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Auto Anything has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 102 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 53th position out of 513 companies.


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Buy now

There was no problem with purchase and delivery of item. But I do not want the item anymore and have not been able to get a hold of them. I have written several emails, filled out the return form 3 times and called 20 times . There is NO customer service at all


Low price guarantee

This company claims to have the lowest prices guaranteed. I found way lower prices of everything I purchased and in stock on Amazon. Now, everyone knows Amazon is a major competitor and a legit website. This company used the excuse, Amazon is a member based website, and therefore we will not honor their lower prices. Absolutely hilarious if you ask me. I am not a prime member and have never signed up as a member for Amazon. I simply place orders from their website like I do yours. This company is a joke. I urge anyone wanting to order from them to price compare on Amazon. The prices are drastically lower on Amazon. The autoanything price match guarantee is not worth the paper it is written on.


To take pictures of the husky floor liners it also

The husky floor liners that I bought from you guys are guaranteed for life and they are not glossy and shiny like they were when I first got them so I am not wanting my money back I just want a replacement of the floor liners you see how they look and I just washed them so please refund me of the Hershey floor liners I dont want the money back I just went good husky floor liners that are supposed to be guaranteed for life with no issues at all I sent you guys some pictures I dont know what else to do the rest is up to you guys One other question if you look closely there is a tear in the drivers floor liner in the corner where it says husky floor liners I pointed it out hopefully you can see that


Husky floor liners

Husky floor liners I called and talk to a associate The floor liners are supposed to be a lifetime warranty without any problems or issues of the Husky floor liners being in rough shape he wants me to take a picture of them in send it to you guys but I dont know how to do it and I feel that I shouldnt have to please respond as soon as possible and let me know about this is this is a little crazy I bought them last year they were supposed to be lifetime warranty it even says it on the site where the husky floor liners are that you dont have to have any issues in either get your refund or your husky floor liners I just need the front desk floor liners the back floor liners aint so bad as the Front ones II guess thats because of people getting in and out of my car theres usually only one person besides me please let me know thank you As you can see the husky floor liners are not shiny like they were they were shineyand new looking


Because my complaint was never addressed

I ordered 1 set of Loyld clear mats for 2022 Honda Accord. When I received the package From Auto Anything I only received the front pair and your service tried to put the blame On your disbuteror. Please quit the excuses.


Problem with running board again

Now the brackets doesnt fit the running boards can I speak to a live Customer service representative


Right now I’d not the best time to ask me this question

The running boards you sent me are not for my truck their to short and don't match up with the brackets on my truck


Delivery of order

Placed order on Nov. 22, order did not ship until Dec. 8! Order still not received to date, Dec. 27. I have tried tracking the order for weeks to no avail! Have been told every day it is on a truck and out for delivery! At this point I feel AutoAnything needs step up! This was supposed to be a Christmas present!


Missing parts

All is good. Just received the missing parts. No communication from the company that the parts were coming..


Sent wrong hubs for my truck

I ordered front hubs for my GMC four-wheel-drive truck they sent me hubs for a 2 Wheel Dr. truck tried emailing them Ive got no response also tried calling the company where they came from and nobody answers if you could call me 814-392-**** would be great thank you



Basically there blameming me for not putting strip on right. Rally you just strip the red tape off and glue it on. And there's a lot more to the story just really disappointing that they blame the coustmer so they won't have to give the refund on the item. Than they lie by telling and giving you a shipping date twice. And than they tell you it's on back order.


Paid for product never received

Bought a Rally Hard Top for my Jeep on October 16, 2020 with a promised ship date of 2 weeks. 2 weeks later I got an email telling me the shipping date was being pushed to December 16, 2020. Today, the day of another promised shipment I received an email saying the date was pushed again for another month to January 16, 2021. This is unacceptable. I paid immediately and my Jeep still doesn't have a top. Its winter and its freezing. Promise after promise of a ship date and nothing.


Shop Elsewhere

Ordered seat covers, card was charged and received a shipping date. Weeks later got a new shipping date for a month later so I did a live chat and cancelled my order. Got an email on the cancellation saying they were confirming with the warehouse the item hadn't shipped. According to to the guy during my live chat my seat covers were made to order. They are sent from the manufacturer in Anaheim. 8 1/2 hours later an email comes saying my covers have shipped. Really? A shipping label was created in San Diego and as of now 30+ hours later FedEx still doesn't have the package. The stuffs supposed to arrive here tomorrow and they're telling me I can send it back for a refund. After seeing other reviews on various sites that looks like another headache. I don't expect it to arrive tomorrow anyway but look forward to another run around. Do not deal with this company. I took pics of the live chat conversation and have records of everything else. Do yourself a favor read the reviews and look elsewhere. I wish I had.


Order missing

I have placed my order back in June 28th, but still have not got my order yet. Mainwhile i have waited so patiently, but now,I would like to receive my order in 3 days, otherwise i would like to cancel my order and would like to get my refund back. Thanks Muzhda


I like how Mario helped me get the problem fire stone air bag system

I ordered the fire stone airbag system for my 2015 GMC Canyon SLT 4by4.I had a problem with the directions they were backyards and1 bolt was supposed to be 3 inches (ca. 8 cm) and it was not so Mario gave the phone number called someone and sent pictures and sent the same left plate and another same bolt and not the right one. I used washers and put the plates the of what redirections said to. So FIRE STONE directions are wrong in book and Mario stayed with me until it was written for Auto anything good people to work with and company I will buy there again. John.


For stealing my money!!

I ordered 2 items they had same order number 2103**** I received window vents but no bug deflector!... I've sat hours on hold waiting for someone to answer this is ridiculous. Send my order or return my money please!!..

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