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Bridgestone Tires has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 115 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 47th position out of 513 companies.


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Tyre burst and damaged within 6 months

New tyres sturdo 185/65 R15 bight 6 months back was damaged and by gods grace no injury happened to me but my car was damaged and I claimed 1 lakh car insurance for repair. Here 2tyres were damaged and they gave 1 replacement with price 1176 and for other one there is no response yet.The dealer is just putting the blame on company for no responese. What is the meaning of unconditional warranty?Did not expect this kind of quality and service from Bridgestone.Will have to think other options in future.Replace the 2 tyre


Guarantee of tyre

I have bridgestone tyre in my mahindra xuv 500 car and i bought before 2 the tyre is damaged it self only without any accident coz my car is in my garage still last 1 month so i contact your agent in my city porbandar but they were not reply and thy didn't help pls help coz i read your policy that the guarantee of the tyre is 3 reply me soon





Tyre brust

Tyre brust i want warrenty claim My car is only 9months old driven 15k only from date of purchase.i want new tyre


Not happy with my tyres.

I purchased 4 tyres. Still in warranty. On the time of car inspection at dealer, said that my tyres are not good. I have to replace it. I called Bridgestone & they said go to retail where you purchased from. Now retail says we are just saleing & Shipping for them. Back & forth not getting any solution.


टयर फलन

Bridgestone tyre problem मन चर टयर चक कए त लफटसइड front टयर फल हआ दख और मन जसस परचज कय थ उस क दखय त उस न कह क इस क चलन मत और कलम दन स मन कर दय और कह क इस क कमपन कलम करग


Tyre foolna

Bridgestone tyre problem मन चर टयर चक कए त लफट सइड front टयर ज क फल हआ दख तब मन जसस परचज कय थ उस क चक करवय त उसन कह क इस क चलन मत और कलम करन स मन कर दय और कह क कमपन कलम करग


Resolved: Bed service of deler

Updated by user Jan 10, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product replacement.

Original review Jan 10, 2023
Look at this @Bridgestone I barely survived after this tayar blast in just 43000 km . Tayar are still warranty period although Your service station in rajkot have denied to help me with this . Is this how you treat your loyal Customer? #boycotthyundaii120


Problem in my new tyre

On 25/12/22 while driving ,i heard hissing sound from my Driver side Front tyre,And then i come to find that tyre was burst my new tyre that was company fitted when i purchased my new i replaced it with spare tyre And today just after three saya on 28/12/22 the tyre also burst ia realy rediculous ,And a question mark on the quality of meterial.


Tyre defects 2

Dear sir/madam We purchased 2 tires Bridgestone lost year 2021.04.13 Today we check the 2 tires some brake is observed in the middle off the both 2 tires no external Damage We mention the proper tire pressure and wheel alleging But some problem in the tires please once check the issue and re slove the customer problem. Below attached Purchased bill copy and problem tires photography. Regardings Manohar Regunta 939876****939876****yesyye


Tyres are spoiled FRAUD BY DEALER// kachchh area

I had purchased tyre of bridgestone on 3 jun 2021 from kushal tyre location anjar. At the time of purchase delaer clearly said that 3 year warranty on tyre if it is cracked or failed by Air.. Now the Air problem found in tyre. And dealer not ready to replace it .he said that tyre used above 60% so it is not replaceble. But not not inform while i purchased. Kindly intervance in this and need solution on immediate basis Either i will going leagal to consumer and filed case against delaer and company as well. Regards Hiten Prajapati 951038****


Tyre damage under warranty

Purchased two tyres B250 on 06 March 2022 got damaged. Kindly replace under warranty. Thanks and Regards, Dr RAJESH KUMAR


Tyres are spoiled

Original review Nov 03, 2022
Brand new tyres and dealer is not supporting been calling the dealer since a week but he ia of no help he is popual tyres goregoan Bought bew tyres of bridge stone from him worth 20,000 INR and in less then 5000 kms the tyres are spoiled and now I have no help from the dealer nor company


Resolved: Tyre cut

Updated by user Oct 26, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product replacement. Replace my tyre.

Original review Oct 26, 2022
Thard class quality Bridgestone tyre poor quality not a best quality last month purchase tyre all new tyre only use 7000 kilometres


Tire side wall cut and bubblu

I have purchase New ertiga {{Redacted}} In march2022 but all tire side wall cut and bubblu pl replace new tire


Very bad experience

Subject: Replacement of tyre purchased. Dear sir/Madam, It is to inform you that I purchased new Bridgestone tyre for my S Cross (UP 63J 2735). I saw the tyre had a bubble in middle area of side wall of tyre, It was reported on your company dealers M/S Kejriwal Traders. When I visited M/S Kejriwal Traders for tyre replacement cause Side Wall Air, at the same time M/s Kejriwal Traders employee / engineer ( Mr. Anoop Rai ) checked it and asked me to come after fifteen/twenty days to collect replaced tyre. The other details of the tyre are below mentioned: Vehicle Make: MARUTI Model: S CROSS Tyre Size: 205/60R16 Serial No: 4W20CDM DOT Code: 4W20CDM4820 Pattern: G3 But when I reached to collect replaced tyre he informed me that your claim is rejected. He was very bad to deal with your customers. I talked about this matter to nearest seller and other companys dealers / mechanic, they clearly asked me that it is a matter of air bubble. No one listened our problem and we are harassed from your side. I want to say that please replace my tyre and solve the problem as soon as possible. I look forward to settling this matter amicably. If, however, the matter is not satisfactorily resolved by 12-06-2022, I will consider taking further action to resolve the complaint either through Consumer Protection or through the courts. I shall be highly grateful to hear soon from you. Thank you. ForTribhuwan Nath Maurya Ehtesham Rizvi Mob: +91-7398****00/ 740891**** E-mail : rizviehtesham@***.com

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