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Arts Heaven has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 10 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 10th position out of 55 companies.


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Resolved: Non-existent customer service

Updated by user Nov 03, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product or service ordered. This company did make the problem right, via delivery of product and also a minro proce concession for the length of time order took.

They explained they are in CA where lockdowns were delaying everything. I will order again from them..

Original review Sep 03, 2021
I am a repeat customer. other two paintings were done as promised with no issues. In early July 2021 I ordered and paid for three separate paintings. After a month no word from them. Now it has been two months, with only two email responses promising it was coming in the next week. Has never arrived. No one ever answers their phone, vmail is full! CAVEAT EMPTOR!


An order

Order not delivered. Unanswered emails and phone calls


Total rip off!!!

Received my painting and was instantly disappointed, it looked terrible! The "painting" had been rolled up wet and had all types of random trash (strings, rocks, staples, etc) stuck to the painting and because it was rolled the layers of paint were smooshed and smeared. The most disappointing thing though was not the painting at all but the absolute lack of any, and I mean ANY customer service. Their number is a answering machine and after repeated messages and emails I received absolutely zero correspondence. Do not waste your money on anything with this scam of a company. I am now stuck with a painting that is terrible and out the money I spent. Stay away from this business! You have been warned!



I do not understand how after reading all these reviews nothing has changed. My mistake was putting an order in before checking out the reviews. Same deal as the others. I made an order, never received it because they put the wrong address (you can tell with the tracking information). Not responsive to any emails or messages. Now I have to wonder how to get the money back. Not sure if this is some sort of scam, don't expect an answer if something goes wrong. Don't expect your order to arrive, and just make your life easier and don't purchase from this seller.


Impressionist Reproduction painting

It was a bit unnerving working with this company, but all's well that ends well, at least for me. I asked several questions via email about the paintings before ordering, and I did receive responses within a couple days from Arts Heaven. They do not answer phone calls and do not return phone calls, but given a few days, they do respond via email. When I placed my order, it said 3 - 4 weeks to receive. It was 8 weeks! They certainly charged my credit card immediately. Most companies only charge when the order is shipped; but not Arts Heaven. They sent me a bogus tracking number and I got worried. They promised I would have the painting by a certain date before I left town, but it was not delivered by then, nor was it even trackable. I went away and told my house sitters to be on the lookout. It never arrived, but I did not worry until I got home. The painting showed up within 2 days of my arrival at home, so at least I received it. I was able to finally use the tracking number they gave me; I can only assume the number was invalid at first because they hadn't actually shipped yet. The painting is lovely, just the colors I ordered, and I have no complaints about the actual product. I have inspected it closely. The frame and lining were correct, and it is the perfect size for what I wanted. I love it! But dealing with this company takes some fortitude! They must be from Asia as the tracking info is suspect until it gets to CA. I think they kept telling me what I wanted to hear to make me happy, even though it wasn't true. Again, we very much enjoy the painting, but I won't be ordering from them again.


Arts Heaven Customer Care Review

Stiffed me on refund of $361. Send product back and they ignored money back guarantee.


Phony Moneyback Guarantee/No Customer Service supposedly has a 30-day money back guarantee for oil painted reproductions. I received an unsatisfactory painting and immediately shipped order #10682 back to business on 5/23/16. Merchandise was received by merchant and signed for by Q.Quyen on 5/26/16. I inquired about the refund (minus 15% for restocking/shipping costs) on 6/6/16 by email and phone. No response and no refund for $361.75 to associated credit card by 6/9/16. Complaint Detail / Problem Complaint Type: Billing or Collection Issues Problem: has a 30-day money back guarantee for oil painted reproductions. I received an unsatisfactory painting and immediately shipped order #10682 back to business on 9/23/16. Merchandise was received and signed for by Q.Quyen on 5/26/16. I inquired about the refund (minus 15% for restocking/shipping costs) on 6/6/16 by email and phone. No response and no refund for $361.75 to associated credit card by 6/9/16. ...........................................----------------------------------------------=======================================


Whitewash / liars

Arts reproduction I have order a picture last december and receive it a month later. Everything was all right, the painting was really good and I was satisfied. But their website said that the price you paid included all the taxes, that they provide a tax free shipment and so on. But when I receive my order, I receive also an ups invoice ... When I try to contact artsheavens... to tell them about it, nobody is there to answer. Many mails was send already an still no answer. So it is the last time that I will order from this company which is not reliable at all.


No response from Arts Heaven either e-mail or phone.

There is something realllly wrong with this company at this time. I've ordered from them before and was satisfied with their product and their service. Now, although I attempted to contact no response either e-mail, or numerous phone attempts. Something has really happened to a company which was quite reliable in the past. Perhaps, new management, whatever. Do not take a chance with them. This company is really bad. No one should advertise on the net and be reluctant to have any contact with a customer. Stay away from them....there must be other companies who will do this kind of work in an honest and customer friendly way.


Arts Heaven California disregards the 30 days guarantee return.

I ordered and paid $445 plus £33.19 unexpected taxes (despite their adds specify that all shipment expenses were included in the price) for a quality museum reproduction of Vermeer's The Art of Painting with age and craquelure. The order was confirmed and my specifications were included in their confirmation but the reproduction sent did not show the desired feature. My repeated emails were ignored and today about a third of the 30 days guaranteed refund is severely diminished. Their advertised site contains only praises but does not offer a way of leaving comments. There is no help in finding out any name and the advertised phone receives only voice messages which are also ignored.

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