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Big Cartel has a 3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 28 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 3th position out of 55 companies.


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362 W Pierpont Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101-1711, United States

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I need help

Updated by user Aug 15, 2023
5 min before i get an orders someone buy my products but i do not se name or address

Updated by user Aug 15, 2023

Original review Aug 15, 2023
i do not se my customers name or address When i started bigcartel i did design my webbsite and all. But i forgot active Require customer phone number at checkout. So that costumer did buy my products but i do nott se his name or address



Hello good morning, I had paid for a renewal of my premium package for my bugcartel website but since I have not been using the website i would like to be refunded for the recent payment i have made because now i have downgraded


General questions

I dont have any knowledge about this transaction at all!and that it was taken out of my bank account so I need to get my money back from you all


Close account

Pissed customer Ive talked to 4 different people on chat or text customer service etc and I cant get no help. Im trying to close my account Tavias Chique Boutique 1 I cant log in its saying I need another internet connection. Please cancel my subscription Im tired of typing the same thing over and over


When I type in my web address my store doesn't come up

I type in my name of my website, Hebrew house dot big cartel dot com. My website and store doesnt come up Cant seem to edit my store front page



I have trouble setting up payment methods for my shop. It wont let me change my password for payment method


I want to a bong

I want to cancel my order because it takes to long for me but thank you and God bless you because I ordered to much different things and think to much plus I can afford it money is tight


Upgrade my plan

Hello, I do update my plan but I can't not put more than 5 products I need help please so I could I add more them one product


Terrible Customer Service

I am a seller for the website, and recently have been having trouble with this company transferring the money they I am owed. But whats crazy is the monthly bill we pay every month they faithfully take that out of your account, I have tried calling, and chatting with customer service but they do not like to speak to anyone and cant give you an exact reasoning on why your money isnt transferring to your account. Do not try this website.


Paypal needs to be set to standard and not express

My accountant is Moistaire.bigcartel i need my paypal account to be the standard account checkout not the current sets of express check out! Losing customers over this! Help me! 215.866.7038


My account security Breach Fear no basket.

I've had a security breach after my daughter passed away In 2010 can't get back on my site? Somebody has changed the password on me. Can you please help me get back on my account fear no basket? Owner and operator kevin sakas


Update status

The representative called me in a timely fashion, and was able to help me with my problem. He was able to resolve everything I dont know, but Im gonna help with this I was very satisfied with the Noll Erics email in regards to my issue


This company makes it hard to be reached so they can keep charging you me the customer I have tried to contact them to cancel and they will not do it I just want them to stop charging my credit card

I have tried for month to get you guys to close my account and stop charging my account and you guys simply don't do it what does a person have to do to cancel and simple stop charging my credit card I did say it's been month and I never did use this account I am being charged for


I called to speak to someone and was not able to speak to someone directing me back to the website, so what was the point of saying he was gonna connect me with a representative.

I called to speak to someone regarding custom domain to see if I entered the information incorrectly by entering the when I go to my Go Daddy account to have it transferred just wanted to know if I was supposed to do that or not and was not able to speak to nobody


Can't connect domain

Nothing happened and when I email them about the domain I keep getting transferred to different representatives and it's like I'm running in circles answering the same questions without getting my question answered. It's been like 3 days talking to different people with no outcome. It should be simple.



Updated by user Aug 09, 2022

Original review Aug 09, 2022
Can some one call me 480 530**** I would like to talk to a manager about a situation with a perched I currently have made with your company please call me at +148******** any time I prefer you call me as soon as possible I really appreciate it if any one could contact me because there some one out there giving out my info and contact me about a giveaway I won and I just dont believe its real

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