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Canva has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 881 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 1th position out of 236 companies.


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Level 1, 110 Kippax St., Surry Hills, New South Wales, 2010, Australia

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Please refund my amount

How was the amount cut without me sending it?949155**** please call me sir Sir please send me my amount


I have been scammed and cannot reach anybody to let them know

I cannot login to cancel this service, the service was done through my previous work employer, and it should not be billed to my account, but is. I cannot reach anyone at customer service to cancel this account. This is a scam.


Poor customer service when locked out of account

Used Facebook login to create my Pro account. Got locked out there due to technical glitch and Canva is impossible to work with. Account recoveryI'm paying for this and can't access my account?



I ordered a 100 pack of business cards a couple months back then all of a sudden I have a charge on my debit card of $12.99!! I havent even ordered anything nor do I have a subscription of some sort!! I want my money back NOW!!! This is the worst customer service or place I have ever ordered from you cant even call anyone but you can just take money from me like that!!! My name is Danielle Yanda.. Another email address I used on your site could also be***.com



I have stayed 30 minutes in hold and no one ever picked up. Problem was not resolved! And I still need help with my problem. No one ever called back or anything. Horrible


Refund for subscription charge

I was charged for one year subscription, but I never authorized this charge of $119.99. I would like to get a refund of this charge please. I would like to cancel this subscription effective immediately. The invoice number is 0382*-******* Thanks so much for your attention to this urgent matter, Luzdary Chamorro Teacher at Gunston Middle School



They have been charging me for a pro account for the last 3 years and I dont have that email anymoreI use canva but the free version so I dont if someone else has accessed my info but I need my money back! I have tried contacting them and no assistance! I need my funds back so I can actually pay for the pro account under a legit account PLEASE!


Plz send my Canva Pro- 1 Year subscription Invoice bill.

plz send my Canva Pro- 1 Year subscription Invoice bill. plz send my Canva Pro- 1 Year subscription Invoice bill.


Reimburse and cancel payment plan

Cancel plan, testing Canva program for the organization's use. The organization will decide on purchase decision.


Poor customer service

I was charged twice and no one is available to refund me back my money. Definitely unacceptable and thats stealing.



Updated by user Jul 17, 2023
I was on hold with customer service for over a hour. No one ever answered the phone

Original review Jul 17, 2023
I canceled my trial subscription and was charged anyway.I dont use the service, so Id like a full refund.


Resolved: This company have been taking money out of my account

Updated by user Jul 12, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jul 12, 2023
Please I am not member in this account you need to stop taking money out of my account Plecannyou solvevthis issue


Cancel and refund

I have been waiting for over an hour to talk to an agent but never get to talk to anyone. At least, you can provide an estimated waiting time like other customer service call centers do. I just waited for over an hour and left without being able to resolve my issue.


Problem with app

Not able to aces pro features when I have a subscription. IThe support chat was not helpful. It took over 24 hours for a response and then they said they could not help because I was not familiar with an email address that was associated with my subscription. Not my fault if their recorders are incorrect.



I used canva months ago and deleted the account after. This month, out of nowhere, you have been trying to charge my card over and over for $11.99. I am not using canva! I have to keep my card locked. Please, can you stop trying to charge my card?


Account issues

Please read before you forward. I have been trying to get help all day with no response from Canva and this is costing me money. I have a pro canva account. I have been trying to use canva and it keep telling me that I have pro items. Well I paid for pro. Now, just on the chance that my subscription had expired I tried to renew it and canva tells me I already have the pro. Can someone please please get to the bottom of this as I need to deliver my products by Friday and at this point am at a standstill because canva won't allow me to download my pro designs. Thank you thank you in advance for your help. I am available to speak. Kim Gregg 803-587-****


Companies that still do business in Russia

Since Russia has invaded Ukraine, cant stay aside. With this review, we present our teams opinion only - nothing more than that. We as an organization always defend the freedom of speech by providing a platform for consumers to voice their opinions and to talk about any problems they may have with various businesses. Today, we want to give voice to the tragedy of the people of Ukraine and let the world know the truth. A lot of major companies suspended their business in russia not to support the war. However, there are still large international corporations that continue operating and paying taxes in russia. Taxes that are used to finance the army of the aggressor. With this video, we want to show the consequences of such a decision for civilians in Ukraine and ask these companies to stop doing business in russia.

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