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Bath And Body Works has a 2.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 945 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 14th position out of 955 companies.


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(877) 832-9272

7 Limited Parkway, Columbus, Ohio, 43068, United States

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Bath And Body Works Reviews


I never receive sale info or coupons

I never receive sale info or coupons. My name is Emilie Bradley, phone # is 609-320-****. Address is 328 Berrhill Drive Williamstown Nj 08094. Can u please let me know the problem Thank you


Haven't received items

I have not received my order was supposed to arrive on July 24 2023 ,I would like to know when I will receive it.


Haven't received none of the 2 chairs I've ordered

I've ordered 2 chairs and haven't received either one of them I haven't even received my money back after they said they would I've ordered 2 chairs They said they'd refund me on the 1st chair Ordered another one and still haven't received a chair or my money back


Resolved: I not getting my coupon

Updated by user Jul 24, 2023

Please check about my coupon.

Original review Jul 24, 2023
Can somebody give me a call I love getting my coupons somebody can call me are email me 504495**** I dont think its right for what they are doing


Not receiving my gift card

I bought enough products to get 2 free items & got home & realized that I was charged for the 2 free items . Have spoken twice to an agent & both times was told that I would receive a $35 gift card, I have not received it


Can't log in my email, it says it's been terminated due to suspicious activity.

I Still cant get emails from bath & body works. Tried contacting customer service by phone & did everything they say & still cant receive emails. I also got on line to try & still nothing. I Dont know what else to do except give up trying.


Online prder

Never again. Ordered in June. Called to check on it said was cancelled December og 1889. !!! Really?


Never got my order

I never received my order. I kept getting texts that said my order was delayed when I called customer service she stated that it made its way to Illinois but that was as far as it got unfortunately all but one of the products I ordered was out of stock they were birthday presents And I was very upset about that. She refunded my money but that does not help me because now I have to find a different type of birthday present.


Bad place to buy your stuff

I have the oil for your body the green started coming off!!! It has fillers in it, they are saying there is nothing they can do. Don't waste your money on have bottles of stuff at that place.


Undue hardship

I am very disappointed this company has caused me an undue hardship never have they indicated such delays in orders. I waited the additional two days from what was stated it would be delivered. Still, I have no delivery and was told by the chat representative that it would be delivered with no further details as of what day I am leaving to visit family overseas and they were looking forward to gifts. Now upon my return one month from now, I will have to mail the items to them. I feel bath and Bodyworks are providing false advertising to get sales increase they list items as available, that are most likely sold out, causing such delays. I intend to file a formal complaint to the BBB and attorney generals office. This is indeed bad business.


Overcharged for my items

I placed an order on June 3. Bath n Body online order. I ordered 25 3 wick candles. 10 of those I was overcharged $16.00 on each of the 10 that were listed in the notification e mail as $10.95. I have called bath and body at least 4 times regarding me to receive a refund for the over charged total of $160.00. I am getting absolutely no cooperation from the various representatives to resolve this issue and credit back to my Mastercharge credit card. Repeatedly. 32 days later I still have no refund. And yes. I am super pissed. And I have now just been on the phone again for another full hour again trying to rectify this to no avail. Help desperately! Order number 004741****3285.


The so call manager Brittany was racist and unhelpful

Original review Jul 03, 2023
I just left the bbw in Dallas at the Galeria mall, the woman named Brittany would not replace my defusers, the would not work she kept them and would not refund me or trade them out, she refused to give us the district managers name when I asked. I feel like she wanted to refuse service because of the way i looked. She was very loud and ghetto acting. Update: I went back to the store to make another purchase and Brittany was whispering with another worker about me and giving me dirty looks because I had called the 1800 number to report her. I will also add this experience to my other report.


Product default

I bought the love always wins body mist and the top doesnt start on it constantly is coming Off and it leaked all over my Michael kors purse thats 300$. The top where it sprays must be loose idk but I asked for another one and got told no. It was an in store purchase I have pictures and the the email I use I used for the purchase. Im not where near a store and Im not driving an hour an change to go complain when I dont understand why you cant fix it or send me another one bc I got a a default item


Peaches and Prosecco instead of Weekend in Rome

TWICE I have ordered two Weekend in Rome candles; twice I have received Prosecco and Peaches instead. This has been incredibly frustrating. Can someone PLEASE help me get two 3-wick candles in the WEEKEND IN ROME scent? Or even SAILING THE MEDITERRANEAN? Just NOT Prosecco and Peaches!! Gah.


Resolved: To place a order

Updated by user Jul 11, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Jun 11, 2023
Your customer service agent wasnt very polite, she was blowing and seemed agitated. I do understand that placing a order over the phone could be tedious at times, but I still believe in good customer service skills being provided.


Encounter with my local customer service. Alabaster Store #2464

I recently had a very public and rude encounter with the manager of my local B & BW over their marketing strategy during the semi-annual sale. Yesterday while purchasing my bi-annual candles during this sale, i was told that majority of my candles weren't part of the sale after pulling from displays that were all marked semi-annual sale. After consulting with the manager, i was informed that only one display was part of the sale and that she couldn't sale the candles to me. I told her that this was poor marketing since the displays for all other products not part of the sale clearly didn't have semi-annual displays on them and that this was fine and that she could remove them as part of my purchase. After ringing up my purchase and in my haste i gave her $100 in $20s for a purchase total of $75.56. She gave $4.44 in change back so I explained the error and was told she couldn't give me my twenty which I explain was unacceptable. She then told me that she would count down the register at the end of the night and IF it was over $20 she would give me a call in the morning, at that point I explained it would be. Needless to say, I received a call around 3:30pm this afternoon from B & BW and upon answering, the caller held the phone then hung up. I returned the call and spoke with a rep saying that a note was left and my money had been left in a safe.

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