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Castle Windows has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 203 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 7th position out of 170 companies.


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109 Gaither Dr. Unit 309, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, 08054, United States

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Kenny repaired 2 windows and the service was excellent!

Kenny completed repairs on 2 windows and the service was excellent. I would recommend the Castle they are..


Customer service sucks

If I knew how these guys operate I would not have used them...They cannot make appointments, they put us on schedule, then we were not scheduled for that day, then we were scheduled for that day. Then on the day: the truck broke down-reschedule. Removed the window dressings for the second time, couch, another vacation day. These guys are the worst, I hope the windows are worth the *** service.


They suck nothing fits

Poor customer service door side lights panel screws broken no one can take correct measurements will be 1 year this July to get my front door bad bad bad do not recommend themloo


Stripping on back order

Representative from Castle contacted me and informed me the stripping was still on back order. Stated she would forward my email to the factory for a response and would get back with me. Told her hoped it was before winter set in again.


Hole in screen

When my replacement windows were installed. They failed to notice *** in a screen in my dining room. Your representative, Corey Woodman, was in the area and stopped by to see if everything was okay. I mentioned the hole in the screen that they failed to notice during installation. He advised me to contact you folks. When this repair is made, could you folks show me how to remove windows and screens for cleaning. Thank you for your assistance. Maureen Lester 204 Glenview Ave. Stroudsburg pa. 570-421-****


No warranty

We bought Castle windows in Minnesota and they will not warranty them in this state? We have 2 windows that need replacement because of a bad seal. We were told when we bought them they had a lifetime warranty!


Poor customer service

I ordered windows from castle twice. One window is flawed and the second cracked right after installation. I called numerous times and was told the windows were ordered but due to COVID they were having difficulty getting materials. I was told this company built their own windows! If they can't get windows how are they still selling windows


Incompetent Customer Service

WIndows are descent. Customer service is horrible. Over time, the screens have become severely worn and have a lot of tears and holes. This should be no problem, right, the windows come with a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, the customer service team of a window company can't seem to handle the simple task of replacing window screens. I've been warned that trying to replace them myself will cancel the lifetime warranty. I've scheduled four service visits over the past two+ months, which have been canceled for various reasons. The screens are still not replaced or repaired and despite speaking with countless customer representatives, I have no clear date on when they will be fixed.


Resolved: Unsatisfied with customer support

Updated by user May 23, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product replacement. They came today to replace the tracking on the slider. And the workers did a much better job than the last..

Original review Apr 15, 2022
A year a go I had a slider put in. Workers scratched the tracking and the door while installing. I'm still waiting for the track scratches to be resolved after 1 year. I'd be satisfied with replacing the track but they don't really want to go that route. Offered me 100 dollars and I said no. This slider is a 3500.00 door. I work hard for my money. This shouldn't of taken this long and still not resolved.


Don't recommend this company

Customer service issues very bad,, no one answers for service issues.. i dontthink twiceIve tried to resolve an issue that happened a year ago and still not resolved by your company. My slider tracking got scratches on it from installation. Been talking to George but still not resolved. Please help me with this. Been long enough. Suzanne ducharme


Horrible Experience

Ordered New bay window July 10, 2021 Estimated Start date was 10/10/2021. We never heard anything from them, so we called in December just before Christmas and asked for our money back 2400.00 down payment they wanted to open our walls 12/23/2021 and 01/03/2022 which we declined to cold. We set a date for 03/25/2022 when it would be getting warm again, well it was a great day warm sunny, we received no call back when we called them and asked if they were coming and lost a day of work on top of it. Still have not heard from them. Their go-to excuse was the factory, however when we bought them their salesman said they had their own factory and made their own windows locally. Also, they were ready to do it 2 days before Christmas and 2 days after new years, so I would think the window was ready. I do not appreciate being taken for stupid


Trying to find Info on inslation date

On 9/21/10/21 ordered Bow window / Door Plan A was to install 1/22 Plan B was for 2/22 Plan C ????? If it was not for your advertisement I would think I got hooked..


Front doors

Spent thousands of dollars for storm and front doors. The front door is not flush at the top on the inside. I was told my wall is crocked when the original steel door was flush and was told it settled with the house originally which was not true. Also see daylight at bottom. I am going to contact an attorney.


Extremely Poor customer service

An appointment for service was scheduled 3 times, No one showed up and there was no notification of the cancelation for two of them. The other appointment was kept, but the person who came to the house had no idea of the work that needed to be done for the job and did not have any of the needed supplies, so the work was not done. I spoke with a manger who was supposed to address these issues and assured me that someone would be out on December 28 between 9a-11a. Again, no one showed up. We called, and we were told that it was cancelled again. We made several preparations for these visits, including moving furniture and making arrangements for someone to be at our house all day, only to be let down by Castle Windows again. Poor customer service, poor communication, and poor managerial resolution of issues.


Need window replacement

slider has condensation forming btw glass service dept has not responded to my calls or emails. Not responding service dept doesn't answer lifetime guarantee is useless. No one is responding. Reported back in September and they have yet to respond.


Poor quality work and poor customer service

Had windows installed yesterday - did not bring capping that I ordered. Office did not want to take responsibility for error. Contracter got pissed and did not install adequate insulation- poor and sloppy caulking and failed to tell me they were leaving. Waiting for install manager to call me - sent pictures of job. Capping to be completed next week. If not done properly-we will be in small claims court and will file with BBB.

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