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Barrister Global Services Network has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 84 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 4th position out of 147 companies.


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Barrister Global Services Network Reviews


Don't bother wasting your time

First, they hold 15% of your pay if you want it in 7 days. Or you can wait 30 days, oops I mean forever, to get paid. It's been 32 days, and all they told me was to submit an email. Why should anyone have to wait 30 days for a pay check. Research people, I wish I had.


HP sent Barrister Agent to fix my HP work station!

Representative's arrival was delayed but he contacted me every time there was an update. He was fantastic once arrived. Knew exactly what to do and did it efficiently and professionally. Awesome representative! Would suggest Barrister to any business professional or home services! Excellent Service. Very knowledgeable.


Run from theese people. Do not work for them

I work for this company for about 2 months. These people will promise you I promise you I never come through they will say that you will be paid $60 for a job or 120 for a job and when they tell you it will be $21 they will rip you off lie to you and cheat you out of money. At this point they still owe me 570.dollars. And ill never see any of it. Do not work for them


*** #BAD Company ***

This company is out to cheat and take your money at all cost. Unreasonable expectations, Steals from its field staff, does not fallow through with there commitments, Lies, and most of its staff is not US based. It be great if many answering there phone could understand not just speak basic English. They claim many things yet I have experienced inferior business practices costing money to myself and others there End Users. This is being nice the truth of the matter is much worse.


Ambiguous instructions, changing the rules after the job

They send instructions that are scattered through dozens of pages, make you wade through sloppy, poorly described details of the job. Tech does his best to follow the directions precisely, having spent hours just gathering the pertinent facts needed to be ready for the field. Then after the job is done, they come up with ridiculous reasons why they can't pay you, citing "missing pictures" or "forms unsigned", changing the requirements AFTER you have already completed the job following the bad instructions they sent you before. Trying to get free labor by changing the rules and giving poorly written and formatted instructions is their scam. They also call my cell phone at ridiculous hours repetitively and then do not leave messages, like I'm their personal on-call technician, HA!


Dump company.

Stupid and Dumb Dumb people.


Before vacation i was performing work and then went on vacation

i went on 2 week vacation and when i came back i was suspended for a part that i could not get back since i was not in the states and i did not receive a return mailing label. for the part , I contacted barrister and the part has been removed and the suspension has not been lifted yet and it is creating a a hardship. I guess i should have not taken a vacation because they will deactivate you . Note: i did let barrister know i was leaving on vacation and customer service informed me that they would put a not in my profile that i was gone. i would like to get this fixed asap Bas id Bas83039


Dont waste your time

They called about a work order and I agreed (Local Practice Clinic) 2 Exam boards were out but Barrister didn't have the info of which tablets (no serial numbers or room locations) were out. They basically had me in this place waiting for patients to leave a room so that i could search for the defective units and repair them or get them back online. The two tablets were back online but one tablet that was offline (which wasn't in the original work order) Wasn't able to be seen as online ... it would connect to my phone hotspot but would connect to the wifi. No support from Barrister *** i may as well had been the support cause i eventually figured it all out by myself. The project manager rushed me offsite, i submitted my pictures, which i was told the next day after I was allowed to leave the site, werent far enough away (10 Feet was the requirement) what exam room (for patients in a small practice) has 10 feet of width for a picture? I was going to go back to the site to take picture but to me i just chocked it up as a lesson... The work got done but if i didn't meet "Photo Requirement" they didn't have to pay me. i was warned but didn't listen steer clear of Barrister they are like that shady character (that you don't understand) that no one tells you about but does exist... you've been warned... don't waste your time.


Barrister pays if you do as instructed

I have been working with Barrister for several months now. Most staff are friendly and I haven't had too many issues. Mistakes are certainly made by their automated system that sometimes thinks you are late or did not finish the job correctly, but an email to the support team generally clears things up. Pay rates are negotiable and you can turn down any job if you don't want it. The devil is in the details and you must read you're paper work (RFS) for details of the job you are arriving to, otherwise you may not get paid. This hasn't been a problem for me as I pay attention to every detail. I have earned thousands of dollars with Barrister and it has really helped fill in the gaps with my own tech business, I will say it has been life changing for me. There are some downsides for sure which I will mention below..... 1) It takes forever sometimes to get a hold of their tech support and agents. 2) Their tech portal app and site needs a serious overhaul. 3) If you want payment within a week they take out 13% otherwise you have to wait a month for payment to get the full amount. 4) Different agents will call you for the same job that you have already turned down. It can get annoying at times but I use just laugh it off. 5) Agents will call to assign you on jobs and they don't look at your schedule so you must make sure you are not already assigned for jobs on the day they are trying to schedule you on. Ask the rep on the phone to look at your schedule if you don't have access to it. Tip: Make a calendar of your jobs on your phone. Their schedule through the tech portal is only available on their website and not their phone app. 6) An agent will call you for your check in and out times on a job and you may get 1-3 more calls from different agents asking for the same information. It's like their notes or computer systems are not in sync. I am essentially writing this to let anyone that might be reading this and has experience to not listen to all these negative reviews. If you are considering working with Barrister and are compitent I would say go for it. I have many years of experience in the tech industry so I haven't really had any issues. If you have little to no experience this job isn't for you, Googling for solutions can only get you so far, seeing the path is different than walking it. All of these compaints are likely from pissed off people because they didn't do their job correctly and didn't get paid because of it. If they don't get paid, you don't get paid; plain and simple. Just a few tips if you do indeed make the plunge working with Barrister. 1) Stick to your guns on your rate. If it's too low don't take it no matter how much they beg you, if they need you bad enough they will pay you for what you're asking. Aim high and they will generally give you their top rate they are willing to pay, just don't to too high because you may lose out on the job. 2) You will sometimes be asked to travel 1-3 hours away. Ask the rep to line up other jobs in the area if possible to make it worth your while, otherwise it probably isn't worth it. 3) Read through all service order email documents with a fine tooth comb to cover your *** just in case there is a clause you've missed that will prevent you from being paid. 4) Be positive and friendly with the staff. It goes a long way and it will get you more jobs. Hope this helps anyone out there considering working with Barrister. I found this site before I worked with them and couldn't find any positive marks so I was really nervous moving forward, but I took a gamble and it paid off. Maybe reading this will save you some time scouring online for the truth. Good luck! ~John


IT Professional? *** AVOID ***

I had read countless bad reviews from techs about not getting paid, shady practices, etc. But they offered me a good paying week-long gig so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. 1st day I show up and there's no site survey, no building schematic, no inventory list, and conflicting job scopes from another vendor onsite. 2nd day in they are asking me if I can pull electrical drops in a commercial building. Nevermind building code, that I'm an IT guy and not a licensed electrical contractor, liability or the inherent danger. They also expected me to pull 3K feet of CAT6 through drop ceiling in a very busy medical environment during business hours. Again, a job for a low-voltage contractor to be during non-business hours and not a contracted IT guy. They actually expected me to punch holes in walls and remove ceiling tiles spreading dust and debris in a clinical environment DURING treatments including outpatient surgery. The Barrister project managers all sound like mall kiosk perfume salesmen. No professionalism at all. No real IT knowledge. One guy with a heavy Russian accent talked to me like we were in a bar playing pool; "so hey man, you can do this *** while trying to convince me to take a job. And by the way, all of the stories are true. They will ask you to drive 3 hours for a job that pays 50 bucks. They make you wait a month after a job to get paid, unless you want "speed ACH" within 3 to 5 days, which they charge you 13% for. This is the biggest joke of an IT outsourcing company I have ever seen in my life, and I have over 2 decades of experience as a seasoned tech with large corporations. How they manage to get contracts like HP and Lenovo is absolutely astounding. I gave them a shot because the pay was OK for this gig and I needed the work, but please....heed this and hundreds of other warnings and RUN quickly in the other direction if they find your resume on Dice or Indeed or Monster and contact you.



They will do whatever they have to do for not to pay to the technicians. I wasted my time and money and they never paid to me. Go ***


Make a complaint with the attorney generals office online. The link is here. I got ripped off by barrister as well years back. I feel all of your pain. This company should be put out of business as it is no secret they have been doing this for a long time now. Enough is enough make the complaint in the link above. This has GOT TO STOP. I am hunting for a lawyer to go after this company in a class action against their fraudulent actions against how many people now? How many people need to be robbed so the owner of this company can rake in how much a year? And you as the servicing technician get what? That's right NOTHING.



I was also a victim of Barrister Global network. I have been doing business with the company off and and on for 7 years. The company had me fixing printers and driving across 3 states and would then fine me knowing that I am traveling from one job to another. I sued them and believe it or not you can do it too and win as I did! The ideal that they have you driving hours to know that they have no intention of paying you, should be against the law. I filed the lawsuit as a pro se litigant and everyone has the right to do so. Dont let these crooks get away with legal theft, MAKE THEM PAY!!!


Technicial in Illinois Barrister, Panasonic, HP

they always find ways not to pay their technicians. Be warned. also looking for other tech, willing to file a class lawsuit .....with me and law firm that would like to represent us I also thing to name few of their biggest customers in the lawsuit ... since they blindly allow Barrister to use labor to service them and not pay for the work !!! When they pay they charge fees for everything, and look for smallest excuse not to pay, unless they mess things up, send you to customer that wrong address or not coordinated parts shipped, then still waist your time and not pay !!! contact me, if you want to join in on the lawsuit. neuromancer74@***.com


They will find ways not to pay tech.. or flat out just won't pay tech.

If you decide or become that desperate to do work for them I strongly suggest you retain copies of all paperwork & emails provided.. I mean everything. Take photos of return part tracking labels for proof and to cover yourself, Take photos of your work (the more detailed the better and take as many as possible), Record and log date/time/names of any phone calls or emails that may happen between you and them and make sure you take pictures of the area you worked in if possible at the start and end of your job. Let me explain why... Aside from numerous people also complaining of this, I have seen them try to claim the return part was never received or returned even with tracking that shows otherwise. They will try to claim you either didn't do this or that right or didn't do something at all, One time they claimed I had left the work area in a mess when it was a mess before I got there and did anything (take photos before and after with timestamp of work area). I had left it in the same condition it was when I had arrived and I am not a housekeeper for them or the client. I won't clean up anything I had no part in creating. They will regularly claim you never called/emailed or spoke to them about a job or that you talked to them. (Example: Calling about the numerous invoices unpaid.) Sometimes you will get a call from a client or project manager begging you to go do work on site because no one else was available, They will tell you one rate then after everything is complete they will say another rate OR they will once again tell you that something was not done correctly when you did every single thing exactly as they requested and to a "T" and have to send another tech out. Funny how they won't send you back out to address the issue. I stopped doing work for them long ago and so did most of the people I know in the industry because the way they practice doing business. They appear to be taking all of the money for the jobs then not paying the tech or finding reasons (almost always fake or untrue) not to pay them. Because you are a contractor its hard to fight them and unless you want to go dragging them through court at your expense you just end up loosing time, energy, money, Gas and still might loose and be out more money. I dont recommend doing work for them.. almost everyone I know regrets the work they did do. Seriously hope they stop messing with the techs because eventually they are going to run out of willing techs to do anything for them and loose clients because they have no one willing to perform work in the area. Barrister needs to relook at how they are doing business.


Worst company ever

If you are a freelance tech don't fall for Barrister global tactics, they'll beg you to do their job but when it comes to payment you'll never get paid. They try all manner of tricks to avoid paying you.

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