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Brock Doors and Windows has a 1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 4 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 58th position out of 170 companies.


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278 Orenda Rd, Brampton, Ontario, L6T 4X6, Canada

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Brock Doors and Windows Reviews


Brock Doors and Windows is a Dishonest Company

This company has a lot to answer for. They priced out a storm door for my home along with a patio door for the back of my home. At their insistence, they wanted two separate invoices. As it turns out, the reason was because they had no intention of completing the storm door. They only used that as a ruse to gain the patio door business since I was clear I'd only hire a company that would do both. Unfortunately they let the fact that they would not install a storm door slip a few months later, but it was already too late. As for the patio door, the installation was a mess. They tore off trim that didn't need to be removed and GLUED TRIM TO MY TILE for some reason. Cheap trim too along with cheap sealer - we're talking the cheapest Home Depot grade materials. On the outside, they made several ugly miscuts and then tried to hide it all with a comically-large path of sealer, smeared all over my antique wooden siding. After I complained they returned to try to correct the job and managed to make it WORSE! Even Brock's salesperson agreed it was unacceptable. But then Brock stopped answering the phone or returning emails. They vanished for months. Finally I received a call demanding payment. I told them they had done damage and abandoned the work but other than acknowledging some of their mistakes their only response was to file a collection agency report FOR WORK THEY ADMITTED WAS SUBSTANDARD. There's a lot more to this story than just this too, but I don't want this review to go on forever, either. I urge strong caution to anyone considering doing business with this company.


Windows shift in frame

In 2016 we had $8700 worth of brand new windows installed in our home. Shortly after installation we noticed the window in the front of the home shifted. Called brock ... they sent a service man. His response was " I have never seen this happen before" he went back to Brock to come up with a plan. He then left the company and brock never sent anyone else or resolved the issues.


Faulty windows

In 2016 we had new windows installed in our home. Shortly after installation one of the windows lock broke off , the large window in front of the house shifts in its frame. Brock sent out an inspector. His response was " I've never seen anything like this before " he went back to brock to discuss issue and then quit the job and the issue was never resolved. Brock has not responded to emails or calls. Crap work for a big price


Most disgusting act of customer service in 2018

I not only purchased windows from Brock Doors & Windows last year 2018 but I also worked for them. This is not a disgruntled employee but who has since left and now can feel free to advise the disgusting way I was treated from the day of the order to the many missed appointments, days taken off work by myself or my wife, appointments cancelled the same day as windows were damaged at factory or warehouse, missing windows, wrong sizing, damages left by the work crews, with no customer satisfaction whatever so as everyone involved just passed the buck. A poorly managed company with complacent management since the company was sold a few years ago by a huge corporate trading company. I would never deal with the company again under its present management! All of the issues have been documented

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