. They also blocked Centerwell from contacting me.

We shall see. .

. .

Original review Jun 21, 2023
I have spent hours and hours and days and days on the phone with these people, not including all the texts I have received from them. In February, I was given approval for my medicine through December 31, 2023. Yet every single month they contact me with some story or another about the fact that the approval is over in March or April or May or June. Besides lying to me about that, they have also lied about my doctor not contacting them with a 90-day supply instead of a 30 day supply. I have copies from my doctor and I keep copies of everything from centerwell including keeping track of all phone calls. They harass me and they think I should have every single current and future prescription through them. Yet I can't even get one single prescription that was pre-approved. Just pull everything away from them and give it to a different pharmacist. There are plenty of pharmacists around. I am praying that my future life will be much more peaceful without them.


Slow and inaccurate with terrible customer support.

They promise a 7-day delivery, but it's more like 2 weeks. Trying to get help is almost impossible. Whatever the service representative tells you is worthless. Working with Medicare Part D, they're quick to take your monthly payment, but really slow to fill prescriptions even if you're willing to pay extra for quick shipment. I've been with them for a few years and every year the service gets worse; they really don't care about their customers. CenterWell and Humana are not reliable companies. Their website is a disaster, and you have to go back and forth between CenterWell and Humana websites to find out what drugs will cost you under a given plan, and the cost is often more than you can get through GoodRx. I'm paying $95/month just to be able to get prescriptions through Medicare Part D, and the service couldn't be worse. Between the time they'll allow you to ask for a refill and the when you actually get the medicine, you'll probably have run out of it days before.


Piling grief on grief

Original review May 26, 2023
Requested canceling auto debit for mother in law who died. All companies took care of it over the phone except WellCare, including Regence insurance. WellCare demanded I have SS Admin verify death, go to County to get proof of being Executor, and allow 30 days after notification from SS for them to stop auto debits. All for $11 a month. A bank stop payment will cost $25, so will need to close the account to stop them from stealing any more money.They are adding grief to grief!


Reasons I will never use Centerwell for prescriptions

Centerwell is a "free" benefit of my insurance with Humana. This includes a modest quarterly allowance for OTC products. I have a couple years now using this, and it has convinced me I never want to use Centerwell for actual presciptions! They're not very quick to fill orders, though this has been worse recently, I think. The OTC products sometimes match the blurry pictures and uninformative descriptions, and other times they're quite different. Even when you're happy with one item, say a particular item, they will substitute a different version at any time (and I've NEVER foudn the substitute to be better, and most of the time it's inferior). tl;dr: product and fullfilment are adequate, barely, for a "free" benefit. In the last year or so they are either using FedEx more or FedEx's delivery practices have gone to *** In the last year or so, the packages sent by FedEx are consistently left sitting fifteen feet away from the door, at the bottom of the steps down to the driveway. And they can sit there, as a couple boxes did today, in the rain or snow, for quite a while, since this "delivered to door" service isn't, and the deliverer never comes close to ringing the doorbell. UPS has their fault, but they still know how to ring the doorbell, as FedEx fails to. Every. Damned. Time. Today's "delivered to door" is pictured, with some puddles on the tops even though it's been raining only fitfully, and not so far heavily at all. Who knows how long since FedEx dropped the boxes off so far from the doorbell? tl;dr: shipping is a negative for packages they send FedEx. OTC prices are hardly bargains, though to be fair the ones I've bothered to compare don't seem unreasonable considering that they are priced including delivery. The big caveat is that they are rarely the same brands they claim to be the same as and sometimes even picture in the OTC store listings. If there's no real pharmacy within fifty miles of you I guess they'd be a good deal... or when, as in my case, purchases are paid from by that "free benefit".

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