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Automotix has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 52 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 78th position out of 513 companies.


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5925 Nall Dr #400, Mission, Kansas, 66202, United States

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Where is my refund. 5-7 days and it has been almost 2 weeks past the date of shipping. Please do my refund asap.


Not received email confirmation

I haven't received an email for confirmation of order proof of purchase please send email to dockerygerald5@***.com in reference to a 2013 ford Taurus limited I ordered A/C compressor without police 3.5


Wrong part sent to me and the other part not sent

Nit complaining yet because I haven't spoken to a real person yet. Will call them tomorrow to find out how to return the wrong part and how to return the wrong part and my refund back. I ordered 2 wheels but instead one thing came and it was a spare wheel.I never ordered a spare wheel. I di have the order number and everything and the receipt for the payment. Will be contacting you tomorrow to resolve this because I realized all this after hours. Thank you.


I have mechanic standing by to install, my husband has Monday morning appointments in Waco. Over hour drive w/o A/C.. anyway possible for me to get it today. Willing to pay pissed off customer tariff.

I need aA/C compressor for 2010 Tacoma,4 cyl, standard transmission.. would be willing to come get it if at all possible.diabled veteran with heart problems can't let him get too hot.. if someone could call you me it would help me know I'm getting The right part


Bad part rusted piece of *** not used very good condition

Handled very professionally I got a patt that wasn't good and they gave my money back right away Sharae handled herself very professionally when I was upset and let me no that she will be refunding my money in 1 to 3 days


Wrong address

I think I put the wrong address on the order the address is 413county road 3331atlanta Texas 75551 also the part is for 2003 Cadillac DeVille ac compressor


Bad business

This place is terrible. I ordered a sub frame from them for $500.00 that they claimed was in good condition and it took 3 weeks to finely show up. When it did it had cracks in it that had been rewelded. I had to use it because I need my car.. they don't answer emails or the Better Business Bureau. Warning don't do business with them.


Warranty on a engine

I've been waiting on my refund for 3 months I keep getting the run around. they told me they was mailing it out and I haven't received anything yet. I'm getting really irritated about it someone needs to contact me and let me know where my money. Is My name is Jamar Still my number is 724-912-**** I'll be expecting a callback from someone who knows what's going on



Good afternoon, I am seeking to return a air conditioner compressor. I ordered it I believe 2 weeks ago. They website said it was compatible with the 2011 Kia Sorrento 2.4L. Well unfortunately it is not working, so could you help me out. I need to return it. What is the procedure for returning an item? The invoice number is LM85720WG



They are not supposed to charge shipping within the us they charged me 400 to ship a motor that cost 675 there third party through lkq and they don't charge shipping I can't get a response from no one


Fraud and horrible service

I would like to describe the Nightmare of an experience I have received working with Automotix llc and LKQ who are all affiliated. I ordered a transmission online Sat 06/04 and the funds for the transmission were taken from my account. The transmission was listed as a 2012 cvt with all the correct specs for my car. I let my transmission repair guy know who scheduled me in since my car is undrivable at the moment. I called Monday morning to customer service at They confirmed at first it was the correct part and would be shipped but upon checking closer they realized they had inventoried the incorrect part and were shipping out a 2015 non CVT although my receipt and order showed a 2012. The hold time to speak with a rep was at least 30 minutes each time I had to call in. I called back was placed on hold for about 45 minutes the next rep came back told me the order was incorrect and would be canceled. I asked that due to the error someone help me with the situation as now I am out the funds to repair my car and it sets me back even more. The rep said no nothing they can do the order is being canceled. I asked to speak to a higher up for assistance I was told no and the rep hung up the call on me. I called back and waited another 30 minutes the rep who answered Listened to the story then also disconnected the call on me. This whole time I kept my cool and was nothing but nice to the reps on the line. I then researched where the part was coming from which was LKQ out of Denver. I researched and reached out to the General Manager Seth Houy I called his listed number directly left a voicemail and he returned my call later that day. He was apologetic had me forward an email of my receipt to him directly and then stated he would research into what can be done and would contact me back directly. I have yet to receive a call back. I checked to see if my order had been refunded after days since it was canceled, and I still have yet to receive a refund which is prohibiting me from getting a transmission for my vehicle. They told me it could take another Five business days to receive a refund this is setting me back even longer and I am still unable to repair my car. I searched and found a number on google for Automotix LLC. The number listed reached an individual in FL who stated he gets 100s of calls for this company and that they are a complete scam and that I should dispute any charges with my bank. This company has been a complete nightmare to work with. They treat their customers horribly and do not stick to their word. Something needs to be done about this company before other customers go through the experience I have received.


Absolute bunch of clowns

Dont give these people your money my transmission came unsecured to a pallet after unloading the driver handed me a wad of plastic wrap a ball of banding tape and two 2x4 cut offs saying these came with it complete disregard once they have your money no support and lie to youre face


Terrible Coustomer Service and refund policy

Updated by user Oct 08, 2021
It’s been 4 months and still no refund of $598.93. It’s has been a relentless process trying to get my money back.

Original review Sep 08, 2021
I ordered a rear axle from this company and then decided to change my mind because it took them two weeks to send the order. So I canceled the order and asked for a refund they waited for the order to come back to theme before they can issue the refund. Even after they receive the shipment of their own merchandise, I am still having problems receiving my refund. I paid through amazon pay thinking that it would be safer versus paying them directly. But Amazon can only pay the refund from the seller. So Amazon pay is waiting for the seller to refund them to pay back the money. Im out $598.00. I should have researched more before buying anything from this company. Its a total scam. They are very rude. I spoke with a Brittany and Tom. They were both very unprofessional. They scream at you on the phone and give you no comfort in the situations. I have a recording of the whole thing as well


Not a good start

Updated by user Nov 21, 2020
In the end, I've been very happy. The engine is installed and runs great, and everything seems to have been as it was represented to be. Despite initial jitters, I have to give them a good rating.

Updated by user Oct 28, 2020
So my latest update is good news. I was anxious to not be able to make a direct match between the VIN number of the "donor" vehicle and the engine ID, bit upon calling Honda and having the database checked, I was able to verify that the engine I was in receipt of did...

Original review Oct 27, 2020
I am early in my process, but so far feeling queezy. I made a choice out of the engine inventory they had online based on price, engine mileage, and condition. When I received my receipt via email, none of these details were available and I have no way of documenting them anymore. This seems shady. Perhaps I will update this review later. - update - getting better ! I received the info I was after once I got ahold of customer service. We'll see how the engine shipping and such goes. So new update. The engine has arrived, though the VIN number stamped on the engine does not seem to match the vin number of the vehicle that I was told the engine came from. I'm more concerned than ever.

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