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AVG has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 92 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 75th position out of 1129 companies.


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The App no longer available?

Customer service pleaseApp and info is gone. I spoke with a Rubelyn Shulum. I went over my account last night, now all info and app is missing.


BU GÜN (25/06/2023) SABAH 7.34 DE KREDİ KARTIMDAN...



Questions about billIng

My billing makes no sense. What shows up on my credit card does not agree with what you said I would be charged


Refund money

Greetings I would like a refund of to the below amount I haven't given an authority to deduct I'm not sure what this amount is for please refund I wasn't my money someone deposited for me to give someone I'm currently not working please contact me Cynthia Nonhlanhla Mazibuko Capitec: Purchase -R429.00 from SAVINGS ACCOUNT; Ref DRI*AVG Technologies es vg.com IE; 086010****


Being charged for service I don't use

I called a few years ago to cancel my subscription and every year I still get charged as if I am still using the service! I don't have AVG in any of my Computers in the past 3 years I have called to remove it. I went online to remove the subscription and I have called in the past to remove it and I am still being charged!


Subscription fee dispute

Unauthorized charge from my credit card account did not authorize a charge for $69.35 added to my Citi bank credit card


You charged my credit card $75.99 my computer wants to charge my card ever time i try to up date my computer

If it would work it might be okay you charged my c-card I don't have an order# I don't recommend your service because it must be a scam.


Billing for services not received

I paid for an upgrade to AVG PRO and did not get it. I tried to contact you people in many ways, and could not get to talk to anyone. The charges on my credit card are now in dispute for paying for a service not received.


Problem with ameritrade

my ameritrade streaming isnt working. I have had ameritrade try to fix the problem, They say your security system is causing the problem. Would you Please check this out. The problem started when you renewed my subscription Thank Stanley Courtney e-mail stanc1954@***.com Phone number 772834****


I need human assistance- I don’t know what I’m doing

Paid for Breach Guard - dont know how to finish installing product. I need help! Even replying to this survey is not easy. What are the symbols you require???


Avg terrible overrated security greedy and money hoggers

things i dont like about avg since i had them. they try to get you to buy all their programs. automatic deduct from your account before your subscription is due. so i cancelled my payment method with them. also their vpn is too slow does not work with place that you do finances with banking so forth. i always got people over the phone you dont understand. forigners not american company. i dont trust them at all.


Impossible to cancel at end of free subscription.

No way to communicate with company. Even subscribers complain. Tried phone numbers, one is not working the other , I left a message. Email blocked.


Did not purchase

I have an order I did not purchase for a computer I do not own crooks crooks crooks crooks They reactivated an old account which has been closed for years. Fraud crooks I had an account 3 years ago and closed it I did not expect to see it reactivated and charged 99 dollars for something I cancelled and dont need. Crooks and frauds


Vpn not reliable

My VPN service keeps dropping off-line when I am on a website. It kicked me off the website. It tells me that my connection was interrupted and it is trying to reconnect VPN. It is extremely annoying and making me unproductive. I need a VPN that I can rely on. If the service cant be provided from AVG then Ill find it somewhere else. I need reliability.


मर पमनट करन क बद भ मझ एकटवशन क नह मल ह

मन 05/09/2022 क सफटवयर खरदन क लए ऑनलइन पमनट कय बवजद इसक मझ सफटवयर नह मल ह म खद क ठग हआ स महसस कर रह ह Plz help me how can i found my money or software.

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