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Benjamin Moore has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 76 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 8th position out of 211 companies.


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101 Paragon Drive, Montvale, New Jersey, 07645, United States

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Frustation = Arborcoat Solid Stain

I spent the entire 2022 summer preparing my cedar deck for new stain. It was previously stained with Benjamin Moore semi-solid stain. I sanded the entire deck, (railings, 10x14 upper-level, 8 steps, a 4x4 landing, then 6 lower-level steps). I did a 3-step wash, neutralize, and lighten. My final step was using Arborcoat Solid Deck Stain. It took me all summer to complete my deck, as I was a single, 65-year old, who was recovering from a knee-replacement. After the winter snow melted, my deck looks horrible. The stain is peeling and flecking off the floor of my deck/stairs and top of the railing. I did everything per Arborcoat's instructions, so my preparation was correct. I have prepared and stained decks five times in my life. After the snow melted, I witnessed the stain actually fleck off sections of the floor and upper rail. What a waste of my time, my effort, and my money!


Margaret Jones at Pell City

Abusive Drunk who has been stealing from Benjamin Moore for years. She has been doing mental health medications and not reporting it to work while driving a forklift. Smokes marijuana on a regular basis and has been for years.


Margaret Jones anti black position is intolerable

She calls black peoples the n word. She shows up to work under the influence of alcohol. Abusive verbal behavior towards coworkers creates a hostile work environment. She is bitter and anti company employee who takes drugs for her psychological condition which in turns puts her on the anger ladder. Has she reported her drug interaction driving a vehicle?


Color-Matching Skipping Stone with Spray Satin Enamel

I looked for a long time, to find a spray enamel to match Skipping Stone, without getting a $50-per-can custom formulation. Finally found it. I needed to paint some white metal grilles and came across Rustoleum Smokey Beige. Its a great match! And, I tried quite a few before finding it. $7.99 a can and its just what I needed for this job!


Poor quality bathroom paint and customer service

The paint is literally dripping off the walls and we purchased the bathroom version. Benjamin Moore said the paint was performing as it should and that was that. The company has real issues!



I apologize because I went through the site *** customer when I searched for BM contact number to ask about discounts on paint because I was purchasing over 12 gallons - but Im not a pissed customer - thank you


Love the paint, but website is unacceptably terrible.

It is not only maddening, but as a professional painter who exclusively uses your paint; your website is awful. It's an insult to your patrons to have such a difficult to use, dated, non informative, circular & unhelpful website. I can't allow clients to use the outdated color visualizer because the colors it fills in with are the same as the artificially lit illustrations on the color charts online. Granted, the pamphlets in stores are lovely, but to use the website is a waste of time. Completely user unfriendly & looks like an afterthought. When selling a high end product the website should reflect that in all aspects. Please hire a top notch, CURRENT web designer & get with the program. Much love, A lifelong patron.


Their website is terrible

I love the Benjamin Moore paint colors but their website is absolutely terrible. It slow, glitchy and not easy to use it just does flow like other paint companies websites do. They should give this some attention


Authorized Benjamin Moore Store Didn't Honor Discount

Updated by user May 16, 2022
Corrected address of Nuthouse Hardware a.k.a True Value Hardware.202 E. 29th St New York, NY 10016

Original review May 16, 2022
Benjamin Moore had a 50% off sample size paint sale till 5/16/22. On 5/15/22 I went to Nuthouse Hardware 205 E. 29th St NY 10016 in Manhattan to make a purchase of five sample colors. Regularly the price is $5.99 each but with discount was $2.99. The store did not honor the discount price in spite of my having the code COLOR22. I paid full price. Terrible customer service. Never going back.


Website sucks

Horrible website. Its down frequently. Also, I tried to buy paint samples and after adding all my items to my cart it prompted me to login. Once I logged in my cart was empty!! I had to add everything over again. Very frustrating.


Product fails me every year

I have applied a solid color stain to my deck./ I live alone so the traffic is minimal. Every year I have to put another coat on . This year is the worst, it is peeling and wearing even where there is no foot traffic like under the railing. They claim that you can get up to 5 years out of their product, however I can't even get 1 year. So disappointed with their product.


Remove 315

Do not use Remove 315 as I darkened my redwood deck and I could not get it off if with Brighten or power washing. I had to rent an orbital sander to remove it. So far Benjamin Moore has refused to reimburse me and the next step will be with a judge!


Your website

Your website is so complicated it is absurd. I want to find a paint colour without having to work my way through what must be the most complicated website on the internet. Most of the time I just give up, and look elsewhere. Your product is good, but whoever designed your website should be fired immediately. It is an unfathomable mess, and impossible to navigate!!!!!!!!


Quality of the paint is not acceptable

I pay $60 a gallon and is lumps in the paint that is not settable specially when I bought 3 gallons of it


Paint problem

Paint code,Paint color is not coming out the same color as I had bought before its much darker it needs to be lighter wondering if I could get a refund.


Resolved: Website issues

Updated by user Feb 05, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology. Benjamin Moore did get back to me about a week after my review - with an apology and the sent the samples I was trying to order.

Original review Aug 14, 2021
Benjamin Moore's website is awful. It's glitchy, slow and the cart randomly empties making you have to start all over. Were I not wedded to using Benjamin Moore paint, this would make me more on to another manufacturer. So disappointing that a company with such great paint has such a terrible website.

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