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Bitdefender has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 275 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 27th position out of 1129 companies.


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15A Orhideelor Street, Bucuresti, Bucharest, 060071, Romania

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Laptop at risk

a device Laptop - RGJ3J KMR is shown as at risk. the location is shown as millenium garden high st burton latimer kettering nn15 5lb uk i have no knowledge of this address and it is not mine please advise thanks David Freeth


Unorthorised payment taken

I have had £29.99 taken from my Paypal account for renewal of my account by Verifone Payments BV. I have never had an account with bitdefender, only using the free service. This is also linked to an email which is not mine namely chris.escritt12@***.comescuk.


Glitchy, NO customer service

Constant problems with apps and websites not working because of this program, and NO customer service. They send you lengthy, complicated articles, expecting you to do their job. They got greedy and lazy. I do not recommend.


Two accounts causing billing issues

Please merge my riwawi@***.com with my account at riwawi@***.com You would not let me add our mobile device to my existing account and now I get double billed on the mobile devices, and you show Kay's mobile device on both accounts, plus I should have IOS protection throun at least August this year. I need this straightened out before my next renewal in 40 days.. Thank you for any help. Richard Williams


The worst customer service ever experienced. A total JOKE

I have reported a serious issue of Bitdefender 400% battery drainage on my Samsung Android. The only service I have received is repeatedly emailing back with the same AI generated script without even any signs of someone even looked at the content of my email. TERRIBLE!


Change of subscription

I like the product that I have however I see that the two products are available in one product and it at a lower price. So that the reason for changing the product. So I wanted to change before the renewal is done.



I need to contact by mail with support services but it has been impossible. ddddd ddddd ddddd ddddd fffff vvvvv pppppkkkkkmmmmm fffffnnnnnmmmmmlllllaaaaa


Wrong email address and wrong password

Bitdefender keeps getting my email address wrong. First time it had three "s" Now it is an "a" missing. Also, I've recently had to change my email address and although I've typed the new password in and Bitdefender appears to have it. However, the old password is still being used and I have to delete that and manually put the new password in.


Renewal problem

I have been a customer for a number of years and I see on the net that Bitdefender has a loyalty program for current customers . I check the loyalty price and it's the exact price for everyone, old and new! What kind of BS is this! Be honest with your adds!


New installation

Dear Sir or Madam Please explain why a Bitdefender VPN has come up as an icon on my desktop which I think is an additional cost to which I have not agreed. Also in trying to access a document, there are changes in having to go through Microsoft which is most irritating and frustrating. Please ensure that my access to the other features of my laptop is not changed. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you. My contact number is 07751 50****. Yours faithfully Sue Banting


Bitdefender problem

I have used your product for a year now and I was satisfied with how it worked. It hasn't bogged down my computer or interfered with any of my usual running programs. But after this subscription year is over I'm not using you again. This is due to the fact that when I first purchased your anti virus software there was no mention of auto renewal for bitdefender. I was surprised to see a $60 ($59.99) purchase on my paypal account and thought someone was scamming me. So when I looked harder at the purchase I found out that you put an auto renewal on my ( what I believed to be a one time purchase) product. I became even more frustrated when I had to look up how to cancel the auto renewal (you couldn't make it simple) and then through several links in order to get to the page to cancel it. I would have purchased your product again, but your predatory practices made me not want your antivirus software no matter how good it is.


Over paid

I received an email from 2checkout informing me that my renewal payment had failed this was for the sum of £54.99 . I proceeded to pay it manually and when I went on to your site I did so at a cost of £45.83 unknown to me I have now paid yous twice as the payment that failed got processed as well . Look forward to hearing from yous in due course


Will not work

Product was paid for: Product was installed and working as per "Geeks on Sight". Afterwards the product (AntiVirus Plus) was CANCELLED! I called for tech support. I called for new instalation keys. They did not work. PLEASE CANCELL SUBSCRIPTION AND CANCEL YOUR AUTO-RENEWAL.


Inability to reach Bitdefender "Customer Care" within a reasonable number of attempts

Updated by user Mar 18, 2023
I've submitted my complaint to the company and they've opened a ticket (automated response) and said they would contact me.

Original review Mar 18, 2023
I first called Bitdefender's badly misnamed "customer care" number in the mid-afternoon. Naturally, "All our technicians are in other calls. Please hold the line in order to keep your call priority.". So I held the line. Then, after five minutes, "All our agents are still engaged in other calls. If you want to leave us a message and be called back in sixty to ninety minutes, please press "1" Otherwise, please continue holding the line.". This seemed to conflict with the first advice to hold the line in order to priority" Nevertheless, being in a trusting mood, I left a voicemail and hoped. Six hours later, I still had not received the promised callback. Feeling myself not to be an idiot who could not learn from experience, I called again, chose not to exercise the callback option that had proved so fruitless, and waited. Again, I was informed that "all our agents are engaged with other calls". After about 15 minutes the annoying repetitious music stopped. Then it went mercifully silent. After 28 minutes my call was dropped and I heard a busy signal. Apparently, I *am* an idiot who cannot learn from experience. I called again, with *exactly* the same results. Bad music for 15 minutes, silence, then dropped call and a busy signal after 28 minutes. So, like the idiot I apparently am, I called back a *third* time. (That's not counting the first call, when I made the mistake of choosing the callback option.) Want to guess what the results were *this* time? I won't leave you in suspense. After 15 minutes the annoyingly repetitious music stopped playing. Then after a total of 27 minutes and 50 seconds, clicks, I was disconnected, and got to hear the busy signal. I called a few more times, with identical results. The fact that the very same thing on the very same schedule kept happening suggested to me that there is a serious flaw in the "customer care" center's call-handling software. I cannot believe that I am the first person to have encountered this, which seems less like a bug than a feature. It made me wonder whether there was in fact a staffed call center, and not just a "Potemkin village" charade. And of course, nobody at Bitdefender had yet addressed the very irritating problem that first impelled me to call customer service. Earlier today Bitdefender Total Security put my cell phone into a coma. The phone stopped responding, and a popup window informed me that "Bitdefender has stopped responding" and gave me three options, to wait, to close the program, and a third which I do not recall. It didn't matter what I did. Whichever option I tried, nothing happened. The phone had gone totally unresponsive. It was also almost too hot to hold. I figured, okay, I'll just turn the phone off. That didn't work, either. I held the power button for twenty seconds, repeatedly. Nothing happened. Eventually, the battery ran down, after only a couple of hours (it had started with a full charge). This suggested to me that something was drawing unusually high current, causing the overheating. When the battery reachedt zero, the phone shut off, and I was able to charge and restart it to normal operation. Naturally, I found this unsettling experience rather disturbing, which is what led me to call the "customer care" number. Repeatedly. After about ten calls, an agent answered, much to my surprise. I detailed for him what had happened. Also to my surprise, he did not respond. The line was still open, but he said not a word from the time I began my story. Several additional unsuccessful calls later, I reached an agent who was willing to discuss my issue, and made some useful suggestions. As you may imagine, I was rather displeased by this experience, which left me feeling that Bitdefender was unreliable and wondering whether the company could be counted on to provide support for their product.


Unsolicited transaction

Dear Sir/Madam, I cancelled my BitDefender membership and subscription the day before it was due to be renewed as I cannot afford to pay for an anti-virus software anymore. That was over a month ago. However, I have just received a notification from PayPal that you have charged me today without my permission. I no longer use BitDefender, and would very much appreciate you issuing me a full refund. Thanks for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you, MP


Took two phone calls to resolve my issue

First operater didn't know how to resolve my issue second operator no problem. My issue was to change my email address. Otherwise good service and pleased with internet safety

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