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Cash App has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 9400 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 1th position out of 165 companies.


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Never received monies from a released pending transaction

I made a purchase on the 25th for 86$. It sat in pending over a week. The retailer declined payment and released it back to cardholder, Cash App. The monies shouldve have credited back to my account. When I chatted with the Cash App representative they refused to show me proof of this credit transaction and basically lied to me. Now they wont even respond. How hard is it to show proof of a transaction? Ive never witnessed such a web of deceit. Someone will be fired over this.


Bad company and can’t use it do to identity theft issues and can’t get help to fix it!

Says my account was closed due to violation of terms of service and I have never used Cash app and need use for my work!



Updated by user Aug 28, 2023
Not at all. Nothing has been done to help get my money back

Original review Jul 29, 2023
About a month ago I signed an sublease for an apartment, and paid the security and first month rent over cash app. They said the landlord needed last month rent as well. And then the maintenance fee. Then they said the maintenance fee didnt go through so I sent it through Zelle. And then they quit talking to me. I have all the screen shots and messages. My bank wont do anything, law enforcement wont do anything without a picture of them or an address of the person subleasing the place, my schwab account isnt and definitely not cash app. I have report this more times than I can count and no one can help or resolve the issue and everyone plays dumb. I know exactly how to resolve it but it would have to come from those who created the cashapp system. I need my money back and I need all of it back. This is taking way way too long when I reported this the day after the leasesee stopped responding. I am trying to pay my bills and feed my family and now I have to get on government assistance because Ive lost so much money. I need my money back. There has to be some way.


Couldn't get information on how to unlock my card after they said someone logged in to my account

Updated by user Aug 25, 2023
Cash app sent me a new xard I activated it and went to use it and it also was declined for unusual activity. But they couldn't tell me what the unusual activity was so I quit using them after I got all my money out of it

Original review Jul 24, 2023
I went to use my card at checkout and card was declined. I got ahold of customer service and they said to follow the prompts and change my pin I did everything I logged out whoever logged in verified my identity and got a text saying it was unlocked so I went to checkout and it was decided again for unusual activities. The only unusual activity I could find was them locking it in the first place. I had 2 factor authentication and a 4 digit code. They lied when they said they would check my account and get back to me in about a hour it was the next day and they said they couldn't give me anymore information on how to get my money they said the card was unlocked again so I tried to checkout again and still declined. This happened 7 times. I got my money finally 3 days later by sending it to a friend. I will never use cashapp again I downloaded PayPal.


Failed Refund SOMEONE HELP!

Updated by user Jul 23, 2023
I have no alternative in some respects so yes

Original review Jul 22, 2023
320.00 was fraudulently taken from my chase checking account through cash app. It was investigated and settled in my favor and the ruling sent to me by email. No refund was ever given to me. By cashapp. I have all documentation needed and have given all documentation asked for. No refund from Cashapp was ever received. Chase says call cashapp and cashapp refuses to speak to me and says call chase. HELP!


Missing a payment

I sent money to my cash app and did not receive it why cant i see my money I used the information that was given to me and I still haven't received none of my phones


Pissed off

my accountant has been closed and i dont understand why and i need to no if i can be able to receive money from other people if someone is trying to send me money will i still be able to get the money thats being sent to me when its sent to me i need to if i can or not


I can't get any help

Im not getting any new information. I disputed some chatges on June 29th because someone either hacked or duplicated my account and sending money to people I don't know. And I had to reverify my identity which was supposed to be done within 24 hours and 3 days later I had to ask for a supervisor and get a number to call to get that done. And I have asked about my dispute and it's like they can't find it so I resubmit I've used the dispute transaction link 3 times sent screenshot and typed them out twice. All the information I get is my case has been escalated to a different team, what team is it that I have to resubmit and 10 days later I still know nothing? I have 66 screenshots of conversation where it shows I'm constantly having to resubmit and no one is saying or doing anything when it says I'll hear something within 10 days, I attached all the screenshots showing im getting no where when someone has hacked me and my money is gone


My cash card was stolen and being used

Updated by user Jul 01, 2023
Do not use this app

Original review Jul 01, 2023
My card and phone were stolen and swiped from my purse at Walmart and someone has been using my card in two different states and now cash app will not return my money its been stolen for almost 2 months! $mwellsrose is my cash tag and they will not return my money and they closed my entire account. I have been with cashapp for a very long time and then they just close my account?


Resolved: Some people scamming and hacked my daughter account

Updated by user Jun 29, 2023

I want to thank for listen to me and doing something about this.

Original review Jun 29, 2023
She did have a picture on her cash app account and when they hacked they was scamming money off this person evajudy247@***.com and send them my daughter picture on her cashapp account that they hacked that she can get blamed for what they did and they had treating my daughter and I also made a police report at Ben Hill County police Department these is the people that did it. Leeann D,Steven Chukes and Alicia Tellez and they was scam people and I want to press charges


Cash app stole my money by doubling my transaction

I made a payment 2 days ago for $335 (which was authorized) and the next day it doubled without mine or the merchant approval to $671. Leaving my cash app account negative leaving me with no rental car stranded with kids in an unfamiliar dangerous city. They are thieves. No one from customer service has return my messages for 10hours completely ignoring me. They had a lab alert on cash app stating there has been unauthorized transactions for numerous people. If it's been hacked, their security is UNACCEPTABLE! I want them to give me my money!


Charged double out of my account

I need my fund add back to my accounts it show they take 89.44 out of my account from a crawfish shack I was only charged $44.72 at this restaurant!


Face ID verification not working

I got a new cash app account yesterday my phone my wallet all got stolen. So yesterday I had done a job for somebody they paid me and they tried to send it through to my cash app well it went through and it's pending and every time I try to accept it so the money will drop down so I can actually use it it won't it says ID verification which I get that okay so I do it and the thing wants to take a 50 pictures of me it says put your face in the frame well the frame is square last time I checked everyone's face is oval So did the best I could kept taking picture tell me take another one take a picture tell me to take another one I did that on and on over 50 times so I reach out to cash up and I tell them my situation I need my money I have my three kids for the holidays they're hungry that's the money I'm going to feed them on oh cash app doesn't care they have to go through a process because I'm a first time user since I had to create a new account okay so what verify my account I sent my social I sent my ID I sent a picture with my ID and me I submitted it to the link I did everything they told me to and one lady quit talking to me because she didn't even know what to say to me anymore one man named Thomas he helped me he is pretty nice got it all submitted did what he told me to do tell me it was in the right department is in the right hands it shouldn't take long that they're working very hard on it right now. Well right now it means right now like it's going to be fixed any minute and my kids are starving they're crying they're hungry it starts at 4:30 5:30 rolls around still not done 6:30 I'll talk to another cash app support and tell me the same thing then I realized the messages they're sending me are all messages all prefab they're already made cuz I'm getting the same messages word for word. I tell him my situation by now it's 7:00 my ex husband's threatening to come pick the kids up he's calling me a liar he's yelling at me he's screaming at me calling me names telling me that I'm lying that I have no money and there's no way cash app would hold on to my money that long basically accuses me and calls me a liar in front of my own kids well 8:30 rolls around still no money from cash app. I worked for that $35 and a guy paid me can I get it though to feed my kids no my memorial day was ruined my ex-husband came and picked up the kids he told me I wouldn't see them until he's ready and accuse me of not wanting to feed my kids and called me a liar and then he said and if you do have the money and cash up has it then you're you're keeping it because you don't want to feed them yeah that's what I got accused of of not feeding my kids right I got called every name in the book I got cussed at yelled at screamed out got in my face all because cash app can't release my $35 it's not like I'm asking for a loan or a million bucks it's mine it's rightfully mine Your ID verification for the face is a failure epic failure does not work and I've seen online where y'all had quite a few complaints and have y'all fixed it no I don't think so So 9:30 rolls around I've been dealing with this 4 or 5 hours my kids have been taken away from me that we're going to spend the night with me again because I can't feed them and I'm a liar and I'm lying about cash app not wanting to give me my money yet right I begged y'all I explained to them Representatives I tried and I tried and all they could tell me is I'm sorry hang tight they're working on it right now. So then the last one I spoke to told me really not to be in such a rush because it could take several days and I'm thinking what for $35 that's rightfully mine wow Then my head goes to well I got to work in the morning and I needed that for gas money to get to work well guess what I'm not at work I couldn't get there cuz I have no money So I've lost a day of work and my kids got taken away from me a day early because cash up couldn't release me my $35 that's right flea mine nobody would help me instead I took and asked you and got called names and a liar my kids are crying they were hungry now I can't go to work so if you ask me if I'm pissed yeah I'm pissed off I'm more than pissed thanks a lot for ruining my day with my kids and now I can't even go to work cuz I have no gas money and I don't depend on nobody but me you got that me.


I have almost a 100 charges to my car that I didn't make totaling about $400

I added 500 to my cash app and not even an hour after about 100 different charges I didn't make charged my card some of them are still pending some declined but another went thru almost $400 worth. And every time I call cash app the tell me the info I'm giving them ( my name, phone number and zip code) are incorrect which is total *** because its the same info on my cash app card, my state ID and the same info in my profile on their app. This is the 5th day I have been trying to get something done about this and I haven't been able to even talk to someone that makes any *** sense. I couldn't post all the screenshots


I'm getting scammed

Updated by user Mar 22, 2023
I have uploaded all the transactions and take a look at the amounts the date and time sent right back to them . The difference between the amounts like for instance he sent me 600$ and I sent him back 500$ cause he owed me 100$ and same with the other transaction. So...

Updated by user Mar 22, 2023
Well turns out they did the proper investigation and it’s all there in black and white the transactions don’t lie! I want to thank for one the young lady I spoke to through cash app that assisted me and sending me the link to here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Original review Mar 20, 2023
Someone made a false report and filed a dispute 2 days in a row one for 600$ and 380$ on the second I am beyond pissed cause it was a false claim and I just get notifications saying that those amounts were taken off my account no one contacted me and worse of all they took it from my savings account cash app did without my consent or even asking me calling me to verify!!! I am very upset and I work hard for my money for someone to just take it from me that money was sent from him to my account and I sent it back to him cause he owed me like 160 or 180 out of the 600 and I sent the rest back to him and on the other claim where 380$ were taken out today again I dont remember how much he owed me but its in the transactions were yall can clearly see that!!! He claims its his money x girlfriend but Im not buying that !!! I will get my money one way or the other or I will take things into my own hands and someone will definitely pay the ultimate price cause they are scamming me and the bank that did that I dont understand how they dont see them filing two days in a row a different dispute! I lost my mother two years ago and I found her dead my car broke down and I was saving to buy me a car this week but now getting scammed out of 980$ it sets me back and I take this very personal! Im struggling in life Im by myself and have nobody but me in this world and the struggle is real I have a huge heart I help others when I can but they take my kindness for weakness and they dont know me I do right by others I treat people with respect and kindness and will give them my shirt off my back !!! I am very pissed off! Cause cash app has failed to do their part and allow a bank to just take money out of my savings thats ridiculous!!! No call no txt nothing just wipe me out!!! I am hurt more than anything cause why just why does this happen to me I do right by everyone and Im emotional right now cause I dont deserve this


Paper cash deposit unavailable. Three conflicting explanations.

So far Ive been given three conflicting explanations for this prohibition on using THE ONE FEATURE I NEED- PAPER MONEY DEPOSITS. In no particular order, these explanations are 1. You allege that I have paper money deposits enabled on some other account; 2. You allege that I violated a rule, but you have not fulfilled my repeated requests for information on this issue, nor given me any way to fix whatever you have unilaterally (and secretly) concluded I did; or 3. I am incapable of operating your user interface. One of these may be the reason, but your consistently inconsistent communications give me the very stark realization that honesty isnt your goal here. Either that or your support organization is so dysfunctional that these three conflicting explanations are each actually believed by different groups. I WANT TO DEPOSIT PAPER MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT. HELP ME DO THAT!


Resolved: I need a refund for my 300$ that got stuck in the atm

Updated by user Jun 20, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. I received my money back , took a couple days but it got refunded to me thanks to CashApp support thank you and god bless u for there time and hard work ..

Original review Jun 14, 2022
I need my money refunded I transferred money out a atm and it jammed my money in the atm it was 300$ and I havent received them back into my acct if u can contact me at 539-629-**** I have receipt of the transaction and proof the money was jammed I also made a police report and got a lawyer on my case plz contact asap

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