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Bark Com has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 196 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 6th position out of 763 companies.


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40 Eastbourne Terrace, London, England, W2 6LG, United Kingdom

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Our Bark Review removed.

We placed a review on the Bark's review site for poor service from a Bark recommended trader. Our review was listed but is no longer there. Bark allowed a Garden landscape company to contact us when we requested a Conservatory repair company. He carried out the work unprofessionally leaving unsightly black sealant spread over our white conservatory. Charged us £550 for two hours work and insisted on cash only. Rogue Trader. We complained to Bark and the contractor but both have declined to help. Bark allow unchecked traders to list their services without any checks. Any rogue trader can get a listing with Bark Don'tand start ripping off customers under the Bark umbrella with no protection from Bark for the consumer. Don't use Bark or any Trader that responds instantly. Reliable traders usually have plenty of work and usually offer a longer lead time. Trusted Traders.


Received a scam on Bark

I paid for the starter pack and they gave me three free responses with that starter pack and for the last week Ive gotten three scam calls and used up my three free responses. I called Bark to get those responses back and they said because they gave me those free responses at Goodwill. They are not entitled to return them to me. So pretty much I lost those three responses because of a mistake that they made I will never work with this company ever again theyre horrible


Total rip off

DON'T use at ALL!!! They a total rip off!! They post fake leads on their website and refuse to refund you for them fake leads, they give everybody the same rubbish story! Look on their twitter page under comments all the bad reviews.


Fraud on my account

Hi i purchased points on my bark account on june 5th to get cleaning clients and went to use my bark account today and its now telling me i dont have available points and i never used them!!! I want my money back or my points back. PLEASE contact me, i am NOT a happy customer!!! i HAVE NO CREDITS WHERE ARE THEY?? i WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY AS AA SINGLE MOM AND FOR YOU GUYS TO TAKE MY FUNDS AND NOT GIVE ME CREDIT!!! nOT IMPRESSED! I EITHER GET MY MONEY BACK OR THE CREDITS IN MY ACCOUNT, tHANKYOU



This is the biggest scam I have ever encountered as a vendor. They will literally rob you of money with leads where there is no phone number that works, where you call then the call gets disconnected or the leads change their name after you reach out. Go to THUMBTACK they have more integrity and better customer service.


These People Are Crooks

After contacting to find someone to build a website for my son's business, I was contacted via text on 01/28/2023 by an individual who said, "This is Jay from". We spoke and after looking at their website (, I thought it appeared legitimate. He said he could build me a professional website for $299.00 and said, "No monthly fee, just onetime cost only!" I paid the amount through Cash App to the account of a Marene Ali. I verified it with Jay, and he said that was correct. A short time later, he said that 3 years of hosting and 10 years for the domain would cost $1,189.36. Again, I paid through Cash App to Marene Ali. This time I paid in two payments as Jay asked. Throughout the process, what I saw was what looked to be some other website being used as a template that they made changes to. It looked very amateurish, and I had to continually tell him to change things. I was then told it would cost $1,650.00 for a lifetime patent and trademark through the United States Patent & Trademark Office. I told him there was nothing to patent and to just register the name and logo to be trademarked. He told me that it would cost $725.00 and after agreeing to it, he said it would be another $55.00 per each registration certificate that would be delivered directly to my home address. The total was $857.71. Once again, I paid the amount through Cash App to Marene Ali. In an unusually short span of time from when he said he registered the trademark, he contacted me and said that he received the information from the USPTO and needed more money. I reminded him that he initially told me that there would only be a one-time cost, but throughout the process he kept adding more things to it. When I told him I would not pay any more money and to finish the website, I heard little from him until 03/07/2023 when he texted and said they turned the website live. I attempted to go to the website several times unsuccessfully, and tried contacting him with no luck. I didn't hear back from Jay until 03/28/2023, and I told him that I wanted a refund. He said they did all the work and to take my website. He asked if I looked at it, and I told him there is nothing there. Furthermore, he said he could fix it, and I told him to forget about it and refund my money in full. I have heard nothing back since. Also throughout this process, another individual with a California area code claiming to be an Amelia Baker would call me at times I wasn't available. When I would attempt to call her back, I got no answer. I spent a total of $2,340.07 and received nothing. There is no website and I never received a trademark registration certificates from the USPTO. I attempted to go to his website ( and could no longer get to it. I have reported this to who assured me they removed him from doing business with them, and also notified the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, my State Attorney General and Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection, as well as posting this on my Facebook page and


Wrongfully charged my card

Original review Dec 29, 2022
I have never accessed their website before but the charged my card about 10,000 Cedis. I called their office line to report ,they were requesting for all the numbers on my bank card before they can help me.I didn't give it to them and I have emailed them with transaction details and proofs but till now ,there's no response . I think they're scammers because they charged my card without my authorization .


To settle my account as I don’t like owing money. Thank you

When the cleaner called I was expecting to pay him cash. This I found wasnt possible. May I pay by card. I would like this matter sorted quickly as my husband and myself are not satisfied by this method of payment. Please an urgent reply would be appreciated,. Rosemary Gratton


Bark Is a Total Ripoff!

I emailed Jessia numerous times about a lead, Mohammed. He was "Verified" with an up to $49,999 monthly spend and "definitely going to hire someone" so I jumped on this "lead" by texting, emailing, and phoning. I asked if he contacted Bark and he responded: "No." Verified Details What social media channels do you wish to use? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube What are your goals? Advertise on Facebook, Gain followers on Twitter, Gain visibility (brand recognition), Improve search position / ranking, Increase user engagement, Sell more of my product or service Which of these are you looking to do? Consult on strategy, Get one off support/training for in house team, Get ongoing support for in house team, Outsource my social media What is your approximate monthly budget? $10,000 - $49,999 How soon would you like the project to begin? In the next 2 weeks How likely are you to make a hiring decision? I'm definitely going to hire someone I emailed, texted, and called and after two days of bothering this guy he texted me back. Id like a refund. Mohammed $10k-50k monthly Bark I texted Mohammed: Hello, did you request assistance on Bark? Mohammed responded: No


We had a company ( all saints fencing and roofing) to lay a shed base about three weeks ago who we paid by bacs. We have never received an invoice and still waiting for the 10 year guarantee promised

I left I message on barks board for quotes to do a shed base in output rear garden, company called All Saints Fencing and Roofing quoted a price which we went ahead and got job done. On the day of appointment we had a call to say his van had broken down and could he make it tomorrow to which I agreed. He (William) came done the job and we agreed he would get paid by bacs though our banks. The money was transferred that afternoon and I still have the texts that he received it. He left behind two shovels to which I informed him and promised to come on the Friday that week to collect shovels and give me invoice and the 10 year guarantee promised. There have now been three such promised dates for paperwork to be handed over but no show on all three occasions. I did have a phone call during this week from William telling me he was outside house and ready to start work but obviously he had wrong number as nobody outside my house, I questioned him about where he was and cut me off sending a message for 4 pm but that was supposed to be for Saturday oct 1st but again no show. Be very careful who you employ from this website as I thought the cowboys were supposed to be sorted and vetted, obviously not.


Never using again

Never responds to calls or emails Do Not use as if you run into any problems it is almost impossible to get in touch with them


The prices are quite high for credits and it’s no guarantee you’ll get it

However, they were kind even to refund my credit, as I didnt purchase the order. They lady was calm and understanding.


Poor service. Warning to others do not use!!

Found a so-called "professional" cleaning service (gutters,pvc and driveway)on Bark. Totally scammed out of a large amount of money. Left me with even more problems Could not contact the company concerned and no action taken by Bark after numerous complaints. Warning to others, it's a scam company so DO NOT USE. Beware. They do not check the credentials of the companies on their site. Shameful to say the least. The company I used is still on the Bark website, says it all.



See attachments I have had numerous emails with Samuel and I am so frustrated w your customer service Asking for a refund over and over


Bark couldn't careless about the bad workmanship of the sellers from their website

Original review Dec 09, 2021
I am writing this review to inform others that they should not use Bark made a dishonest reply to this review, stating that they resolved the issue. That was a down right lie. Bark has never made a contact with me on this issue, so how could it have been resolved! Bark have continued to allow Ian Hammond Kitchens to trade on their website. Bark does not give a damn about bad traders. They are only interested in the commission that they get when the bad trader gets a job through Do not do any forms of trade with Tey are a dishonest nasty company. Bark professes to be a marketplace website, where it matches buyers with services by professionals/tradesman across all sectors of business. Bark is under the illusion that they are in a risk free business. They think that they have no responsibility to the public (buyers), who use their marketplace website ( to find sellers of services that they want to use (buy), when the seller has provided bad workmanship with a multitude of faults in the work carried out. The sellers registered with receive the buyers request that are entered on If a seller is interest in a buyers request, they make the first contact with the buyer. That is not the common practice of a marketplace. Interaction in a normal marketplace is that the buyer makes the first approach to the seller to find out if the service is suitable for their requirements. Bark charges a fee to the registered sellers on their marketplace website, if the seller gets an agreement with the buyer for their service. Bark think that they trick buyers with excuses that they are not responsible, because they are a marketplace like Yellow pages or and advert in a paper, if a buyer informs them that they experienced a dire service or bad workmanship from the sellers that used after they made the initial contact with them, following their listing on Barks marketplace website for the service that they require. are not the same as a normal marketplace, as already described. On 12/09/21, I did a Google search for a local kitchen installer. The Google search came up with On the website, I entered my contact details for a kitchen installer. Within 30 minutes Ian Hammond Kitchens texted me to say that he could install a high quality kitchen and beat any price I was quoted. I did as much research as possible on Hammond, before agreeing to use him to install a new kitchen. He was registered at Company House and had twelve 5 star reviews on I even went to see one of his previous installations. It was not possible though, to scrutinise the kitchen to see what the finish was like. Hammond started work on my kitchen on 22/09/21. It turned out, that Ian Hammond Kitchens are the worst trades people that I had ever come across. His workmanship is terrible. Hammond only worked between 9.45am to 2.30pm every day from 22/09/21 to 01/10/21, which included a 30 minute coffee break at the local café, about two minutes away. My kitchen should have easily been finished in five working days with two people. Ian Hammond had his assistant Steve Capel working with him every day. When I informed Hammond on Friday 01/10/21, that I was not happy with the way that he had cut the cut out for the under mount sink too large in the resin worktop and had put seven 38cm x 1cm groove marks into the resin worktop without my agreement, he reacted by telling me that he did not like my criticism about his work. He then demanded to be paid the balance in full before he did any more work on my kitchen. Hammond then took all his tools and left. Hammond did not turn up the following Monday 04/10/21, as I would not pay him the full balance before the job was completed. Hammond breached the contract that I agreed with him in his Pro Forma Invoice dated 16/09/21. I tried everything that I could to get Hammond to complete my kitchen. I even got an agreement signed by Ian Hammond on 05/10/21 with a £1,000 cash advance payment to finish the work on my kitchen on 08/10/21. Hammond refused to work on my kitchen on 08/10/21. He broke the agreement that he had signed on 05/10/21 with the £1,000 cash advancement to finish my kitchen. He said that he had to complete another kitchen and would be back on Monday 18/10/21 to complete my kitchen. Hammond never turned up on 18/10/21. Hammond left me without a working kitchen and a kitchen that was badly installed. I have no plumbing for a badly fitted under mount sink or washing machine. The worktops are badly fitted, as they not level with each other with 2mm - 3mm gaps at the joins. Five of the base carcasses were fitted without back boards with the worktops fitted on them. Hammond put up a floor carcass up as a wall cabinet. The wall units have not been put up level and are uneven with each other. On 18/10/21, I telephoned Bark to tell them about the state that my kitchen had been left in by Ian Hammond Kitchens, who were a business (seller on that had contacted me, following my post on website for a kitchen installer. Bark was not interested in my plight and offered me no help whatsoever. All they had was that I should contact Trading Standards about Ian Hammond Kitchens. I posted a factual review on about Ian Hammond Kitchens on 19/10/21, giving a fuller account than I have described above. On 20/10.21, Ian Hammond was allowed by to post a malicious character attack against me, which had nothing to do with the kitchen installation. Examples of the vicious and malicious remarks that Bark allowed Hammond to post as a reply to my review of his bad workmanship, was that the smell in my house made him want to vomit and that the walls of my house had human waste on them and that I had fallen out with my neighbours and previous trades people When I asked Bark, why had they let such a malicious attack on me, that had nothing to do with the kitchen installation, be posted on their website, they had nothing to say? They did not even have the decency to apologise to me for putting up Hammonds malicious personal attack against me, on their website I had to ask Bark to take Ian Hammond Kitchens reply to my review down. Bark told me that they could not take Hammonds reply to my review down on its own; they had to take my review of Hammond down as well, which they did on 21/10/21. Later on, on 21/10/21, I posted a response to Hammonds malicious personal attack against me, pointing out that Hammonds malicious reply against my character was that of a bully, who would make up any excuse, in order for them not to take responsibility for their bad workmanship. On Saturday 23/10/21, I saw that Ian Hammond Kitchens was no longer visible on my log in page. I telephoned Bark on 23/10/21 to find out what had happed to Ian Hammond Kitchens on their website. I was told that Hammond had asked them for his business to be taken down from the website. I asked, what would happen if Ian Hammond Kitchens went back to a few weeks/months later under a different name? Would my review about him then be ignored and not go up with his new admission onto the website. Bark did not give me confidence that my review of Ian Hammond Kitchens would continue on any new future listing that Hammond tried to make on I was told that they had a system to ensure that that would not happen. All reviews made about him would continue on any new listing that Hammond tried to make on, even if he tried to under a new company name. It felt like a false guarantee was being made to me by Bark. Again, I did not receive any apology from Bark for them allowing Hammonds malicious character attack against me, in this reply to my review about his bad workmanship, being posted on their website. does have responsibility for the businesses (sellers) that are registered with them and uses their marketplace website to access buyer contacts to get business, for which they have to pay Bark a fee for. Amazon, eBay and OnBuy for example, take responsibility for faulty products and the non delivery of products by the businesses that trade on their websites. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, goods and services that are purchased by private individuals from businesses, including sole traders, are treated in the same way. They must be of satisfactory condition and fit for purpose. A business providing a service has to carry it out with due care and attention. Put right any defect in the work that they have done and not leave the customer inconvenienced. Barks terms and conditions are unreasonable. Bark state that they do not claim to vet any companies who use their site. Bark say that their role is simply to put buyers in touch with a professional in much the same way as Yellow Pages, Google or an advert in a paper would do. Bark state that they provide public profiles on every professional and an open review system to allow all prospective customers to carry out their own due diligence before hiring any professionals. It is unreasonable for Bark to use the excuse, that they are the same as Yellow Pages,, Google or an advert in a paper. On these sites and adverts in papers, the buyer looks through a general listing of services that they are interested in using and the buyer makes the first contact with their chosen seller. On, the choice of sellers is restricted to the buyer, by the number of sellers, who are interested in providing their service to the buyer; who make the initial contact with the buyer to get the business. Any term may be deemed unfair if: It is contrary to the requirements of good faith - meaning it must be designed, negotiated and entered into with the consumer in a fair and open way. It causes a significant imbalance between the rights of the trader and consumer to the detriment of the consumer.

1/5 - A complete scam!

Initially we received a multitude of spam from We eventually decided to sign up as a supplier and almost immediately received "leads." However, the bulk of these came through at VERY odd hours of the day - 02.30 hrs, 03.00 hrs etc - all from people allegedly based in The UK. These so called leads also came for extremely odd names - Oxy, Spock, No name etc. I think you get the picture.. These so called leads are clearly fake and designed to encourage suppliers to respond to them using "credits" which have to be purchased in bulk. Yet another money making machine for the owner of the site and with no consideration for the customers (if genuine) and the suppliers. Personally, I would advise anyone reading this to avoid the site. If you are a genuine potential customer, find a reputable company to take your job and if you are a supplier, do not pay these people a penny!

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