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Big O Tires has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 457 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 8th position out of 1094 companies.


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12650 E. Briarwood Ave., Ste 2-D, Centennial, Colorado, 80112, United States

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Why do we pay for shop supplies or materials they use ? I was told this morning it was for things they use to clean up . If s technician spills oil during my oil chsnge shouldn't he clean it up any. Why do i have to pay for what they use . My service was cheaper than the labor charge . It serms like a rip off for me to pay for shop supplies


Mail is no good

I get coupons from you that are no good the date on will say a month later but the companies will not take it quit sending them to me


This place is a joke

Go to the store on Saturday they are closed permanently on Tuesday! Their extended warranty leaves you hanging with a flat tire that cost$350. Per tire with$250 paid warranty that is No good


Problems with store manager and warranty

We are finally getting our warranty work done this Friday. So after paying another car shop $100 for a second opinion (2nd shop completely in disagreement with Big O viewpoint and said our axle was fine) the snarky mgr. at Big O reluctantly and impatiently agreed to fix 1 of the struts. We may still be filing a grievance report with BAR here, though.


Concerned and unhappy customer

I would like to start out by saying I have never had an issue with Big O until now. My entire family goes here, I have sent many of clients from work, always saying how Big O has the best customer service. Always doing a great job. Unfortunately I feel like I have been scammed and screwed over. I have an attachment from another Mechanic I need to attach with this. It is what is still wrong with my car, and what I asked to originally be fixed. My bill from Big O is 1274.85, which I would understand if the things were fixed that were discussed. I now have to pay another Mechanic to fix their screw up. I'm also missing the middle part of my hubcap, which is odd, but true. I'm a single mom of three and can not afford to be scammed. I just got back to work after having a tumor removed from my ribs, which took me out for 2 months. Now I can't even drive my car to work. I have been taking a shuttle.


I, took my: 2015 Santa Fe Sport AWD; Tuesday, 4/18/2023That approximately 735am-ish for a "FREE" = Tire Rotation and Balance!!!

At the end of, my SERVICES were Supposedly = Completed!!! Darren McCandless~SAID that I, need REAR BRAKES & ROTORS= Replaced & the CO$T would B = $430.00 +Tax & Fee's, etc... I said I wouldn't B able 2~currently, but THANK YOU, for the INFORMATION!!! So, I went to my brother's shop, WHOM is a CERTIFIED~ MECHANIC... I, thought I needed a 2nd.~OPINION. SO, HE~TOOK~OFF the "REAR~TIRES~OFF" 1~at a time!! HE, checked the REAR~BRAKES. HE then INFORMED me that the REAR~BRAKES had at least a = "1/2 LIFE & or MORE left" B~4 NEEDING 2~B "REPLACED"!!! So then my brother then took OFF the FRONT TIRES just 2~CHECK~OUT & when it came to the FRONT PASSENGER TIRE!!!. HE "NOTICED" that it was MISSING = 1~of the LUG'NUTS were "MISSING" & that a 2nd.~LUG'NUT was about 2~FALL~OFF as well. So, "WHOM" ever is Darren's (technician) was, NOT ONLY "LIED~2~US" about- NEEDING~ REAR~ BRAKES. The (technician) also 4~got~2~put- "BACK~ON~1~ of the LUG'NUTS & also another 1~was "LITERALLY" about 2~FALL~OFF as WELL... Thank~GOD, I went 2 my BROTHER'S 2 get a 2nd~OPINION & NOW, I have 2 GO through the TROUBLE 2~RETURN the NEW BRAKES & ROTORS I just PURCHASED at a AUTO STORE that is GOING~2~take even a LOT~MORE of MY~TIME~2~DO it as WELL!!! I, HOPE "U" REALIZE that I'VE only shared this information so that YOU'LL B~ABLE 2~make the Riiiiight decision whether = 2~GO~2 a "BIG O'Tires" approximately~South of 3500 S. & 5600 W., West Valley City, Utah on the EAST-side of 5600 W. ... mY- Best wishes 2~"U" whoever decides 2~GO~2 this "Big O'Tires, LOCATION & or ANY of its siblings!!!


I was over priced and overcharged

Original review Mar 31, 2023
Supposed to change all spark plugs and all coil packs, but only did one spark plug, and one coil pack when I asked about it, I was told they did all of the spark plugs when I looked u can clearly see they only changed 1 plug and coil pack.


Overcharge, finding stuff not true to fix, etc.

Overcharges, , finding stuff that was fine and charging for stuff not necessary. A big loss of money and waste of time. Saying things that need to be fixed and it does not need to be fixed. It has been in a city like Reno a long time. They are causing issues that are not necessary. I am losing money and time that could be spent elsewhere that is well spent.


They find things more to charge for and 90% is not necessary.

I just needed brake pads and now they are finding stuff wrong with new tires, charging excess not necessary, ripping me off. It will be the last time Big O Tires today ever again. It is a decent location and it has been at this s location or city like Reno for over 50 years.


Isssues with oil change

Terrible service and customer service. They do not admit to their mistakes when over filling engine oil and stole my engine cover.


Didbt get my card

Its been over a month and I still havent received my card in the mail Ive already called once regarding my card and they said they sent me another card which I still have not received I might as well cancel the card. Since Im not getting the card I shouldve already had it. So annoying


Credit card

Forcing me to reapply for credit hurts me financially, this is abuse, cancelling credit lines and forcing customers to re apply is illegal


Failure to make proper repairs to my car which ruined all four of my tires and I am still fighting it and haven’t heard back from anyone. I later paid several hundred dollars to fix the problem that t

Failure to make proper repairs to my car which ruined all four of my tires and I am still fighting it and havent heard back from anyone. I later paid several hundred dollars to fix the problem that they couldnt seem to find commenting to me that there was something bent and they couldnt get it aligned properly when in fact it was a broken part that I later found when I took my car in for an overall check of what may or may not need to be done. I still have the part and an extra bill I just want my tires replaced. The problem started at the Phoenix store and I moved to Cortez and it continued there were neither place aligned my car properly consequently the tires wore badly. When I arrived in Cortez and took it in because I saw the same problem of misalignment I told him I felt they old me at least two tires for the two rear tires that had worn badly. They refused and gave me a alignment with the comment that I mentioned above something bent I called again this week and it didnt even sound as though anybody put my dispute in and he asked for or said he was going to have it push forward in a more timely fashion and Ive still not heard anything. At this point since they moved my rear tires to the front and put my good tires on the front onto the back all four tires have been worn unnecessarily from the inability to find the real problem. I am requesting four tires


Resolved: Rear Brake job incomplete

Updated by user Jul 18, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jun 17, 2022
Rear brake drums and shoes replaced or so I thought went in a third time after corporate texted manager Cody to do the right thing and fix the squeaking in passenger rear side Cody said I needed new brake shoes apparently the ones they said they replaced were either faulty or neglected to put on in first place.


Resolved: Bad service

Updated by user Jul 13, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Updated by user Jul 13, 2022
I got a full refund after several unsuccessful tries to fix back drums so they don't squeak

Updated by user Jul 13, 2022
After 5 unsuccessful tries to get my back brakes repaired correctly I took my 2004 Ford focus back to Big O tires and after speaking with his manager Cody refunded me my entire amount.

Original review Jun 12, 2022
Just need my brakes fixed correctly by big O in Kingman AZ They never fixed my rear brakes correctly still squeals after 560.00 of new drums and shoes even the manager Cody did nothing to fix the problem after 2 times taking it there The mechanics never drove it until I INSISTED a test run and then said they fixed the problem NOT


Unfinished or poor brake job

I took my 2004 Ford Focus to Big O tires in Kingman AZ for squealing of brakes they replace both drums and shoes paid 560.93 drove off. the brakes still squealed took back 2 times after nothing was fixed nor would they give it a test drive until I INSISTED Cody the manager said nothing wrong still squeals!! Not happy

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