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Belle Tire has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 303 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 15th position out of 1094 companies.


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1000 Enterprise Drive, Allen Park, Michigan, 48101, United States

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Customer service

In flint was at door 7:45 for tire rotation. The promised time was 10:00. Three people in front of me. A young girl came in 15 minutes later as a walk-in. After sitting there 20 minutes she asked how long. The guy at desk said Ill see what I can do! The put her in front of me! RIDICULOUS. His name is Rob He also told someone on phone, first come for service. NOT!


Way over charged for oil change

Tireman Bowling Green, Ohio now Belle Tire. I had my oil changed at Tireman 3000 miles ago for $60.32 on my 2019 chevrolet Silverado 6 cylinder 5qt system dexos synthetic oil. I called to make an appointment for an oil change thinking it was Tiremthat an. The person on the phone didn't tell me Tireman was bought out by Belle Tire. Everyone had Tireman uniforms on and I still assumed that it was still Tireman until I got my bill. The price was $93.21 for the same vehicle. The girl that worked there said it was because they changed for the extra quart of oil. Since when does a quart of oil cost 30 bucks. More like $4.50. She should have told me that the company wasn't Tireman anymore and quote me the price. $30.00 more, that's highway robbery. I called four places in Bowling Green the next day and they were from $65 to $75 for my Silverado. She should have told me the information I stated. I talked to the manager yesterday and he said that he couldn't do anything about it. I guess you lost a customer who has been going to Tireman for 25 plus years for service. Thanks alot, Tom


Flat tire

Since I was a previous customer, Belle fixed my flat for free. Unfortunately, it failed at about mile 8 and deflated entirely again. When I was fixing the flat, I noticed that Belle got oil all over the passenger side of the car with splotches from headlight to tail light. Also, two of my acorn lug nuts were missing and replaced with beat up standard ones. In addition, the center finishing cap to my tire was missing on the spare. The only reason why I'm giving this company one star is because I can't give them none. I'll be taking my business elsewhere, as will my father, even if that means paying more. My car is now, essentially, in an inferior condition than it was before I brought it to Belle.


Just charged my Daughter in law 1100 dollars to replace a tie rod and what they call an alignment on a Jeep axle

They take advantage of people, like my daughter in law when doing repairs. You cant do a full alignment on a Jeep axle unless the control arms have adjustment in them for caster. She went in for a tie rod and they nailed her 1100 dollars.


Poor service

Had a appointment for 10 days drove 21 miles for my 9am appointment And I see a sign that said No Power Closed !! They made no attempt to call people or have a representative there to give people other options I owned my own company for 28 years Customer Service is always most important !! I am a disabled man and to run me around waist my time and money is an insult to me


Terrible service

After waiting 40 minutes after our scheduled time, I asked how long we would have to wait for a tire change. I was told wed be next, was waiting for a rack to own up. So another 20 minutes later, after being avoided by the manager, I asked again. He said the same. I looked at the only rack being used, all 4 wheels off and no one working in the vehicle, and asked any idea how long? He replied When we finish up with that vehicle. If you dont want to wait, you can have your keys back. I asked why we werent told there would be a wait when we first arrived. We were the ONLY customer in the store. He said Youre *** to the wrong person. If you cant wait, Ill get your keys and you can leave. I left, and drove another hour away to Traverse City Belle Tire. That store is great in every way. Although 2hour drive from home, I will never go to Gaylord Belle Tire again. With their mechanics walking around looking lost, their manager / service writer only interested in the how many snacks he could eat, it appeared no one local wanted to be there either. Avoid Gaylord Belle Tire , please!!


Bad tire

I went to Belle tire and bought four new tires because I had to drive out of town to a funeral.The next morning when I was driving to the funeral I noticed that my tire was very low. I went to the car shop and was told that my tire had metal in it and was unrepairable. I called Belle tire and was told since I refused the road hazard that there was nothing they could do, but I was never offered road hazard. I called corporate when I returned home they were very nice and submitted a claim to refund the price of the tire. Good ending



Thé reason is that I m a a regular customer of yours.I went to the store located on Rockville road Indianapolis to check the tire of my car that I bought last when I arrived there was a maintenance worker smoking his cigarette outside I talked to himhey sir can I park my car in front or back he didnt responded to me again I asked him but still he refused to talk to me .so I didnt liked his attitude.i parked my car and I went towards him and I told him whey are you racist ?this is the way you treating your customers.!!he replied to me welcome to America,I went to see his manager.who saw everything without reacting.the only thing he said I will check the I called the police and when they arrived I explained to theme whats now I called Indiana civil right to get a lawyer in order to sue the company and the worker.


Sexual discrimination

The young man referred to me as a *** and I felt insecure I didnt act feminine in anyway he mad me feel uncomfortable and I dont wanna work their ever again


Bad Business. Deal

Yesterday I bought a set of tires from merriville store and the receipt had no tire warranty information of length in miles and no information what they as valve stem replacement not explained at all no wheel alignment that was promised if I would of known this the purchase would have been no


Bell Tire Sold My New Snow Tires after 6 months when I paid storage and mounting up front.

Bell Tire is beyond horrible! Completely dishonest. Never, never, ever trust them. They talked into winter tires which were extremely expensive. When I had them switch back to my summer tires and I paid up front for the storage and remounting of the tires the next winter. I came back in January (8 months later) and they told me that the tires were gone and that they had sold them because they only store tires for 6 months. When I asked why I had not at least been informed they said that they always send out an e-mail before selling tires which were in storage. When I paid for storage and remounting up front I was told that I was "all set" no matter what because I had paid for storage and the remounting fee up front. There was certainly no time limit mentioned at all. However I asked about the storage and was hesitant to leave them with Bell Tire because I have a large area in my garage that I could have used to store the tires. I was reassured over and over that it made no sense what-so-ever for me to store the tires myself. I literally could not believe that the nearly bran new top of the line snow tires for my Jeep Grand Cherokee had been sold with no notice 8 months later. The store manager was beyond rude. He simple laughed and said what did you expect maximum tires storage at Bell Tire 6 months. This seems to be a complete scam and I don't know how they get away with it. I now know why they have only a 1.3 rating. I have never been so taken advantage of and talked to disrespectfully in the process.


Vehicle problems after work at belle tire

I took my 2013 Jeep bringing the Rubicon into Belle tire in Monroe Michigan To have an alignment done I'd plate paid for an alignment with a warranty so I can do it as many times I wanted for a year. Well I walked over to the local dolphins while they were doing it and they called me and told me that all we can't do and it needs to do is drag lake Thai ride in and uh steering stabilizer what before we can do it that's why keeps going out of A-line I understand OK they're making money so they sold me parts I really didn't Need. No big deal cause I don't have parts for it anyway I was gonna put on myself That was on Saturday Joe to work Monday 1st time I got it on the expressway and I couldn't keep the thing in my lane kept driving off the road and steering wheel lock one way when I turn it it just wasn't right so I called him taking him back in there that night the thing was over 1゚ out of alignment they were supposed to do it a lot and they didn't do it after they told me everything was perfect but it still wasn't right so I worked that week and I couldn't get back in there call them on Friday the day I was leaving on vacation for 2 weeks Because it wasn't right it was jumping all over the road I couldn't keep it straight. Well I got back to where I work and was getting ready to leave and I started going off so that I heard something and I couldn't turn right anymore 5 minutes before this I was going 75 miles an hour down the expressway I probably would be dead but luckily I was in a parking lot had no cars and come to find out after I headed in there a couple times what happened is when they put the steering stabilizer on the one mount they didn't tighten up and the mounts started moving lifted the steering stabilizer up into the bracket shredded then Boot on it and made it impossible to turn right now if I was driving on the expressway and that would have stuck left while I was turning into something or right it doesn't matter I would have Been in a serious accident. You know but this is the 3rd time going back so they can replace that and that is not good enough this endangered my life and one of my hunting camp people was in there the same day I was and said he had the same problem with his truck when he had a lift kit put on and I didn't put his skid plate back on right left it loose and left a couple parts loose I expect to be reimbursed for the parts that they put on and for my time I took pictures of it to show what was wrong and they couldn't find it and when it happened all I did was look under there and noticed it. Luckily I have a second vehicle and my son could bring it to me so I can still make it up to the cabin and go hunting But like most corporations I don't expect bell tired to do anything about it or even care about it so we'll see how bell Terry stands behind what they did and their screw option from the looks of the complaints it isn't the 1st time they've had things like this happen quality control isn't very good at belt tire very disappointing experience.


Fraud by bell tire personal

Went in for a safety inspection Bell tire completed a different one and failed me They didn't complete the inspection needed that I provided This was completed intentional by bell tire I have documents


Eugene Roberts

Mr Roberts was very very rude. My wife and I have been customers for at least 8 years with all 4 of our vehicles, Ive never been treated as rudely with Belle. Ive purchased tires on the road from Michigan to California, Ive always been treated well. But to be treated in my home town so terribly. Im thinking I may go back to tire discounts. Im so disappointed and hes a asst manager. It really is hard to find good help now days.


Bad service

I made a horrible mistake by becoming a customer of Belle Tire. I had been a customer of Discount Tire for approximately the last 15 years. Belle came to town and had some deals so, regretfully, I gave them a chance. I bought 4 new tires for my truck in September 2021. At that time I also had an alignment done by Belle Tire. At the time of purchase I was told by the manager that I should have the tires rotated every 8-10,000 miles, or every other oil change. I was told since I mostly drive highway miles that I could go up to 10,000 miles. This is not documented anywhere in my paperwork (in fact the paperwork gives zero instructions), it was only told verbally. I did as I was told. While on my most recent tire rotation(at another place) I was told that my tires were warped. I questioned how this could be since they were fairly new and only had 20,000 miles on them. I went back to Belle. Upon my arrival I'm not greeted. I walk up and give my name to the manager, Raul Yanez. We go out to look at the tires together. This is the start of the most horrible customer service experience I have ever experienced. Below are bullet points to summarize my experience. My hope in sharing is to spare someone else the same experience. Raul states the warped tires are due to being out of alignment. I explained that Belle did the alignment at last visit (20k miles ago). He then changed his mind and alignment was not the issue. Raul states that the warped tires are due to lack of rotations. I explained that I have had them rotated, as instructed at the last visit. He tells me that this is a failure on my part and the tires need to be rotated every 5k miles- per receipt. I can include a copy of my receipt. There is absolutely no guidance on tire rotations printed or written on receipt. I question him about this, as I am very confused. I have done just as I was told to do. Raul becomes extremely agitated and starts yelling at me in front of his team members. He tells me that I am out of luck and there is nothing he can do to help me. He tells me I need to purchase 4 new tires. He lowered the car from the alignment bay and released the car back to me. Uncomfortable with my safety, I asked Raul if the tires were safe to drive on. He states that they are not. I asked what I can do to be safe. He states that I can purchase 2 new tires for the front and rotate the back tires to the front and have them rotated and balanced. I agreed to do that. He needs to order them and I make an appointment to come back the next day. Next day I come for tires and the tech breaks my wheel locks. He tried to take the locks off without the lock and then stripped out the lock key tool.. Another customer experience I didn't sign up for. Raul informs me that my lock key is ruined and Im going to have to replace the lug nuts. He then states he will replace it with a cheaper model that no longer locks. Then I'm told they will need to order them and will get them tomorrow. At this time the tires are still on the truck and haven't been taking off yet. Raul then states I will need to drive with four lugs instead of five until tomorrow. I ask if it is safe and if it will cause issues. He states yes, it will be fine, it's only a day. I explain I work out of town. He states it will not be a problem. I did some research and I found that this can cause problems..After service was completed (2 new tires, balance and rotate) I took a look at the tires and found a nail in the tire that was just put back on and supposedly balanced checked etc. I show this to the assistant manager prior to paying. First thing she asks is do you have a warranty on those tires ? I explain I do not (which was established yesterday).She states that because of where that nail is at I will need to buy a new tire. How is this even possible when it literally just got pulled out of your shop? The tires were never balanced as agreed upon with the manager. The day prior Raul said that all four were to be balanced so problems with bad wear didn't continue. The asst. manager then goes into the garage to inform Raul. Raul comes back into the store YELLING that's it! we are done!. I was shocked I was being talked to like this. He states he will replace the tire for free but that's it and we are done after that. HOW can we possibly be done now with all of these issues unresolved? What about the lug nuts,rotations, etc? He repeats that we are done after this and he will get the lug nuts tomorrow and be done. He then personally looked at the tire after they realized there was no new one in stock. Raul then magically fixed the nail issue (that I was told could not be repaired- only replaced). He then comes back in and apologizes and says it's been a challenging day. I am still confused on how his challenging day equated to him treating me so poorly. I pay and after that Raul tells me he had someone else come in today with the same issue and he only had 20,000 miles on his tires as well. He is sorry that past management did not explain things better when it comes to rotations,alignments, etc. So- he admits that they have a problem with previous management incorrectly informing their clients! I replied that this is a costly lesson for the customer. I then explained I was told at time of purchase every other oil change is when they should be rotated. I was also never told that I could go to Belle and they would do it free when purchased. One other issue I have is when I purchased these two new tires I'm not sure if I got a warranty. I was never offered one this time. Not even sure I would take it after this experience. I also asked how far out of balance were the tires you had taken off and moved to the front after not completing this the first time? They were way out! Leads me to believe there were issues with this the whole time and this is what caused this type of wear. After searching the internet and talking to my mechanic he agreed. This was my first time using Belle because they offered a better deal on the tire at the time. Had I known these issues that would arise and how I would be treated, I would have paid the extra and stayed with Discount Tire where they stand by their product and explain things very well.

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