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Brandedlogodesigns has a 3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 34 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 12th position out of 236 companies.


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I Got Robbed!

I paid these hooligans $500 for my companies website. Nothing ever happens. They created this childish design and expected me to except it. Every time we I tried to get things done properly and up to standard the said it cost more money. I have waited and waited for results but they have never came. Save yourself some time and money and use a better company with quality standards and commitment to service and delivery.



They are extremely dishonest. I wanted to purchased a basic 40$ logo design. They ended up charging me over a thousand dollars that I never agreed to nor approved. Part of it (300$) for copyrights, the rest I have no idea. They never explained why they billed me, and refused to communicate with me after I asked to cancel all services and be refunded. Total loss: nearly 1500$.


Zero stars

Don't pay them to register your logo. It will not get registered. They will follow up saying US PTO office has issues that you must contact them to resolve, which is an attempt to get more money.


Held hostage

Where do I even begin? Let's start with, MOVE ON AND CUT YOUR LOSSES NOW! Now let me tell you what happens when you decide you've had enough. 1. BLD will not release or transfer your domain to you regardless of whether or not you feel you are the rightful owner of the company you created. 2. They will attempt to sell you back your own domain at top dollar and will negotiate until you finally agree to a fixed price. They will try to sell you the entire package transfer, which includes your site, logo, domain, and access to your emails. 3. They've accepted your payment and have assured you that they will provide you with the transfer link.......WRONG! This is where they position themselves for their next extortionist scheme. So lets recap all the times they have purposely shut down your site, disabled your emails, asked for logo copyright fees, or made up a reason for you to give them more money like asking for more hosting, bandwidth, and site maintenance fees. Lets not forget that everytime the newest malware or virus hits the streets, they act like you've been infected or are succeptible to infection. If you've been dealing with these frauds for more than 6 months, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 4. Now, lets talk about turnover. How many account managers have you had? Each of these new hires are sent in with one purpose.....EXTRACTION. They will call you with their latest and greatest scheme to get you to give them something. When you reference any discussions with your previous account manager, they will simply say he made a mistake or was not authorized. By the end of the phone call you are forced to make a them something or shut down your livelihood. Its hard to be a legitimate business when your email is down or your site has purposely been snoozed. You're left with no choice but to pay to play. 5. Let us pick up with what happens when you decide it's over. As I mentioned in paragraph 2 and 3, this is where it really gets messy. The company and brand that you have worked so hard to create is simply held hostage.....which is wrong on any account. You've agreed to pay them for the domain transfer and have been told a link will be provided from to set up an account......NOPE!!! Instead, you get a phone call the next day from "IT", which is just another salesman, stating that while transferring over the domain, an offer has been placed on it by another company which so happens to be in your state. Company protocol says "the site will be available during the transfer phase for a period of 24 hours" and if no bids are received, they will transfer over for the negotiated amount you thought was legitimate. Well, the person making the bid is probably them and this is yet another way to make more money from you before you leave. They go into, "we are running a business bit" but what it really is, is that they have little to no regard for you or your business and could care less if you purchase your domain or not. They know that most small business owners do not have the ability, funds, or resources to rebrand their entire company so they use that against you. 6. The going price for your domain will always be 599-899-****, something that ends with 99 because its yet another ploy to squeeze out more money from you. In the end, you are left with a them or start over. You've been warned.


Scam company

Paid them over $1500 for copyright and trade mark waited 15 months with no results. All they want is more money. Stay away from this company!!! David Mayer, Peter Brown, Jeff, Alex, Chris, all con men. Don't fall in there trap!!!!


Scam Don't Do Business with them.

This is scam, they can start working on your logo for only $70 dollars give them a few days to send you some of the samples. once you happy with the logo they wont release it to you because they want you to pay any where from $200-$500 to transfer the ownership or copyrights for your logo. from here you have option to forget it and you loose 70 dollars or you paid the copyrights fee and you will never get any type of documents supporting that you own the rights to the logo. also they will try to upsale, they recommend 3D logo which cost any where from $180 and up on top of the $70 you already paid plus fee for copyrights. then they will try to get you to get video logo or they try to sell you diferent types of logo formats for social media, business cards. DONT FALL FOR THIS, this company is a joke. complete scam, they will try to get money in any way possible. my advise is dont do business with this company unless you want to loose your money then go head. I hire them back in mids December 2018 to do logo paid 70 bucks, then they didnt want to release the logo to my until I pay $ 280 for copyrights, they told me I was going to get copyrights paperwork in the mail til this date I have not received anything. also paid 120 for 3D video logo. this company is total joke.


Rip off company

I paid them to make a custom logo. They copied an image online and put my name under it. I thought they made the image until I found it in a magazine!!! They also tried forcing me to pay $200 to register this image. Also would not take no for an answer with constant up selling. Avoid this company!!!


Scam company !!!!!!

said that I would have to think about it and looked into Canadian trademark laws and realized the cost here in the country is far more to actually trademark a logo. This screams of a scam to me. I went back to Branded Logo Designs over email and said I do not wish to pursue trademarking with them and to please remove me from their email lists and phone lists (I get unsubscribable emails at least once a week and also phone calls). The individual wrote back to say that I can expect the 'papers' in the mail to remove the logo from my business sites. I would go so far as to say that this is fear mongering and extortion. There are plenty of great designers out there - avoid these guys!


Best SEO service providers

The Branded Logo Designs teams kept their promises and were fast to begin construction on my website. Branded Logo Designs advice and help on creating a successful site was priceless. At every point, they made me feel as though I was Branded Logo Designs their only client. Every point which was important to me was similarly important for them. I am happy to hire them and I will never hesitate to call them again if I need services of logo design, social media or SEO. Thanks to all the SEO team of branded logo designs and their respondent I recommend Branded Logo Designs to all of those who are looking for perfect SEO services.


Best experience so far!

After deep conversation with some companions they thought I needed a Logo. I wrote in print logos in my web search engine and branded logo designs Webpage came up as the first decision. After looking at their logo design I was sold and particularly after searching other website. Not exclusively did they come back to me within days with a logo I extremely liked, they came back with 3" and made the decision simple. I didn't have anything yet extraordinary encounters with branded logo designs and HIGHLY suggest them. Their correspondence is incredible and give an auspicious service. Thank you Very Much for your assistance everyone should use their services at least once!



URGENT! This Company will rob you blind. Please do not give this company your card info. We work very hard for our money and if you continue to read the comments you will realize that branded logo has robbed many hard-working people of not only their time and money, but also what should be a pleasurable design experience. It is vital that we protect our money and investments as we venture into our own personal business endeavors. I urge you not to give your bank info to this firm, when you contact them before you really get a chance to describe your idea and needs, they will begin asking what card will you be using, and if you give them that info, rather you authorize the charge or not, by the end of the conversation, your account will be charged. Once your account has been charged by this company rather you authorize this charge or not, your chances of getting your money back are slim to none. Their design work is mediocre and created with no passion for the ideas of their customers, but they are experts in finding a way to mislead, deceive, and then intimidate their customers.


Watch out, they'll rip you off

I purchased a logo package last year and was very happy with the product. However, over the past week, I have been getting emails and phone calls saying that to USE the logo, I need to purchase the copyright for it, through Branded Logo Designs, of course, for an additional fee. I said that I would have to think about it and looked into Canadian trademark laws and realized the cost here in the country is far more to actually trademark a logo. This screams of a scam to me. I went back to Branded Logo Designs over email and said I do not wish to pursue trademarking with them and to please remove me from their email lists and phone lists (I get unsubscribable emails at least once a week and also phone calls). The individual wrote back to say that I can expect the 'papers' in the mail to remove the logo from my business sites. I would go so far as to say that this is fear mongering and extortion. There are plenty of great designers out there - avoid these guys!


Very Dishonest and Lie

I hired Branded Logo Designs way back in 2014 to design a log and website. They did great on the logo. I submitted a scope of work and they worked on that. It was a very complex project so I knew it would take some time. Fast forward almost a year and they started to tell me that they needed $90K to finish my project. Yes, $90K!!!! I was assured that my project would be completed in the timeline we agreed and that I would have a fully functioning website. Needless to say... after a year, I had next to nothing.. basically a logo and a shell of a website. We went back and forth over the next several months to a year and I found out all of thier addresses were fake and the people that I was dealing with had magically been fired or were "moved out of the department" I dumped them and finished the website myself. Fast forward to yesterday.... yes ... almost a year later; A rep "Barry Johnson" of Indian or Pakistani descent.. as they all are, called me to to tell me that if I did not purchase the FTP files within 48 hours my website would go down. I have a different hosting company and have not dealt with these liars in almost a year. Not sure if there i any merit to my site going down but they are requesting $250 for the files. My current hosting provider is telling me that there is nothing to worry about and it sounds like a scam. Any thoughts?


Web site designing companies

After searching for many web site designing companies I finally found Branded logo design and their outstanding team. I must tell you that they are the one-stop shop for each and every thing linked with web designing including graphics, copywriting and marketing. Though I have been using their services for quite some time now, this was the first time I approached them for the web designing services. They have a thoroughly professional team and they know how to balance their visions with the needs of their customers. I felt extremely happy after working with them as there was nothing more than that I could ask them for. I would definitely recommend their services to someone who wants to expand their e-commerce businesses and reach out to the world.


Branded Logo Design is highly dedicated

Being a professional in the field of brands, I have had the experience of working with lots of web firms over the past few years and I can guarantee you that the team of Branded Logo Design is highly dedicated. They respond immediately as soon as you send them an email and also try to get your work done in the given time period with their work being the provision of high quality. Their service charges are also quite affordable as compared to other web designing firms. I met their team for the first time a few years ago and provided them with the list of how I need my work to be done. They made all the changes in an appropriate manner and also implemented a lot of improvements apart from that, they completely reconstructed my website and made it more faster, attractive and functional. I would undoubtedly continue using their services to make significant improvements in my website for flourishing my business.



This is an excellent company with stellar customer service. We presented a challenge, not a huge budget and our logos weren't in a user-friendly format. BrandedLogoDesigns was able to give us a great looking product within our time constraints and within our budget. He went above and beyond and I really don't think anyone else could have done it as quickly and as high-quality. someone with great connections in promotions and merchandise. I can't recommend him highly enough! Very thorough and knowledgeable in design concepts. Thanks for sharing your marketing knowledge and all the thought you put into my initial logo idea. They had everything on time and were always VERY quick to respond!

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