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2.1/5 - based on 62 reviews

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Casting Networks has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 62 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 10th position out of 72 companies.


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(213) 201-8100

3250 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1800, Los Angeles, California, 90010, United States

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I need to speak to a customer service so I can register

I want to register, but I have to make sure I'm only getting billed once a month not a whole prescription


I can't download my audition

On several occasions Ive had trouble loading up my auditions. All of them have been under 500 MB. Eventually they finally download. What seems to be the problem. Are other members having the same issues as me?


Canceling membership

It was just too much for me to spend and I never got leads from it I could use. I live in SW AZ and can't travel to LA just to audition. Anne


Trying to cancel my account and getting no response

Trying to cancel my account and getting no response from anyone. I am not happy with this company customer service


Can’t log in

I called to reset password. Your tech didnt take the time to get this issue fixed. I still cant submit to jobs. Im paying for your service and l need results. Someone has to get back to me and solve my problem. Sanford Cohen 818-917-**** cohenz@***.net


Hire talent I never got a call from the marketing representative. Why?

I want to have access as casting director. I am producing films and great references and am working with major industry leaders.


To inquire about a job I committed to on Aug 28th

Hello. My name is Nancy Tall and I am with Brand Model and Talent and received an email from Casting Network for a NU Boat Party in Newport Beach on Aug 31st . I am available and excited to take this job. Would someone let me know if I can do this ? Thank you . Nancy Tall. Email is Nanci512@***.com


Can’t get information/answers

Cant get any response after submitting for jobs. Even rush calls. This is the only appt this happens.


Ok life is great

It wouldn't be difficult to hire CS rep on a 24/7 basis. I'm trying to figure out how to center my photo in the frame as it appears on the casting page.


Billing questions

why are you taking $25.99 out of my account. You send my audition opportunities that I dont qualify for because you sayi need to upgrade. It was 6 dollars bow it is 25.99 and I have not done anything with you. Please call me because I dont want to pay 25.99 for nothing norman 224-276-****


My account is not working

I am unable to see my auditions my agents are not connected to my account. It looks like an account from 2011 not currant. I need this taking care off asap..


I have 2 accounts set up want to delete one and edit the other

She was wonderful. Took care of my needs quickly. Thanks soo much. I had accounts set up with multiple emails and phone numbers. She deleted 2 of them and fixed the one I have. She also told me how to get my managers information on their. Thanks again


To speak to a rep iv been w/ you for over 12 years

Id like to speak to a rep asap to rejoin So I can send self tape in for Dynasty, professionally pretty told me they picked me to self tape!!! Really need to speak on phn technically Challenged! SOS PLZ Thank you bunches in advance NY or LA Nicki Alpin 914-450-**** cell 914-773- **** hm


I had not received the representation request from my agent on casting networks alerts. My agent has sent the request link three times.

Alerts have not been sent to my casting networks site and I would highly value if they were. Please let me know if my contact info or things of the like needs to be modified for these alerts to show up on my profile.


Mounting service and website instability

REVIEWING CASTING NETWORKS - Oct. 2, 2021 Quite a few technical and administrative issues, particularly in recent times and, judging from all the new names, in what seems like a change of administration. HIGHLIGHTS: - Blatant and defiant discourtesy with some agents [see below]. - Falling on deaf ears regarding systemic problems and erratic changes in my account settings - affecting my ability to submit for work. - Outlandish fee increases, leaping from $109 or $119 per year to $255 IN ONE MOVE. Yes, they'll tell you about all the newly added features but, if you want to submit for work - let's say, as an Extra - they won't let you avoid the premium level even though, submitting for work as a Background [as an Extra], you don't need most - or any - of those features. - Add to that the frequent instability of those features. Examples: For 8 days, I thought there was a Pandemic-related slowdown in Production, until I discovered that their system had switched off my email alerts. Dismissively, they switched it back on, arguing that the email alerts are just a free addition to the service and that it is incumbent on me to keep an eye on the billboard and on my account settings [though they're maintained by their system and their software]. In my days as an I.T., it would have been inconceivable to say something like that to a client. The sudden inability to upload photos which were required to submit for a posting unless I pay for a membership upgrade - EVEN THOUGH I AM ALREADY A MEMBER OF THE FULL [PREMIUM] SERVICE AND HAVE ALREADY BEEN UPLOADING PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. In fact, I had started uploading, and 1 photo went through. But then, inexplicably, I could no longer upload photos 2 to 4 [and well below the maximum number of allowed photos]. I wrote to them - and wrote and wrote starting Friday morning, both as a ticket on their website and by email - underlining that an extremely time-sensitive submission was at stake. It's been over 36 hours and, so far, I received neither one word from them nor a change in the ability to upload my pictures. Obviously, I can no longer submit for that rare upper level posting. Is that what they mean by PREMIUM LEVEL MEMBERSHIP? - You can have a basic and free membership as long as you don't submit for any job. Analogy: What did they say on the eve of the French Revolution? You're most welcome to watch the bread. Just don't have any fancy thoughts about touching it or - God Forbid - eating it. Forgive the analogy, but do you remember what happened to Jean Valjean in Les Misérables? The moment you feel like submitting, say, for a 1-day booking as an Extra, you have to leap to the PREMIUM level and fork out $27.50 per month or $250 per year. Considering it was $50 per year six or seven years ago, here is a meaningful analogy: The "2014 new Chevrolet Spark" was priced at a little more than $9,000 and increased to a little more than $13,000 in 2021. If Chevrolet decided to use CN's math, they would be selling the 2021 Spark for $45,000 - which could get you a "2021 Mercedes-AMG A35". It's a very flawed picture - exactly since CN rolled out their new - and still unstable - platform. That is after very long years of our endless and repetitive complaints about the frustrating inadequacies of the previous - and archaic - platform. At least back then, you received some replies and explanation attempts. Do I hope they change around and do I think they can? Sure I do. Do I believe they will? They can certainly answer that better than me, that is, if they can resist the lure of sudden high revenues and perception that we are a captive audience. One of the points of this "P... consumer" rating system asks us to rate the company on "additional fees". I gave it 1 star as CN has - again and absurdly - asked me for money to upload a picture. Another point asks about Scholarship, Grants and Programs. Again I gave it 1 star as CN - with all its new revenues - offers none. I also suggested adding the following rating criterion: "Tech Support and System Stability". To be objective, some or much of the above may not present much of an issue for some people. Therefore, if you don't find this to be too monopolistic or opportunistic, then you should not pay much attention to this review. Thank you for reading.

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