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AutoZone has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1400 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 4th position out of 513 companies.


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David at 0795 refuses to match prices

It sucks at store 0795 in gallipolis ohio because of workers like Dave he picks who he wants to help and gives discounts to them but if he doesn't like you he won't do anything to help you he has ruined customer service in that store its a real shame


Customer service

Hello, my name is Richard Herring I am from Bloomsburg Pennsylvania. I have a vehicle that has a AC compressor I purchased off of use because of the price was good tan it had a warranty well the compressor went bad an its still under warranty an your store in bloomsburg pa store wont take one out to the garage an exchange it and yous deliver parts to this garage all the time, instead I have to leave the job site an drive 15 miles to pick it up and another 8 miles to deliver it and bring the bad one back than get reimbursed for the part plus core thats *** poor service. especially when you deliver parts to this garage all the time. And a deal on the part Im saving money. I totally lost all of it. I shouldve just went to another company and bought the part that would take it out there if it was under warranty and Im not the type of person causing *** either when I have to leave a job site, I have men its gotten me there to come and run pressure from your place of business 8 miles to the garage Theres some problems going on and I think you need to look into it Thank you.



Original review Jul 29, 2023
Ordered my part online from store on 38th & Keystone. Got part put on and car was still overheating, pulled part off it was defected. Took back to store with receipt and was told they are out of stock. Was then sent to store on 38th & post which is 20mins away and Instead of them swapping part out they refunded it to my card which takes 3-5 business days and long story short dont have part or my money. Spoke with manager he was VERY rude and sat phone down and walked away. Now Im without part AND money for 3-5 business days. Very BAD customer service , they have REALLY inconvenienced me. SMH


Trying to get a claim for my car

An employee of your company was trying to assist my boyfriend with changing my windshield blade he let the arm go and cracked my windshield and I have been having trouble with getting assistance with getting it replaced


Refund of incorrect parts

Still waiting for my refund so I can order the correct parts..,,,::;(())$$&&@:;;(())$$&&&&@@@.,,,-gehfuijdghutrdfghgffduiojhgfdyyggfdswloihhg


No response

I have tried several occasions to contact OReilly about an offer. They were making me for a driver job. Whenever I try to login on the website, all it will let me do is see that I made the application. The store manager in the Holly Springs Store told me that the offer was made, but I have yet to see the offer I called the regional store and they told me they would send an email to corporate to see why I cannot get the offer and then I received your text message saying that I was a pissed customer, which I'm not. I don't understand.


Thanks for solving my issue

Today I visit in workshop because of battery. I have taken Vespa sxl in april n with 2 months battery fault


Processed my gift card and said they didnt!

Processed my gift card ( 4 Times) and said my card would not go through. A week later i found out from visa it was processed.


Autozone processed my gift card and took my money.

Autozone processed visa my gift card ( 4 times) for a part and the gentleman stated it wouldn't work. A week later I went to use it at another store and was told it had a $0 balance. I called Visa and was directed to check the website for any transaction related to the gift card. It clearly showed Autozone processed my card on the day i tried to buy that part and stole my money!.


If there was a zero I would have put it. These women in this place are so rude

Before you say I am being a Karen just listen. I purchased a battery from autozone less than 2 years ago. Well over the last week it has been sluggish when I try and start my 2019 carry. So I went to this store just so they could test it. After standing in line for 30 min I was called. As soon as I told her the problem she says I need to wait longer. I ask well can 1 of the other 5 employees help me. She said no they can only stock the shelves at which point she took yet another customer who had come in after myself. Typically this would not be a big deal except when I said seriously you are going to keep taking other customers. To which she replied there has to be someone at the counter before we can go outside. Then I was told they were not going to help me but call the police on me because I was rude. I will never go back to this store and if I do not hear something from corporate within the next week, I will never go to any autozone again. O yea and they only offer a 2 year warranty mine is messing up and will be out of the warranty within the next week or so.


Engine purchase

New engine lasted 9 days... MY truck has been at shop for 3 weeks now, no word from autozone... I spent 11 grand at autozone...NEVER AGAIN!!!


Gift card useless

I have a gift card and when I went to checkout online it said it is "not available" for in store pick up? What good is a gift card that can't be used? Their response: "Thank you for your message. Please be advised that you are able to check the balance on your merchandise using the link below or you may forward us the card number including the PIN, we will gladly provide you with the balance. AutoZone Electronic Digital Gift Cards can be redeemed for in-store purchases by scanning the bar-code at the point of sale and online for ship-to-home orders only. Please print the gift card from your email and bring it to the store or the gift card can be scanned directly from your smartphone. Thank you for choosing AutoZone. -Yoshua. " Me: "I know the balance. It is a $25 plastic gift card and I can't enter it on your website checkout?! Are you a real person or a bot?"


I was insulted by Autozone worker

I walked in and asked someone with Autozone name tag and t shirt and refused to help telling me that he worked on the otherside then followed me cussing and yelling for no reason. I have a commercial account and this was my first time ever being insulted by a store worker. What a service???


Merchandising products with absolutely no assurance items are unopened, and absolutely no effort afforded by either Mfgr and/or Autozone such as to include either a packaging list or instructions.

Ordered rear brake calipers and according to your store employees, items ordered are for front brakes! This despite another look at the parts numbers which indicate for rear brakes. To top it off, open boxes rec'd and no instruction whatsoever. Lights are on and nobody's home!


Defective item

I haven't heard anything yet so I cannot give you a comment on this I do however know that they want me to drive back and exchange it so that's 4 hours total of drive time they would want me to do plus gas at my expense hopefully we can get one shipped or get this discounted n I can have someone out here weld hole

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