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Avast Software has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 687 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 8th position out of 1129 companies.


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Avast Software Reviews


I need to get a refund and I was having trouble finding the email to cancel my avast subscription

I was trying to cancel my avast membership but I could not find the email associate with my account and my they charged my debit card and I would like a refund


Long wait time on phone

Original review Aug 11, 2023
There was a very long waiting time on the number listed on this site. Here is the priority line +1-801-eight eight two-two nine nine eight , there is no wait time on this number. Thank me later for ;-)


Charged for 10 computers not 1

The number you gave is not valid. But I did eventually get the real number online. They said they will refund within 14 days. They charged my credit card two months in advance when I actually had canceled the auto renew. Also I had written that for only one computer but nobody acted or changed anything!



Yall deducted 39.99 out of my account a a month ago and it says I have basic service.. I paid for premium! Yall took it out of my account! I never get what I pay for with this service!!!


About transaction

There was aa pop up shown in my laptop and I really select the back and in there my system there was already selected the debit card and they deducted my money.i want my money back.


Technical support

I was charged $55.99 to my card for a product I never wanted nor that I authorized. Please call me back at 403481****.


Refund for cancelled subscription

I have not received my refund, I have contacted my Credit Card company to file a dispute, the only confirmation I recieved from you were saying I would not receive recurring charge next year nothing about my refund ,


Does not recognize that avast one has been downloaded,

I did download it but its not letting me activate it . When I try it just says,you need to have Avas one downloaded. It also registered that I had zero devices to connect it to. When I called, it was just a busy signal.


Support for up

Since internet was slow, agent was supposed to call back after support log me in is loaded.tried to call after loading but no answer.


Horrible service

I have paid for this service for a year hasnt been 6 months you charging again so fix this problem or give me my money back


I have never used the services and when I noticed that I was being charged for something that I have never used I instantly disputed it. I requested a full refund but was told that I can only get

Partial refund but I need to allow you guys access to my account. I have never used your services not once but it was easy for you to take out but your making it difficult to get my money back.


Resolved: I am ready to cancel my subscription to Avast because I can never, never reach anyone when I have a question about my products and I continue to get more and more ads when I have paid for two years o

Updated by user May 20, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Apr 20, 2023
I dont understand why I keep getting ads that my phone isnt protected when I have purchased a two-year plan for avast that includes not only my desktop, but my laptop and my iPhone? I do get tired of these constant ads when Im supposed to be fully subscribe for two more years.


Cancel subscription to avast software

I want to cancel please my subscription to avast software because money in being withdrawn from my account without my having given an order and also I' m not interesting to avast software legal. My number of account is IBAN 59 0140 **** 1010 02** **97 937. Thank you PANAGIOTIS KISSANAKIS Lawyer in Piraeus in Greece 113 Street Filonos - Piraeus


Took money out of my checking I DIDN'T order to be

You left me no money for my grandkids Easter. And did not have permission to *** my checking account. You always ask before hacking and taking money that is not yours. I'll be glad to have my $83.45 you stoled from. I am not happy at all. I hope I get that money back I have a month before I get pd.


Concern about a double billing of product

I was charged for DRI Avast software thru PayPal and my Discover card. I planned on requesting a refund and eliminating all Avast products. After talking with customer representative he explained the purpose of the program and so I decided to keep it and continue with payment thru PayPal. I have contacted Discover and have received a refund from them. I discontinued auto billing. Feel much more confident about my computer use now.


This rating is for waiting on the phone 30+ min to talk to someone is nuts!!

I am being charged too many times for subscriptions I didn't sign up for. There is a charge pending for service I didn't sign up for.

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