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Carbonite has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 134 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 50th position out of 1129 companies.


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2 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, Massachusetts, 02111, United States

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Get back up working

backing up my server which holds my important data but it kicked my off the other work station and now I can't reconnect to my server and the program that has all the information that I need to preserve.


No one called me back. I wanted to talk to a live person

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Corporate Policies and Billing

Updated by user Mar 16, 2023
The required "location" list for this review does not include any US addresses. I initially signed up for Carbonite online.

Here, I just selected the first address provided in the list -- some foreign country which is meaningless. I want to reach their corporate...

Original review Mar 16, 2023
Carbonite signed me up for automatic renewal for 3-year subscription. Last January, a year into that commitment they assigned to me, I changed devices from a PC I'd used for years to a new MacBook Air. I assumed Carbonite backed up my data. In fact, they appear to back up the DEVICE. You refuse to let me cancel the subscription with pro-rated refund. You refuse to transfer the remaining time over to my new device, You ever-so-helpfully send me periodic reminders that the PC I no longer use is not backing up! Duh. What shameful, abusive corporate policies. So I'm out a couple hundred bucks. Disgraceful.


I have been trying to get support for days.

I need a tech support rep. After auto backing up files from my hard disk were missing. I looked at the backup and they were there but were going to be deleted in 23 days. I'd like to know what happened to cause this and how to prevent it in the future. I makes no sense. Both your online support and customer support say they will get you in contact with an agent. After two days of trying - no agent. If you can't get this resolved please cancel my account and prorate a refund. Your service is horrible.


Bogus Company

In my opinion this is a BOGUS company. I was coming up on my one year renewal and received an email. I decided I had some questions before I renewed. I have been trying to contact somoene ALL DAY. I found a different number than the one I saw listed under Support when I signed in, so I tried that number too. Nothing works. If it tells you you have an 11 minute wait, you will wait until *** freezed over. No one ever answers. If you tell the system that you will accept a call back when it's your turn, it calls you back and no one EVER comes on the line. There is NO WAY to speak with someone or even do live chat. NOTHING.


Ticket 0247****

Why do you make it so difficult to get technical support?! When my pc went down this past week I was able to restore most of my apps, documents, etc. from the Carbonite back-up. However, one of the more critical things I lost was my email pst file. I use Thunderbird. I have now lost several hundred collected email addresses along with several important saved emails. I can not find any article on your website. No one has yet to respond to my inquiry from Friday. If this is what you offer I will switch to another service. I have used Carbonite for several years so the courtesy of a reply is warranted at the very least


Resolved: I have been trying for over 3 hours to reach someone at Carbonite by phone and/or email. Unsuccessful. I want to know why i was charged almost $300 in less than 2 weeks.

Updated by user Feb 04, 2023

Several issues involved here, including an error on my part regarding an overpayment which I realized later was not related to Carbonite. I canceled my account, received a credit for money paid, and since then have reactivated my account. This was my fault and I apologize.

Original review Jan 05, 2023
I was charged 3 different charges in approx 2 1/2 weeks in December and I want to know why. After given different phone numbers, it appears Carbonite is now owned by another company. What's going on? I want to cancel and I want my money back.


Charged for canceled subscription

I canceleld my subscription last year and now you are billing me $127.91 again and I do not want to pay this, please refund this immediately. I no longer need this and cannot even use my computer at this time. I told them this last year REFUND me now


My New Computer

I've been a customer for years. I just installed a new computer and need to have my files transferred. I can't seem to get through to anyone. I just need to know what I need to do.


Cant reach a human to talk to and that means i will be cancelling carbonite.

. tried rtried repeatably to contact you and failedepeatably to contact you and failedtried repeatably to contact you and failed


Carbonite sucks

I have paid for carbonite for years - me and people like me - I finally need to recover a corrupted file and I am told by a computer expert that cannot be done thru carbonite because it just copies the already corrupted file which gest you nowhere CARBONITE IS A RIP OFF!


My apologies

I left a message with you thinking I was calling Carbonite Customer Service. After realizing it I called Carbonite Customer Service and received excellent service.


Please confirm my files are all backed up

cant talk to anyone to tell me if my files are backed up. I got an email from you saying they were not


Service explanation

Still No one to talk with and why you dont have anyone answering the phone. What exactly am I getting for the amount paid? Do you just back up the computer or do you also debug? How would I ever get a replacement computer downloaded if I had a computer crash? Do I still need a virus protection subscription by McAfee? I go to Florida for 7 mos each year and how long do you keep the last download to the cloud? THANK YOU FOR ANY RESPONSE. Regards, RAYNE POUSSARD@***.com Cell: 410-446-****


Discuss serviceunable to talk with Rep

Difficult to call & talk to a Rep. Told me hold approx 15 minutes. Very poor telephone response. I dont even know what I am getting and secondly I want to update credit card and thirdly I want to talk to someone who can help me. Thank you, RAYNE POUSSARD 410-446-****


Cancel my carbonite subscription immediately

We need to cancel immediately! Reason not necessary but it has nothing to do with your service You have our email as Chasedc@***.net but that is no longer a working email. We have carbonite for our business, Chase Chiropractic Center, 5175-B Moores Mill Road, Huntsville, AL 256-859-****. The monthly payments are coming out of my (Susan Clark) American Express card.

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