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Ascentive has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 126 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 54th position out of 1129 companies.


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1800 JFK Blvd., Suite 300, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103, United States

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Dealing with THIEVES

Ascentive, you are unethical, deceitful, lying thieves. I can't get to you on the phone saying to use your email contact. You Have Double Billed Me, not Once, but Twice. You are thieves. You are crooked. I hope one day you will be found to be fraudulent and close down. I have used your programs for a few years. I noticed you charged me for PC Speed Pro. When I received my credit card billing, I saw you had billed me AGAIN for a higher amount. I emailed you with this info and never heard back from you. I emailed you again, and never heard back from you. I emailed you again, and this time you wrote back....."it has been longer than 30 days and we can not refund your money". I email you again because apparently you were too stupid to understand that I was not asking for a refund because I didn't want the program, I was asking you to return the second charge that YOU STOLE FROM ME. Now I get no response again. I went back thru my credit card statements and realized that this is not the first time you have done this to me. YOU ARE DISCUSTING. YOU ARE HORRIBLE. YOU ARE THEIVES. YOU ARE UNETHICAL. I keep asking for the money you stole to be returned and you ignore me. You will regret this decision. You owe me $120.


Ascentive Not Wanted

I check my bank account online EVERY day. I know exactly what I spend and where, so I was surprised to see that this company Ascentive attempted to charge my debit card for $59.95, it was refused and therefore never gone from my account but the fact that they had the nerve to try. Who are they and why has this occurred to so many people? More importantly what can be done to ensure that others are not affected or that they are successful in getting what they want eventually? Of course the account that they attempted to use has to now be closed and I am left with dealing with the aftermath of a closed bank account. They should be held accountable, I know I am not the only one.


Ascentive Customer Care Review

Can not contact to place a complaint.


Fraud Charges

I never ordered any product from this company and they billed my Mastercard $59.95. I am now in the process of having my account changed and money returned. I have no idea where they got my credit card info from. I would never order any software as I only use my company laptop and the IT department takes care of everything. The number I was able to locate to contact them to question the charges is only a recording to email them with complaints or for service. I found it nice that it specifically mentioned fraudulent charges also on the recording, that told me everything I needed to hear about this company and how they operate.


Credit Card Charge for this software that I didn't order

Hey all, I recently made a couple purchase online from Uline, GoDaddy, Amazon and SoftwareKing. Same day, a charge appeared on my credit card for Ascentive-FinallyFast for $29.95. ??? My credit card number is strictly controlled, but... was used for these online orders. Now.... is it possible that someone at one of these companies is scalping credit card information? Did any of you make purchases from any of these companies when the charges appeared on your cards? List them, maybe we can determine if someone is internally doing this and maybe get them under investigation. Any ideas from the rest of you? First time ever for me!


Ascentive--The whole program & software

There are 5000 junk file deleted from my computer of which I did not ask for. Some I could care less & some I wanted. Do not like being told what I can have on my computer. My guest section is gone probably in the junk files & now my some of my e-mail file are not coming in. I cancel the software & tried to cancel the program but was told it was not allowed or opened elsewhere. It is no longer in my control panel section.



I purchased technical support along with Active Speed,Spyware Striker Pro, and PC Scan & Sweep. All programs recently would not accept my passwords and login. I have made several attempts to speak with a technician to resolve the situation. It has taken me almost 2 days before I realize that I think this operation is now a scam and has probably taken information from my pc that is a concern of mine. They will not return telephone calls as they indicate after cleaning up my computers. Records are not current.... they loose contracts, they don't know what I have or a contract... but they were able to take $600.00 from my account. The telephone numbers answer but go dead after 4 minutes waiting for this (technician). I will take this matter up with the better business bureau. do not do business with this group


Other Product Review

Just got an AMEX fraud alert for Ascentive for $59.95. I appreciate AMEX catching this fraud. My deeper concern is how Ascentive got my credit card number.


I acctually paid ascentive to ruin my lap-top

I paid to ruin my lap-top. Acentives people who I could barely understand, talk 1000 words per minute and are trained to rip the average person like me off! I was told the software would clean my computer space and make my lap-top run faster. What I got was a totally destroyed computer. I am right now working with my bank, The Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Protection Agency. I tried many times to resolve the problem with ascentive, only to get the impression that the company does not exsist. I urge others not to fall prey like I did. Because it was advertised on a major tv network I assumed it was legit. I was totally mistaken. This company if you can call it a company should be shut down entirely.


Ascentive Sopftware tries to bill me for a subscription not ordered

This scam company sells PC cleaner software. I bought it on a one-time basis, ut now they claim I owe them another $29 for "renewal". When I try to cancel via the web site of the 1-800 "support" number, I am persistently disconnected. They seem to have a system designed to stymie customer complaints, because I called them several times and got disconnected right after I told them I want to cancel the billing. Also, their web site demands, for action, an "account" number -- but they do not display that account on any of their correspondence. The company is a scam.


Software Review

Made a mistake by downloading this BS software can't get rid of it it want even allow me to restore my computer and has ruined my computer. Ascentive you should be a shamed of your self you're the worst thing that happened to my computer. ..


Refusal to take a repair contract with Ascentive and the threat from the Ascentive Tech that resulted

I needed to have my computer repaired and a friend suggested Ascentive. I contacted them and upon completion of the supposed repair, they offered me a 2 or 3 yr contract price. I am a widow and can not afford the contract price, so I asked to pay simply for the repair. The offer was refused and the Ascentive employee has since threatened to come to my home and take the computer. He has also disabled the computer, so that I can not use it. I am now using a neighbor's computer. I have notified the local police department and the IC3 Section of the FBI. When I calm down, I will notify the Better Business Bureau. This type of behavior is unacceptable in a country like the US.


Charge your CC, break your computer

Charged $240 on the credit card. This was supposed to cover support for three years. Had me install and download all sort of software that kept reporting issues. Ultimately, they connected to the computer and did things that caused it not to be able to boot anymore. They said they couldn't do anything there and I had to contact someone someone local to fix. I canceled my account and requested a refund, and was told told I'd get one... only to be denied later. Do not use this company under any circumstances - unless you like to hand over your hard earned money.


Ascentive does not allow order cancellation

I tried to contact Ascentive at their posted customer service email address after they charged for a service we no longer wanted. Their email address does not work, it bounced. Their 800 number gets you on indefinite hold, their cancellation web site added text to my email that would have made me give up claims for payments I wanted to cancel. I will try to get my charge card to delete the charges because Ascentive is completely unresponsive. Needless to say that I will not get any more of their services because I can not afford the time to get companies like this off my back.


Vicki butts

ascentive removed money from my account without my permission,when i asked to close this account with them i was given the runaround. this software has put a virus on my computer,and their employs can't figure out was dissatisfied with this software because it's a "GREAT PRODUCT.'i beg to differ with them on that respect.LIKE *** IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also when asked today after waiting for the return to my account,it had to be my banks fault! i've spoken to my bank three times about the money and it isn't there,period. i know my bank isn't witholding the truth from me.

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