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BJs Wholesale Club has a 2.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 841 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 20th position out of 289 companies.


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25 Research Drive, Westborough, Massachusetts, 01582, United States

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Food item

One week old and not opened. Went to use and the lid had popped and the salsa tasted tangy. There is no expiration date on the container.


Customer service

Customer service is *** bad mobile no Bady controller all cashiers they do what what they want they dont have an experience supervisors I dont have no experience they dont give a damn to the customer. If you spoke to somebody, they dont care if they see you from 10 feet no hi or how are you? I would help you here and this cashier. No I dont give a dumb *** zero customer service.


Automotive shop 13585 NE 86 Pah Lady Lake,Fl.

I was at this store at12:30 pm Thursday 7/20/23. I had a screw in my tire and loosing air. There was No Mechanics on duty and the manager said I could leave iit and come back later he was the only one there until 4:00 oclock,(Really). Hum wife asked just where we were to go for that time, he gave her a snarly reply, He was a very poor representative of your wonderful company. I will not let his action keep us from shopping with You. I see the shop still looks like it just opened so maybe his attitude is why there is no activity in the shop. Respectfully, John Meagher 352-430-****


Scammed into getting the BJs Capital one Credit Card

While at the register I had a question and a BJ employee was available to answer a question I had, she then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to sign up for the BJS CC. At first, I replied no, but then she stated that they are giving 50 cents off per gallon (which peaked my interest). I questioned her several times if this was going to be all the time or just promotional, as I did not need a credit card. She stated that the 50 cents off was to start soon and would be attached to the CC I was applying for. I must have asked her at least 5 times, as the Capital One brochure stated 10 cents off, and she assured me that it was changing. Now mind you my Membership expires on 11-2023, so this seemed like a great deal, and I was planning to renew my membership if not for any other reason the gas savings told to me by this employee. My new card arrived, and I contacted Capital One to activate it, and while on the phone I asked when the 50 cents off per gallon would go into effect. I was surprised to hear that there is no such plan for this amount off on gas , however BJs does have limited promotional savings of 50 cents off on gas, but there are stipulations. I was then given the phone number to corporate and have since spoken to someone about this particular employee giving out false information. I reminded them that when a credit check is run for a card it is called hard credit inquiry, and they have the potential to drop your credit score by several points. And for most there is no need to get a credit card check done unless it provides a benefit to the credit card holder. Lets see what BJs response is to this.


Reverse Discrimination

Self checkout employees discriminating against myself and my dad today at Capital Heights MD, store today. Attempted to speak to store manager who offered no help or insight on a remedy for the racial disparities, even called member services and the ethics department. They say will call back in 3 days. Im seeking legal representation currently. Would like to speak to member from the corporate office team as soon as possible.



Refund process was pretty quick. But takes 7 to 10 business days to be available on your debit card account. Which is too long of a process to wait for funds to be available. Was told it would be right away. Misinformation from customer service inside Bjs. So made a phone call to find out how long is the availability on my acct. Which was also a quick response. Again wait time for funds is unacceptable.


I need to speak to a live customer service representative.

I place an order today for same day delivery, and I've been charged $14.99 Service fee. My account must be credited that amount because I paid for deliveries for One year last week.


Unauthorized charge on my credit card

I filed a complaint with the Massachusetts AG. Your company charged my credit card without authorization for renewal. When I tried to resolve it, your club service reps kept disconnecting me, for over an hour.


Gas station and cat food problems.

Very disappointed in inability to buy gas when I want at the Merritt island Fl location. Bc the station is too small (8) pumps to accommodate the needs of the people. The old exit has been changed to an entrance bc the car back up line was going out on a main St. Its safer but the station need more pumps. I do cat rescue and feed colonies. I would buy the 38pds kit kaboodle often. Now its only online with $8 shipping cost. I have cancelled my renewal bc of this.


Incomplete order

El condThe driver was informed that the order was incomplete and did nothing. The store does not respond


Poor customer service and company policies

Local club, McDonough, GA, did not have water in stock from a coupon that was mailed out. I asked when the item would be in stock, Manager DIDN'T KNOW. Coupon expires in 7 days. When I asked if there was a substitute, NO; rain check, NO. I explained I lived 15 miles away, how would I know when to come back. Mgr. Helen explained she couldn't help where I lived!!! UNBELEIVABLE IGNORANCE.


Where's the rest of my fish

Purchased 2 lbs of Mahi Mahi fish and barely received 24 ounces. Bag was short over 6 ounces. Prices have been increases, product amount states 32 ounces. Consumer deserves to receive 32 ounces.


Porque los productos en línea son más caros que en la tienda

Quise comprar en línea Emerson 115 can beverage Cooler black y sale mucho más costosa en línea que en la tienda que está a un precio menor


Ridiculous check out and receipt checking

Updated by user Apr 06, 2023
New story--unresolved

Original review Apr 06, 2023
I don't think BJ's even deserves a one star rating. I went there today and bought about 13 items. First, the scanner on the self-checkout was continually gives us a problem, then when we went to leave, Pamela, the receipt checker couldn't count correctly and in the end said we didn't pay for one item. We went back and was rung out quickly, but when we returned to Pamela, she was once again having difficulty counting the items in a person's cart. When I said her name and showed her my receipt, she ignored me and continued with the person in front of me. All she had to do was see that I paid for my item. But, she didn't. I understand that people make mistakes, and I'm actually surprised that I didn't pay for that item, but if I had learned after I left, that I hadn't, I would have come back and paid for it. Not all your customers are criminals, yet we're made to be treated like one. It's your company's responsibility to ensure the self checkout scanners work properly and if they don't, that's on BJ's. I will NOT be renewing my membership. Alaa Mencke


Complaint tired service

I got a flat tired today, went to tired service where before I never had problem, the staff in charge was doing nothing and refused to fix my tired bc I need an appointment before. The accident happened at 5:05 pm and he was waiting for the next appointment at 6 pm, 1 hour before the next customer and the the staff did not want to help me. I spoke with the manager who did not know nothing about the appoint police of that department


Resolved: Member care ticket # 664**** open for a month

Updated by user Mar 31, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Mar 01, 2023
Member care ticket # 664**** open for a month, the ticket should have all of the pertinent information, if not it should have my contact information, I will be glad to speak with a manager. I have been getting the run around and no actual assistance. Just an email once a week for a month stating they are working on it. I have received no customer service, the phone wait to talk to someone is over 10 minutes.



I went in the Waldorf store for the last two weeks trying to purchase the assembled Kamado grill that was on sale for $374.00 and the Manager Ms.Brttany Eley refuse to sell then and now the price has increased back to $674.00.Now the manager keep saying she has eight more to sell which I checked online and in the store is untrue. I am a Disabled Veteran affiliated with the Masons. Shriners Disabled Veterans Associations and the American Legion. I hope that the price of 374.00 and the assembled grill that's on the floor be sold to me. The manager don't even have placard or price on the item Is she saving it for a family member on sale when she chooses to? I am the consumers!!!.ll

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