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BoxyCharm has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 7800 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 1th position out of 955 companies.


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I didn't receive two of my boxes and now they unsubscribe me saying cuz my payment didn't go through that's BS because I have the same payment method and it shows on my card that they charge me

Is showing on my car that they charge me well it's just on the on the on my profile that I'm not going to be getting my September box because because I was unsubscribed I my payment didn't go through but that's BS because the payment method is always been the same I'd appreciate if you guys take care of it since boxes charm and ipsy have become one it's a big old mess


Boxycharm never came and email is incorrect on the profile

I need help because I changed ipsy as well and Im trying to get through to find out why my box never came last month I noticed I was charged again this month for today but you have the wrong email address. I dont even have a contact and I cant change because it says its an old email address that was used before so I cant even change the email. Thats incorrect on the profile and youre charging her things. I dont know if Im gonna get another box cause I never received last months box. This is ridiculous and I cant even reach anyone.


Missing box

My 1st box hasn't even come! I ordered it last month, paid, then about to pay again! The Glambot nor customer service # works!


Order damage

Please contact IPSY Care directly Re: Once again I receive a exploded Nastasha foundation that is non usable and git all over the items in the box. This is 2 times in a row and I will have to share my info to others. I should get a full refund for both damaged unusable merchandise and I wish to cancel dealings with boxy/ipsy. If this had not happened 2 times in a row is one thing, but now how I see I cannot depend on your company to provide usable, not broken, or merchandise that will not work period.


Didn't get my order

I sined up for boxycharm and I didn't get my order Now i cant find anyone to help or refund my 32.29$ Can someone please help Thanks



I don't want the makeup anymore, and I want to see if I can get my money back, and I get it sometime after


Will not answer phone

This is worst than not having a number. Boxy sold out to ipsy and it shows the products are already trash, they are not full size. I hate ipsy that why I cancelled them now we have to find a new box. Why would yall do this


Cancel subscription!

I have tried several times to cancel my monthly subscription to Boxycharm. I cancelled last month, but have been charged again. I have tried using your online customer support to no avail. No email is ever sent to me to verify the account. I called your custmer support, which doesn't actually exist. Cancel my subscription IMMEDIATELY! Thank you for your help in this matter. Sincerely, Colleen Chalmers


Over charged me 2 x

I have already been billed twice already and I see in a statement that you are going to Bill me again on the 1st and again on the 2nd do not Bill me twice for the same thing I only had boxycharm


They charge me 2 times and I didn't get my boxe in this month

They charged me 62 dollars for a month, and I didn't get my boxes. Send my money or the two-month boxes; if you guys don't send them, I'll cancel my account. I'm not going to pay for anything. thank you


I can’t get in contact with customer service

Original review Jun 26, 2023
I got charged twice in the same day, I do not understand what's going on, but I would like a refund for the two times, you guys charged my bank account. I would like to cancel my subscription. My email is Alvareznaidy4@***.com Or Naidyalva4@***.com its one of them two emails.. I have used both I dont know which ones of the emails was charged but I would like my $63.48 back in my account.. I cant believe how hard its to get in contact with customer service. Please feel free to Contact me Back!.


Wondering where my boxy charm bix is

I paid for a box. That I never recieved. I would like my money back. Or boxycharm box. And I can't get a hold of anybody on phone


Didn't get my package

I moved and I changed my address with the UPS office so I assumed just like every other company I would still get my package to my new address, I still havent gotten it and Im getting frustrated because Ive been a customer for like four years. this is ridiculous. Please fix it. My new address is updated in my profile.


No no no no no

No word for customer service and chat box is not acceptable and never certain. Trying to cancel my account and feels like a circus wheel.


Money was taken from my account and i havent recrived my order

Look at my bank statement and u can see where they were paid and they are saying they did not take tht money look at the picture only tht company could of taken it they r the only one with that name I want this resolved I won't quit tell they fix there mistake u can see they took out for glamour bag and icon box or am just looking at it wrong REALLY???


My boxycharm came open with Brocken product

My boxycharm/Ipsy box that I received today came open and some product Brocken and another ones open I will like to know if I can recover my Brocken and open product

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