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CARiD has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1300 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 5th position out of 513 companies.


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1 Corporate Drive, Cranbury, New Jersey, 08512, United States

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Awesome to work with

This online store has been really helpful, not the cheapest but very easy to work with from Australia. The communication via email was good for me even with the time differences, I found CARiD real easy work with. Thanks for the great service


FedEx delivery

The delivery date changed a couple times and I had to make sure I was home to get them from my doorway.


Great product

We got our product within a week and everything came as ordered. This is our second time ordering with him and we plan to keep ordering as long as they stay consistent with the product


Good review

love the rear light covers! They *** great on the F350. we saw the covers on another truck and liked the look so much!



I wish I read the reviews before I made a purchase, however I was deceived by their false advertising. I ordered what I thought were 1" speakers and that's what the online description said, but when these over priced speakers arrived they were 4 and a half inches. Did not fit in the car door! So I asked for a refund and they said I could only get less then half of what I paid for them! That right there is a red flag that a company is running a scam. I should get a full refund! So I chose to receive the refund which was less then half of what I paid. Mailed the product back with their time consuming instructions and waited. And waited...still no refund. Been well over a month since they received my refund and they still haven't issued a refund. Everytime I call i get a run around and no straight answers. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS! They are a Rip off company. Now I may have to peruse legal action to get my money back.


Returned item

Received the wrong part. I asked for a left front rack cover and yall sent me a left back end covering.


This company failed to deliver the product in the time they advertised

I reached out to their customer service to cancel the order because it would not arrive in time. The rep stated the order was cancelled. Then they shipped the part anyway and wanted to charge me for shipping to me and back. This is fraud and misrepresentation. I will also be reaching out to the ftc and bbb. I have flagged this transaction as fraud on my credit card. Customer service is rude and unhelpful. I will re state this on any social media site I am a member of.


CARiD requested a review of a recent purchase.

First time utilizing CARiD. Product was as advertised, priced reasonably, delivered within the specified time frame and properly packaged. Completely satisfied.


No update on ahioment

I ordered a part and only received mail confirmation of order but nothing further on shipment update. I received my order surprisingly


They refuse to give my money back on a cancelled order!

Updated by user Jun 24, 2023
One month later and they still have not given me my money back. THIS IS ON A CANCELLED ORDER.

This was cancelled back in March... I had to file a charge back with my bank. They had the audacity to ask me to cancel it.

How can a business treat people this way. Unbelievable.

Original review May 25, 2023
I placed my order for $1,499 pm Feb 2nd. Requested cancellation on 2/27. They took 3 weeks to officially cancel the order. End of March they told me I would be refunded. Then they LIED and said they tried to refund to my card but my bank wouldn't accept the transaction. They said I had to get a paper check. Then they said due to "unforeseeable" circumstances, they can't mail my check until May 1st. I waited and waited and called and called. Now they are saying the check was mailed on May 15th. They are illegally keeping my money and lying to me about sending it. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!



I WOULD GIVE THEM 0 STARS IF I COULD, STAY FAR AWAY FROM CARID. I purchased a set of headlights for my vehicle from CARiD in January 2023 for a total of $574.50. The headlights did not work with my vehicle as advertised so I returned the items to CARiD. On April 6th 2023 I was informed that the refund has been approved but when they tried to refund my credit card it would not go through, can they send a physical check. The refund did not go through as the credit card I used to purchase the headlights was compromised and was issued a new card sometime between January and April 2023. I responded on April 10th 2023 that a check would be fine for the amount of $574.50 payable to myself. April 11th Carid responded and asked me to allow 2 days for them to process and 3 to 5 days for delivery of the check, which I did. On April 21st I emailed Carid asking for a status update of the refund and the check which their response to this email and everyone after was to allow 72 hours. I waited again then emailed requesting information on the status of my refund on May 1st again on May 9th again on May 22nd and called again today all with the same response of allow 72 hours. They have been in possession of the headlights and my $574.50 since the end of March and they still have not issued the check of $574.50. This is only half of the issue, I'm not even going to get into the first set of headlights that I purchased and denied a refund as these also did not work with my vehicle as advertised. I had to rewire the wiring harness to make them work with no assistance from Carid. I was actually told "good luck with your broken headlights" from the supervisor.


Delivered as advertised

Delivered on day that was assigned before deadline. Undamaged package and received the proper order.


Think people should know how terrible they are

They sent me interior trim that's never fit my car so i wanted a refund. If it doesn't work it doesn't work. They want me to send pictures showing why it doesn't work. They obvious don't trust that i am telling them the truth. Never buy from this place.


Surprised me

I started having issues with a set of headlights I ordered. After some research, I was hesitant to start a warranty claim. However, after speaking to Justin, I was pleasantly surprised. I received my replacement and could not be happier.


Terrible Customer Serivce

Purchased products in January. Before they arrived, I was injured. My injuries required surgery and rehabilitation. 2 months later I was strong enough to work on my vehicle. This is when I opened the packages. I part was defective. stated this was past their 30 day policy and would not refund or exchange even though my situation was unpredictable. Who opens car part packages when they are incapacitated? I do not. Please, for your sake and sanity, find a more reputable vendor to do business with.


They stole my money and lied to my bank

There was advertisement of product of shipment in 24-48 hours. I counted days and ordered to jolted where we had to be at that time. There price was twice as from other manufacturers because of their fast delivery. At the end, I found that this part would come 5 days latter that I explained, based on their advertisement. I canceled it. They arranged to rerouted back, and return my money to account, since I had no time to wait 5 more days. We are all the time in a road. What happened, they never returned my money. I filed claim with my bank. They filed false docs, that I received product. Bank charged money back from my account. I called them. They promised to return my money in 3-5 days. Toady , if is end up that they will return it in 75 days. Very dishonest company. If you dont want to have problems, stay away from them.

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