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Cardone Industries has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 65 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 68th position out of 513 companies.


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Bad & Misleading So Called Remanufactured Parts

This used to be a good company. That was 30 years + ago. After several years of receiving parts that were not even glass beaded or cleaned and especially bad bearing in water pumps and power steering pumps i am done with this company that does not re-manufacture the parts as they claim.You change out old bearings no matter what condition you think they are in. You do not just clean and paint a product to make it look new and sell it as re-manufactured. BS! Never Again will i purchase Cardone. I think the rest of the mechanic world knows this by now anyway.


Defective part

I ordered 2 CV axles for a 2006 chevy 1500, after receiving and installing them, 3 days later I saw grease under my fenders. After inspection found both cv axle boots torn and flinging grease, also cause a horrible vibration in 4wd. Boots were soft rubber junk. They could easily tear just from DD. I Didn't even bother trying to warranty or return, after I bought a better brand one. I would hope CV axles would last more than 3 days, but I should have known better. I read reviews beforehand. It was mixed, I do know though there CV axles are junk. Would never buy anything from them again. Listen to the bad reviews, this company just sells "rebuilt"Junk.


Bad customer service

I called to check availability. On hold 20 minutes. Sent email at 11am. 3 hours later tech send response asking for same info listed in my email. I responded and waited. One hour before end of day I sent another email stating my customer was asking for info. The next day I finally get response of no availability for reman of my core. I'm sure this is why we don't stock Cardone at our store anymore. Tech services needs to be fired and replaced with better people. Will never try to use these suck holes again. Signed 24 year parts man


3rd. rack and everytime i relace i eat another alignment @***.00

They are without a doubt the worst rebuild source out there. Avoid like the plague. They leak, they don't last a year. Big deal, they give a lifetime warranty. I don't need the practice and to be replacing this every year or sooner. This last one lasted 3 months. And every time I have to have an alignment done @***.00 ea. I would rather be refunded and try another source. JUST MY TWO CENTS.


I am wry happy

2005 Jeep Wrangler 6 speed trans. I sent my engine computer to Cardone for rebuilding. My Jeep was undriveable as soon as it warmed up. False codes gauges went to zero at times. Stopped running and no restart until cooled off. No one wanted to repair this computer. Jeep was out of stock for months. It took 2 tries with Cardines R and R department and 3 months but it is fixed and No more problems. Thanks Cardone !!!


Distributor for my car

I filled out the complaint and still no reply, all I need is the distributor


Bad parts

I have replaced the booster master cly. on my silverado pu with cardone parts more than 2 times. Every time nothing but trouble, I replaced brake booster, master cly. calipers, pads everything. Less than 10.000 mi. Now Im going to have to do it again. I would have been better off with the high priced AC delco. I would have saved a lot of trouble and money. Ive been fixing autos sence 1975. Never before have I seen sutch poor woorkmanship. They may warranty the booster master cly. but that does not help with the damage to the rest of the brakeing system or compensate me for my time and trouble


Partnumber 20327

I would like to talk to somebody my number 415532****


Need struts for 2008 Lexus GS460

never let me see the product that I was looking for. online.


Buy dealer items

the steering rack that I bought. the steering rack that I bought the tube went high up into the air and contacted the bottom of the oil pan. they're for crushing the tube and splitting it where it went into the rack. all I want is a new short tube that goes on a to 21036 steering rack. my phone number is 727-458-****. thank you.


Disappointed and pissed.

Bought a cardone rack n pinion for a 2007 Chevy Silverado lt 4x4. Installed n was fine for 4 days use time. Customer called n had to do a road call, had a leak at center area, got to breakdown n found leak had no idea why. This was supposedly an exact fit unit, come to find out that the shorter fluid transfer tube was such an arch that when bolted up it hit the bottom steel plate that is bolted to oil pan for protection. Pinched area above o ring n cracked it. Had to drop unit pull steer tube, go to hydraulic shop where they cut recrimped new tube end then braze or silver soldier it. Reassembled n should be complete. Exact fit my #ss.


Keep blowing hydro boosters

Talked to stan the tech said they would make me one personally and send to where i purchased it and its been a week and still havent received one


Hybrid battery I purchased for a Toyota

Your receptionist was polite and informative, but not what i wanted to hear. I bought my battery thru rockauto. I installed after the thirty day purchase date because of the lousy cold and wet weather we had i feb and march and the volts scared me a bit. After about two hundre miles i got the red triangle and brought to a dealer. Aa6 and 526 showed up. The tech thought it was the battery and not the inverter/converter. I changed the inverter anyway and kept getting the red triangle. Shorten the story - tried another dealer and a regular garage same thing. The red triangle comes on at about 25 miles in about 75 degree weather rain or shine. If i stop the car. I can't get it into gear without clearing "no codes"on my small code reader but i could "erase " and then get it into gear. The red triangle would come back on over the next few hours if i shut the car off but wouldn't come back on the next morning Called ur tech people along the way a mr chadnocky e mailed me an 18 page tech battery and system test. No dealer does these tests they just rely on the code readers. one regular garage would do it for. about 600.00 i already spent almost 500.00 at dealers. This has been going on for almost 4 months. So i bit the bullet and bought a used one from the junkyard and almost 600 miles later i have no red triangle . We've been some having some high temps for the ten days and some downpours. I put the used battery in about ten days and drove 30 to sixty miles a day at time in the heat and no problems. I know about the thirty day thing about refunds but given the problems and my time and money involved i'd like to get my money back. If not i want the battety replaced and I'd prefer not to pay shipping charges. I have tried for a few hours today to try to return thru rockauto but when i put my order number in 10729**** it shows i returned the core and is not letting me any further about a warranty return Maybe you can help there by passing my email address and order number to them. And maybe tell them their system won't let me do a defective battery warranty return.


Lacking in quality control

Updated by user Apr 22, 2019
I was incorrect on the my statement referring to the price i paid for this cv axle. It was not $200.

It was only $120.

$200 was what i paid for both axles. Since i replace in pairs.

Original review Apr 22, 2019
Bought a reman cv axle for my ford Taurus for $200. The carrier bearing for the inner shaft was installed backwards. Making it impossible to bolt up. I was going to wait until i actually got ahold of them before i made an internet compliant. But at this point, i only want my money back, because if this product made it all the way to me without anyone noticing it was assembled wrong... i dont want any of their products in my vehicle's.

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