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Atrium Windows And Doors has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 69 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 16th position out of 170 companies.


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Atrium Windows And Doors Reviews


Warranty is not worth the paper it's wriiten on

Today is 4-19-2023, I purchased a window made by Atrium that has a lifetime warranty. The manufacture date was 10-9-2020 which makes it 2 1/2 years old. Since when is 2 1/2 years considered a lifetime? This window was installed in a home with central air and is rarely opened. The springs on both sides have failed and the only coverage that Atrium is willing to provide is the replacement of the springs. They will not cover the labor of the technician required to make the repair. I believe they should fix the window. This window cost over five hundred dollars and providing a spring valued at less than ten dollars is not sufficient warranty coverage. This is an unacceptable remedy as this is clearly a manufacturing defect. These springs should never have failed. I have 15 plus replacement windows installed in this house and this is the only one that has ever failed. I have spoken with your local employee EW and with your customer service representative at 800-846-**** both stated that they could only cover the springs. The first line of your warranty states: "At Atrium we are proud of the quality and workmanship of our windows and patio doors and want you to be satisfied with them." I am certainly not satisfied. It is my hope that your company will stand by your product and fix this window, including the labor required to replace the defective springs on this unit.



They were very helpful and directed me to the right area to help satisfy my claim. I am waiting on a response from Carter Lumber to satisfy my Warrenty.


Broken window a day after it was installed

After a day of our windows being professionally installed, the window cracked all the way across. Lowes has been trying to help with the warranty and we can't get anyone to return emails or calls. I've called every day and send emails. No phone number for the company, no nothing. This is ridiculous that you can't even trust a warranty anymore. Lowes needs to drop them.


Warranty claim

Defective window. I worked with our sales rep to get it fixed. No thanks to you guys! AAAAAsasasasas



sash having mold between glass cant seem to get a replacement without going through a building supply company all I want is to buy a replacement sash


Customer Service Does Not Exist

A Lowes rep called and emailed on our behalf, after our 2 months of no responses from Atrium concerning our sliding door screen. After 2 more months of no response to the Lowes rep, we both gave up. Lowes gave us screen and metal so we could rebuild our sliding door screen. A warranty is great if it's honored. The original windows had several issues and needed to be replaced. After 3 months of arguing between Lowes, Atrium, and the contractor the windows were corrected.


Need parts for my window and haven't had any luck submitting online

I need repair parts and still have not heard from the company despite multiple emails through their system. There is no number to call. This is very frustrating!


Seal failure

80% of the window seals failed in a few years. Fogging, internal streaks in e glass coating, mold after a few years. Took over a year to get help, finally got it, but just getting new panes. Siding and trim have to come off the house for some replacements,,,,,,,,awful expensive. They claim color fast in brochure, but the different window parts are changing color quickly. Trim is shrinking and exposing seal. DO NOT BUY.


Check on application

I had filled out application for Atrium Windows and doors on 9001,regal row through Corner Stone,need to know if it went through please call me at469709-****,Leigh Williams


Follow up to email

I called them and talked to a very nice lady who tried to find out an answer for me. After talking with her supervisor he told her they only handled aluminum doors not wood so she gave me a number to call of which I did. I also left a message and have not heard back from them. This has been at least 2 weeks now.


Replacement window

It's a good window, unfortunately the service sucks. I can't get anyone to help! Spend your money some place else!


Terrible warranty servsice

I had every window in my entire house replaced with Atrium Windows. Supposedly the warranty is good for as long as I own my home. Ha! I have 5 windows where the seal is popping up and the windows are cloudy. All the caulking around the windows on the outside has yellowed and pulled away, as well. I can not get a single reply from Atrium either by email or customer service phone number. never recommend these windows


Broken blind in window

In my sliding patio door there r blinds in glass. The mechanism to raise and lower blind broke and blind wont move. Door had a lifetime guarantee. This really looks bad. It was not a cheap door

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