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Businessolver has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 45 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 7th position out of 147 companies.


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Error will cost me several thousand dollars

Erroneous information about changes the following month that were later rescinded resulted in higher premiums. That my former colleagues were able to avoid


Company doesn't or can't resolve any problems with their software or sub standard employees.

After months of complaining about health reimbursement account being mishandled with phone calls and emails. They still pay double almost every month depleting your account which means your book keeping and budget are totally blown. You get paid for your health care premiums but your health reimbursement fund is empty.


Cannot get hold of anybody

Trying to talk to somebody about payment I have paid for wifes insurance but and want to make sure she still has it


This 147.00 was charged in my account I did not charge it

I did not charge 146.53 on my account someone else did.I want it removed immediately They also split the payment with Zelle just to let you know!!!


Worst customer service ever

Updated by user Jan 06, 2023
Still trying to resolve this situation.

Original review Jan 06, 2023
Benefit Solver, who administers COBRA for Business Solvers, erroneously dropped my COBRA coverage without notice. I was Medicare eligible but NOT covered. Per the Social Security Agency, I can be on COBRA until covered. I have contacted them for months and finally in Dec they supposedly reinstated the coverage but Anthem states I am not covered. The kicker is that COBRA cannot be interrupted so now I am paying $2,800 back to Oct 1 coverage to have coverage this month, January. I still do not have it. I start Medicare next month. They tried to tell me that I cancelled my own coverage. In my entire career and adult life, I have never dealt with such incompetence, lack of care, and lack of communication. I do not think that they know what they are doing. I am filing a complaint with the insurance commission.


I was on hold for 45 minutes and got no one. I have bills that need to be paid and I can't pay them bc no one will help me.

I paid for Cobra for June and July and I have a $10000 hospital bill that says I don't have insurance. I did but Cobra didn't pay them. I need help before I go to collections.



The only company where you have to pay by check and not debit, it's a big hassle. I rather lose my insurance than go through this again.


Broker says: Worst service (no service) any company I have tried to do business with

Today is May 2, 2022. I have called more than four times in the last 16 days. I left two messages with a live person. The phone options are crap. I have left two messages with sales. I sent an email last week for sales to call me. No response at all. How the *** can they be servicing Hertz? Or anybody for that matter. That is how I heard about them. I wanted to analyze their system. They can blow all of them away, but if the customer service is pure *** what good is it? Right! It is not good at all. I already work with the number, fully integrated system that can be free.


Personal Facebook account

My name is dimple jain and my house Mumbai Maharashtra you can't not login please review my account because you are not login please help me with your account because when my email and phone number change


Im real use you Facebook account

Sir my official Facebook Account is blocked Permanently sir l login into my Facebook Account but my mobile number Or Email address doesn't match Any Account. Sir my Facebook Account is Hidden. Sir someone Hacked my Facebook Account. Sir Hacker change my Facebook Email And phone number And password. Sir please solve my problem As soon As possible.


My personal Facebook account you

Updated by user Apr 05, 2022

Original review Apr 04, 2022
My name is dimple jain and my house Mumbai Maharashtra Fast name dimple Last name jain My Facebook id dimple jain Profile link 100018****16510



Businesssolver is closed on the weeekend. If I have the time to hold on for 3 hours I will call. Getting on touch with them does absolutely nothing. They do whatever they want and pay no attention to us or care about paying us anyway. It's not possible to talk to anyone who does the actual processing of claims. And the live chat no one comes in to chat with you. Only once did it happen. The name they use is Agent. They don't let you know who you are talking to. I only got scolded for asking a question and Mr. Or Mrs. AGENT left the chat or I would put it as hung right up on me. A 100% totally very and extremely poor running of a company that is supposed to help Lumen Retirees with their reimbursement accounts and claims. A disgusting company.


Resolved: Worst customer service award

Updated by user Apr 24, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product or service ordered. I was paid.

The claim ID resolved. Thank you for your help..

Original review Mar 25, 2022
So much you don't have enough characters for me to give you the complete nonsense and abuse from your employees. Is there ANYONE that cares working there?


BASF Spending Account Expenses for 2021

Cant seem to get in touch with anyone regarding the Spending Account for expenses incurred in 2021 for the BASF retiree Charles E Moltz, III


Resolved: Impossible to reach and no follow-up

Updated by user Mar 11, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. I followed up 3 additional times with customer service.

It was 3 errors on their end but never received an apology. Took 4 months to recieve my refund tho it's promised between 6-8 weeks..

Updated by user Mar 11, 2022
After I filed this review I followed up three additional times with customer service. Ended up being a tangled mess of errors done internally.

There was no apology and resulted in a delayed refund more than twice what was promised of 6-8 weeks. At the end of the day,...

Original review Jan 24, 2022
You have to jump through hoops to get to a representative. Extremely long wait times, often 1-3 hours. If you put your name on a list it often takes 4 hours. I tried calling right when they open (7am CST) and it was still over a 40 min wait. They also don't follow up or refund your money. I was promised a 4-8 week refund window, but my case has been open for over 3 months for processing my refund. It's not a small refund either, it's $600 for Cigna COBRA coverage that I didn't even use and took 3 weeks to activate, which means you paid one month of insurance without coverage because all the doctor, s offices I called don't take you unless you have immediate coverage. Was misled and still dealing with this. Representatives are very kind and helpful when you reach them, but it's impossible to even get there.A


Impossible to reach customer service

Hold times are insane and if you place your name on a call back list, they usually call 3 hours later and if you don't answer you have to start the process all over again. They don't refund money. I was promised a 4-8 week waiting period and my case has been open for over 3 months. And it's not a little refund, it's a $600 refund for Cigna COBRA coverage I didn't even use. Once you speak to someone they're very polite but you have to jump through multiple hoops to even get there.

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