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Blaux has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 520 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 2th position out of 200 companies.


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G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong,, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 68308, Hong Kong

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Poor / Non - existent customer service!

Ordered and paid for 4 Blaux Portable Bidets. Received 3. Unable to contact company regarding short shipment. They don't appear to care. I should have done more homework researching the company before purchasing. Do


Where is my portable bidet??

I ordered a Blaux portable bidet on 6-22-23. I have not heard anything about shipment. It appears that the wrong address is on some papers that I printed out. My name is Martha Sue Kamm, 3635 Greenacres Pl Dr , Unit 320, Bossier City, La 71111 phone number is 318-218-****. I want my bidet before leaving on a trip. Help !!!


Can’t get Information on my unit.

Trying to find out why it stopped working. Prior to that it worked pretty well. Then it stopped running thru the cycle. It would only go half way and the water force had lessened considerably.


Bidet won't shut off

Terrible, When I first got the product it was great. 5 weeks later it wouldn't shut down so I could no longer use it! Could not get in touch with the company. Called the one 800 number and nobody answered instead had to leave a message. Then nobody called me back. So now my product is garbage! Very expensive garbage!


Please contact me about your bidet

I have been trying to reach you to return my unused bidet. Nobody responds. What's the deal? Are you guys frauds? John Wagner


Once they ship the product, they want nothing more to do with you. They have completely ignored any and all attempts I have made to contact them.

I wanted to return a product that was never opened or used (this was within the allowed time), however they would never respond to any of my numerous attempts to contact them.


Replacement parts

I for several months and my husband have tried to reach this company just to get replacement O rings with no return email as promised even left a phone number at this point looking forward to getting a different device if I can't get replacement parts for this not so cheap one. I have wasted time and $ . I ordered nozzle replacements because it came with o rings but it never showed so I ordered from Amazon because I can't get a hold of the actual company Blaux . No o rings and $22. Works great but horrible customer service you have to decide because it's useless without parts.


Resolved: I placed an order more than a month ago and have heard nothing other than a confirmation email

Updated by user Mar 20, 2023

I received the products eventually. They mentioned a partial refund, but that never came to be.

Original review Feb 18, 2023
I placed an order more than a month ago and have received nothing but a confirmation email. I have not received a tracking number nor have I received the items. The BBB has multiple complaints against this company and I wish I had done more research before sinking $200 that I may never see either the money or the products.


Damaged Product

Updated by user Mar 06, 2023
Still have not gotten a response from company. It's been months.

Original review Feb 04, 2023
I ordered 2 portable bidets 221989****. On the bottom of one of them a small black oval with 4 tiny holes in it fell off.



I have been trying for two weeks to get a response for my request to return an item and have not received any response.


To vent my dissatisfaction

Updated by user Mar 01, 2023
Blaux Bidet has not made any effort to contact me. I have no reason to believe that they care one bit about their customers.

Original review Jan 30, 2023
This company refuses to give any kind of acknowledgment on returning an item, even if it has never been opened.


Can't get my 2nd heater delivered nor can I reach anyone

I ordered 1heater and received nothing showing it was ordered. I ordered another. The next day I saw 2 payments were taken out. I never received confirmation. Their phone is automated, and they do not get back other than saying. I am top priority to be delt with. I received 1heater about 3 weeks later, that was about 3 weeks ago. Very dissatisfied with Blaux Heatcore


I ordered 2 heaters. I received 1 and cannot reach anyone

I ordered 1 heater. I received no confirmation,so I thought it didn't go through. I ordered again and saw that 2 payments were taken out. I received 1about 3 weeks later. That was 3 weeks ago. I cannot reach anyone to get an answer. Next is calling the BBB. They cannot find a company name under Blaux Heatcore or Blast Me.


Resolved: Nightmare 'company'! Terrible service!

Updated by user Feb 15, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund. After I had threatened to take them to the small claims court (as I had reverse couriered their tracking to get their address)... they settled the following week, with a full refund.

Original review Jan 16, 2023
I ordered a couple of those mini heaters they were advertisng all over the place... so i thought, ok, it's an affordable risk... so i bought 2. After I saw these online for half the price, I cancelled my order 'within minutes', and awaited their confirmation! Not a chance in Hades!! I said to them DO NOT SEND ME THESE... but they still sent them.. and not even an invoice or return address anywhere to be found.. and now I am trying to find their elsuive address so I can return them. Their 'customer service' is non-existant.. as, even though I saw 3 names, I'm assuming it's just a one person show!... and trying to get a refund and return them is a nightmare.. even after threatening them with a court claim, etc... nada, zip, zilch! Buyers beware... BLAUX ARE ACTING LIKE A COWBOY OUTFIT... not even a company, per say... just like a rip-off centre!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BLAUX, at least until you get a genuine address, etc!.. as they/he/she/it does not care one little jot about you once they have your monies!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Poor CS and Refund Policy

My wife purchased a christmas present from these people $75, delivered on November 16, 2022. Like most consumers these early. The package was unopened, I received it Christmas Day. Did not take it out of the cellophane wrapper. Told my wife, Thanks but no thanks. She initiated a return on January 3, 2023. She received 3 emails, jan 3, jan 8, and jan 10th 2023. All with same basic reassurances that they have opened a return ticket, have escalated to high priority,have to review her case, blaux, blaux, blah are way behind and will take care of you. These people are NOT HONEST BROKERS. True, their website says returns have to be mad with 30 days of receipt which in this case was 11/16/2022, so that would have made the return date 12/16/2023. Usually any honest company will understand 'Christmas' and make some allowances. We have all but given up, and want to warn any others considering doing business with this company, that...There is NO PHONE NUMBER THAT WORKS, THEIR CS EMAILS ARE LIP SERVICE ONLY!


I need a refund

I have tried to get ahold of your company there is no way to talk to a human other than online and they have it set up so you have to purchase a membership in order to get a refund Im not giving your company anouther dime Im very dissatisfied with the product and with the way your company makes sure you *** off the consumer becouse you cannot get any answers or a response Im sending my heaters back if I do not get a full refund I will make sure my lawyer contacts you about my money you owe me there is no reason for you not to return my money the product is in its original packaging and never used they are literally to small and Im not satisfied and it says 100 percent satisfaction well Im not satisfied by your product ok thank you

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