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Backstage has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 18 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 19th position out of 72 companies.


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My daughter email on file jalfred_70@***.com 199.00 charged to my bank . Cancel this membership . Didnt work anyway ..


Fraudulent charge to me from backstage!

Idk what they sell or what they are about, I am tired of these places saying one price, they charge you that and a few days later go & take a chunk out. These things need to be shut down. Talking about prize, youve won, just gotta pay shipping @ *** like tha.



I had a membership in my old phone but I lost my old phone and because I have a new phone I cant login into my membership in Backstage because I lost that data so I need assistance because I paid a lot of money for the whole year. Please contact me at.(203)843-**** Visigoth397@***.com


Not getting notices of castings

Im still not getting casting notices,please call me via 267.588.0415 Ludwig vanTrik Someone called this past Sunday but I was at dinner



They refunded me very well, with no complaints. They give excellent customer service and it's lovely.Thanks



Canceled this account and getting charged for automatic replenishment. Impossible to contact. Please cancel and refund



The jobs are not near me and I've moved on to other things so I dont need your service,, thank you Maybe in tge future


Credit card charge

WE want the charge taken off of our credit card asap. Neither one of us have approved a charge of $199.95 on our Bank of America account, a transaction date of 8/26 and posting date of 8/29. We're sent emails we don't open, and assumed it was some free thing due to Sam Damon having been in the acting profession in the past. Whatever this is for, we ask that there be an immediate cancellation and a refund of $199.95. Respectfully, Sam and Jamie Damon


Running a scam

Paid for the 24.95 a month membership and set up the profile and now wont let me use it and unable to reach anyone



Looking to cancel payment. I cant afford it right now. Didnt know there was automatic renewal taking place


They provided what I needed quickly

Lost access to my W2's, Im a former employee. Was unable to access via My Insite, but a member of management helped me get what I needed. Thanks again Terry!


Want to xancel my magazine subscription

Do not want to renew subscription once it expires on 12 month. DO NOT CHARGE MY CARD. Thank you. Lydia Carter


Re: Backstage Casting Alert - Casting Calls

Where are my Backstage Casting Alert Casting Calls? I was getting a whole slew of them every day. Many were duplicates, which was very annoying, but at least there were several that I could apply to. But as of Friday, July 30th, I have gotten NOTHING. Today is August 2nd, the fourth day without any notifications. What is going on? And why is it that I can no longer speak to a customer service representative when I call? Please advise. Jonathan Blake jblake807@***.com 516-798-**** Home, 516-884-**** Mobile 516-884-**** (moblile)


My monthly subscription and my age confirmation

So, about a week ago I emailed about a problem I was having with confirming my license and a person actually emailed me back but unfortunately they stopped emailing me about my issue. Not only is that the problem, I have another one. So I signed up and payed for a monthly subscription of 19.99 and every time I go to click on the word apply it says upgrade, as if I didnt pay and I really dont appreciate this because not only is it wasting my time, its taking money out of my pocket. I hope this problem can get solved or else I will have to get a refund.


Unable to access website

I have been a subscriber for @3 years and now cannot access the website. I still get specific emails about calls then cannot get "on" Norman Garrett. ngarrett1 nkgarrett.norman@***.come 561 757 ****

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