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2.6/5 - based on 77 reviews

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Aztil Air Conditioning has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 77 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 11th position out of 200 companies.


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Aztil Air Conditioning Reviews


No response whatsoever for my more than 6 hours call for service

Updated by user Aug 29, 2021
Seven hours after my first service call, no one has called or shown up.

Original review Aug 29, 2021
Aztil installed a no brand A/C unit more then 2 years ago. I have to call Aztil several times since then, ,and most to the times they responded within a reasonable time. Today I called for more than 6 hours, starting at about 1:00 PM, whit no response at all until now, 7:45 PM. My house is now at more than 90 degrees, No calls or apologies so far I will not advise any one to deal with Aztil N.J.Arena, Delray BeachStay away from Aztil.. Azt


Never showed up after making 3 appointments

ST UNDI called to make an appointment for my bi-yearly AC checkup. I waited from 9-12 noon. No one showed . Called show. Called a 3rd tie .They said they'ed be there between 9-12. I got a call at 8:30 am to verify. They said they would be there SOON. No one showed again. I'm fed up!


Treated rudely over the phone. No show for service calls or extremely late and no phone call to advise

After moving to Florida this past year, we used Aztil for AC maintenance twice, purchased a service contract, had appliance repair and then spent over 6k to install a new air conditioning unit. I am disgusted by the customer service. People call from the office and schedule appointments. Then on the day of the appt., when I call to reconfirm, I am told (this has happened 3 times) that we are not on the schedule. Several times the person answering the phone has been rude and unpleasant. Twice for service they have been late, past the 4 hour window. No call to advise as a mere courtesy. Today, after I went to the trouble of clearing out the walk in closet so that a part that was NOT in when the new AC was installed could be put in place, the service manager was a no show. It is as if our lives do not matter and we can prep and then wait almost 6-7 hours. A no show? Really? To be held hostage is not an option, there are other companies out there if Aztil doesn't value their customers.


Never to use

Tried to sell me an air conditioning unit within 10 minutes of speaking to me.... I threw them out....$ 239 fix the problem they are scammers never ever use!


Tried to sell me coils for the ac unit. found out they were not needed

Tried to sell me coils for the ac unit; said the unit was not under warranty when I was told it was, and wanted to charge 2000 dollars for the work. A person recommended by someone else to check the ac unit said everything is fine. Aztil was originally contacted because the ac was not working. I have seen this "coil" issue on their website recently. Apparently, they have told other people that the coils need to be replaced.


No Service Resolution

1. Three days with a new broken air conditioning system and still no resolution. WORST SERVICE DELIVERY EVER. 2. Last night system didnt cool at all after yet another tech service ll. 3. This is unacceptable, 90+ degrees with small kids. 4. Need URGENT unit replacement, cant wait another week without part when they only take two days for a full install. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. 5. Want to talk to their president, look for legal advice and fill out complaints on applicable forums. See photo illustrating our service records.


Failure to do timely repair

I called about a broken toilet. They said it would be three days before they could come. I have a contract that I paid $500.00 for. A smelly toilet was not important. I am 80 years old and had to go out in a bad coronavirus time to buy a $5.00 part which I fixed my problem with in 10 minutes. If I needed a new AC, they would have come ASAP because that was thousands of dollars to them. I have been a customer for 10 years but will not renew my contract or buy an AC from them when needed.D



I have had nothing but problems since they installed my new Air conditioning, they come and put Freon which is totally useless, changed a coil that had burnt out and a thermostat that was faulty, the temperature that keeps going up. Have piles of receipts to prove what they had done. I am totally dissatisfied and would never recommend this company. They should refund me the money i paid for their air conditioning and take it all away, so that i can use a reliable company that would not give me the anxiety that i am going through.


A dishonest company

Our experience with them has not been favorable. We initially paid for a service contract and paid an additional $500 for a split air conditioner for an outside room. Six months after Aztil knew it worked it stopped working. They said we needed new parts that they could not get. We called other companies that were able to get the parts. Aztil would not pro-rate the $500 and said they would extend our contract instead for another year. We never received a copy of that contract. The owner called today and went back on his word and refused to extend it. To go to small claims court would cost about $400 so its not worth suing. Aztil is not to be trusted.


Worked great for me.

My hot water tank broke and water was pouring out one of the fittings. I shut the water off and called Aztil and they had a guy out pretty quick to fix it. It couldn't be fixed and said he would be back tomorrow to change it out at 12 PM. Manny showed up right on time and did a real nice job. Very happy with the great service. Thank you Aztil for the quick response and the great Tech. L. Lopez


Would greatly recommend them. Had them for years.

Last night at 7P.M. my air conditioner stopped working. Called and left a message. At 6:30 Sunday they called and said someone would be at my house by 10:00 am.Lazaro arrived before 10.00 and took care of the problem. He was great, very nice and knew just what to do. If I need help again I will ask them to send Lazaro. Judi and Mark Dobro,


Terrible service, avoid!

I entered a request online for their $28.00 tune-up, got no response so I called a few days later and they had no clue who I was, also changed price to $34.00. I made an appointment for Saturday between 10 AM - 1 PM, I called that morning to confirm, was told they would be over soon... nothing. I called Monday morning, they again acted like they had no idea who I was, put on hold and the call dropped. Incompetent.


No show, no call on service appt - 09/8/2019 - Horrible customer service

Updated by user Sep 10, 2019

Original review Sep 08, 2019
We scheduled a service appt for Saturday 09/07/2019. They scheduled us for between 10:00-1:00. When they hadn't arrive by 1:00, we called to confirm they were coming and were told "yes, they are very near you." No call, no show all day long we waited for them. Horrible customer service. Harry/Debbie Beracha, Pompano Beach, Florida.


Attention Consumers

Check out the 32 complaints on Better Business Bureau regarding Aztil Air Conditioning. Watch for mine as it will be 33.


Poor Service

Bought new AC 9 months ago. Every few months it stops working. Every time we call them out to resolve the issue. They never come on time. Then they message to say they’ll be there soon and they turn up 3 hours later. This time we are waiting 2 nights! This will be the last time. New Units that cost thousands should not stop working every few months! This is the 4th or 5th time called out since installment! Was it installed wrong? Or dies Aztil have issues??


May 4, 2019 Service Technician Austin

Our a/c was making strange noises, almost sounded like squirrels were having a party in our unit. We were also under a weather advisory. Our service technician, Austin came out to check our unit. He examined our unit and took care of one of the problems immediately. During his visit, the skies opened up and he was not able to perform an accurate freon check outside but thought we were low. Because the weather was so bad, he promised to come back the following morning which he did. Besides needing freon, he also replaced a partially burned out circuit board and wires and at my request, installed a surge protector. Austin was professional, knowledgable, and kept things neat during repair work. Over the years I have experienced some technicians that just did not seem to have their act together. Austin did a great job.

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