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Apollo Transfer Company has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 22 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 14th position out of 147 companies.


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422 South Madison Drive, Tempe, AZ, 85281, Tempe

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Apollo Transfer Company Reviews


Glad to see this company shut down.

I am not surprised that this company got sued and shut down. They practiced unfair labor laws and violated illegal business employee violations. I worked for this lame company for 2 weeks straight driving up and down the coast, sleeping in the truck. They didn't pay mileage that they promised. You were literally stuck until somehow you could get close to home to escape. Then I got a check for $7 dallors after 2 weeks. Appollo Karma is a ***


Do not work for this company !

They have been rated the worst transporting non-cdl trucking company in the US. Lawsuits, illeagel practice and violations. If your working for them now. Quit !


Get revenge to this company

If your working for this company,quit now. They will set you up to make money for themselves. When you sense this, whatever truck you have or where you are. Just leave it there. It cost them money to retrieve it,


Deceitful Theives

Just as many others have posted, they are a company that lies, cheats you out of money and treats their employees like slaves. They are also known as TRS - Truck relocating Services. Miles and hours are added to avoid toll booths and hundreds of miles are unpaid. Not to mention, when involved in a traffic accident, there was no transportation provided to an emergency room to be evaluated, but only to a clinic to perform a drug test. 2 days later and now they are saying that we have to stay stagnant until Monday before picking up another truck after being told that I would be home by Sunday. Hotels were promised nightly, but in 5 days only 2 hotels have been booked. The "company" vehicle reeks of cigarette smoke and the guy driving it and that is supposed to be representing this company unkempt, unshowered and admits to wearing the same clothes for 3 weeks. This is how they want to market themselves to businesses and other employees are forced to endure the persons filth and stench.


Short Review on April 11, 2016

There is a lot of drinking and driving in this co I would not recamend working for this co


Apollo Transfer Company Work Experience Review from Los Angeles, California

Don't work for Apollo Transfer they are going to rape you for your pay


Apollo Transfer Company Work Experience Review from High Point, North Carolina

I was once an employee for Apollo transfer company i got screwd out of 600 miles only was paid for about 880 cause dispatch sent us 8 hrs in the wrong direction and my check was 400 dollars change my payrate from .80 to.69 this company is terrible to work for set in Chicago no gas no nothing called an called the dispatcher even texted him nothing then he responds the next day around 11oclock remind you had no money for gas or hotel i had to call my wife to western union me some to get home. This company *** and is very bad to work for


Apollo Transfer Company Work Experience Review

I worked for apollo transfer for two days and just like everyone ealse i got screewed i drove 1200 hundred miles in two days and they left us in the middel of no where to fine a renta car that they took out of my pay i made 100 hundred dallors for two days of work i would tell everyone not to work for this place they will ben you over


Apollo Transfer Company Work Experience Review from Raleigh, North Carolina

Horrible is the one word that I would use to describe this rip off company. I worked for them for approximately 4 weeks and now I am fighting to just get paid. So at this point I will be driving to Arizona from north Carolina to address this issue face to face. If any one wishes to know or discuss Apollo illegal activities, then contact me . I can be reached at 919.368.2287


Apollo Transfer Company - Contract Review from Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania

Updated information for all Apollo Transfer drivers. IRS has determined tgat everyone is an EMPLOYEE not INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR because Apollo has not complied with the factors. I encourage everyone to stop driving and go for unemployment/to be given back all monies you are owed. They are not allowed to charge you for anything. Read Paragraph 7 of contract. The proof is in there. Please contact me through email or 484401****.


Apollo Transfer Company - Employee Experience Review from Avondale, Arizona

Beware of APOLLO TRANSFER!! My name is Dale Lamb. This is a follow up to my previous post. I have contacted the US Dept. of Labor, The Az. BBB, and the Dept. of Transportation to complain about these fools that have no idea how to treat their loyal employees, who travel across country for them without any compensation. Since I recorded my video, I have received alot of calls, emails, and texts from many previous drivers, as well as existing drivers or potential drivers thinking about going to work for this Joke of a Company. Only 2 drivers out of all of the ones I have taken to have been paid,or so they say...No proof was given only their word. MOST DRIVERS HAVE BEEN LEFT STRANDED ACROSS THE COUNTRY OR IN A TOWN THAT HAS NO MODERN CONVENIENCES OTHER THAN A TRUCKSTOP, AND ARE FORCED TO WAIT FOR DAYS TO BE ! Apollo Transfer out of Tempe Az. still has NOT reimbursed me OR ANY OTHER DRIVERS or even attempted to settle any of the alleged disputes that we as drivers have undergone. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO TO WORK FOR APOLLO TRANSFER,THEY ARE STILL CROOKS, SCAMMERS AND THIEVES!! If you are working for them get out while you still can. I have since moved on and am very happy at my new job. Take my word for it, this is not over and Apollo Transfer is not out of the woods. My contact information is still the same I can be reached @ 614-202-****.


Apollo Transfer Company - Labor Compensation Review from Boyertown, Pennsylvania

Please watch scammers,crooks,thieves video on youtube.com by dale lamb. This will explain it all about this company. Do not work for apollo. They will ruin you. I know from personal experience. They owe me 200grand. i kept all paperwork. If any drivers are in need of getting whats owed and taking down this sweat shop.please call or text me at 484723****.


Apollo Transfer Company - Employment Experience Review from Litchfield Park, Arizona

They never paid me left me stuck in the middle of no where. They did not care and they try to make u drive with no rest. I dont know how this company is still. In business. They suck please dont work. For them u will be working for free


Apollo Transfer Company treated me fair

I worked for Apollo Transfer for 5 years and never had an issue with my pay. I was able to choose trips that worked out for me and for the most part didn't have any issues with the dispatchers. I did know drivers that I came in contact with over the years that had issues regarding their pay but most were based on missing receipts or being over advanced during the week. I think most of these drivers didn't know how to manage the money and assumed the company was giving them "free $$"... I learned a long time ago, nothin' is free. Like I said, Apollo was a good fit for me.


Worked for this company and no Pay !!! rip off Company

first of all I thought it was funny that as an employee we would have to pay for our own physical and our own drug test considering that we are working for the employer. So from the beginning of this company you are in the whole working your way out just to get started. My last one was 2,636.4 miles from new Carlisle Ohio to Kirkland Washington in yet by the end of the month I still have not seen a paycheck, I urge anyone working for this company or has worked for this company to follow complaint with the attorney general's office and the business bureau because companies like this should no longer be in business especially for those families who are trying to put food on the table

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