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Behr has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 691 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 1th position out of 211 companies.


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Happy with the product and customer service

I was so pleased with behr customer service. I wasnt expecting them to be so awesome. Normally it's a fight to get it right . But this company went pass my expectations 100%.I will only by there paint from here on because of the awesome product and customer service . Thanks Behr you rock


Our home is approx 15yrs old. Ex & Int are...

Our home is approx 15yrs old. Ex & Int are painted with Behr. The last 2-3 yrs I have noticed the studs showing partial shadows on the interior walls especially in the garaage Any thoughts? Thanks!


Poor coverage

This Behr paint has to be the worst paint I have ever used! What is it made of 100% water? Doesn't cover anything had to use 5 coats when I should have used 2!


I strained my deck with Behr solid stain that was supposed to last 10 to 25 years. In March I was walking around on my decks and noticed multiple areas where the stain was peeling.

After not even one year the stain on the decks in multiple locations is peeling. The deck was power washed the previous summer and I also went over it with deck cleaner before staining. I contacted Behr in March and sent them pictures of the stain and deck. They were supposed to send me 5 gallons but never sent it.


Deck stain not holding up

Deck was stained last year, its peeling, chipping and I cant get through to customer service. Phone menus , put on hold., figure the customer will get frustrated and hang up. So sad to see another good company swirl the drain with poor support.


Bought the marquee paint to do our basement ceilings and we still have to do another coat. It’s supposed to be a one coat paunt. Very dissatisfied and disappointed with product, I could’ve used a g

It doesnt apply like they advertise. We still have to do a second coat and thats on a white ceiling. Very disappointed with this product


Problem with my paint

I bought 3 gallons of paint on March 23 and we painted the following week and two of the gallons that we opened. There were gooey clumps of paint, and it made painting very difficult because it was getting on our rollers and on the walls. We returned the third gallon to Home Depot in Collingwood although we did purchase them at the Home Depot in Barrie. We were not pleased with the amount of extra work we had to do in order to pull these clumps of paint off our rollers. Theres obviously something wrong with the paint because weve never had issues before with Behr paints.


Floor paint peeling, discoration

Floor painted by contractor, had a flood that was cleaned quickly. Discoloration and peeling of the paint.


Paint was not One coat coverage

Hello I emailed you guys awhile back after i talked to you guys on the phone. Home depot said that i needed to get ahold of you guys about my 6 gallons of paint that should of been one coverage.. Dont get me wrong. I do love your paint and use alot. But i dont know if it was the color or they made wrong. But. It wasnt one coat guarantee thats for sure.. Ty


*** product

Thick paint that is so difficult to apply and hard to use Deckover cause more damage to your decks and not worth the money


Follow up on paint peeling off complaint

I contacted customer service like the end of may regarding how we are remodeling our house, painting walls,base, doors, and the paint on my doors, door frames, moldings are all peeling off. The customer representative said she will send me an email how to proceed with the complaint and to send pictures of my receipts and the pictures of the cans of paints I purchased. Up till today I havent received such of email. I spent a lot of money buying paint, sand paper, everything I needed to prepare all my walls ,doors etc.. For the paint peeling off. All my purchases were done at Home Depot and my credit card I have proof in my account which I have misplaced some receipts.


Paint quality

Updated by user Jun 17, 2022

Original review Jun 16, 2022
I used your paint deck last spring. Power washed first, scraped old paint. Then put 1st coat alittle heavy in traffice areas, 2nd coat went on easier. Your paint bubbled, worn off, never known I did in some areas, did not stand up a year. We even have a awning over the deck.i would


Deck stain

I purchased light lead semi transparent stain at Home Depot. I put it on a clean dry deck. The color came out blue grey I called the store they assured me it would dry in the color I picked. It didnt I had to go back to get another gallon to match what I did. I waited 3 days before I put the furniture back. When I move a chair the paint is peeling and where I walk its coming off. I live alone not a lot of traffic


Peeling deck paint

I purchased behr semi transparent paint for my deck light lead at Home Depot. I applied 4 rows of paint and it looked like a blue grey. I called the store and they stated it would dry to the color I picked. I continued it didnt change color. I needed another gallon and brought the can back to match what I started. The stain is peeling everywhere. My deck is a mess!!


Bad experience

Updated by user Apr 05, 2022
I have gotten no feedback from Behr at all. Nothing. Super disappointed

Original review Mar 06, 2022
My husband used Behr porch paint, he sanded, filled spots and painted our deck in September 2021. It is January 2022 and my deck looks terrible. It looks like the paint isjyst coming off. He spent hours of hard work doung this and it looks awful. I am very discouraged and upset on the quality of this paint. We bought 2 gallons , which isnt cheap so it is upsetting.


Behr deckover 2nd gen product as bad as 1st gen

I am a contractor in western PA and pro at the local home depot spending 125k/year+. Used Deckover on 5 units in last 3 years, one being my own, and it ruined them all. 2 of the 4 clients have already replaced their decks and I need to do the same, at a cost of $5500!. Not only did the product peel (in some lengths 20+ inches) but it locked in the moisture, rotting and molding the wood underneath. Really expecting a return phone call 724-854-****.

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