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ANGI Homeservices has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 304 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 8th position out of 499 companies.


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130 E Washington St, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202, United States

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I just found out your company has been charging me for months after my account was closed.

I just found out I have been being charged for your services for months and months. I am very upset. I did not realize that you guys have continually billed me after I cancel this membership. I am very upset and I want a full refund from the moment that I called to cancel this membership to present day. I will be contacting you during your business hours and we will get this resolved. I have not used your services nor have I wanted your services and the last time I contacted your company I was told emphatically that my account was closed. This better be resolved ASAP.


Asked for a garbage pickup and disposal. They sent someone out, that told me he couldn’t do it. Angi’s List charges me for it anyway. They did not 1 single thing, and chaomy credit card

There are no more detail, they did nothing, and proceeded to charge my credit card. What a scam. Nothing was done, no service at all!


Charges for services not done

I was so disappointed. They canceled Tuesday and than again on Friday but the billed my credit card and said it will take 5 to 10 business days to return my money.


Very upset

No show and Mr Jason said he doesnt do pianos and it would cost me a lot more. So nothing has been done and Jason wont do it. We on both ends are very upset!!! They need the piano gone and I am tired of dealing with the situation!!!


Very unhappy with unqualified recommendations-

This unprofessional kid , smoking weed while in my house, not knowing anything about product or AC business or service using someone elses name to do a side job for himself. Wasted our time and money.


Angie’s is great!!!!

Walmart was SUPPOSED to deliver my couch today, and then Angies would set it up tomorrow. Well, at the LAST MINUTEmy Walmart tracking shows that my daybed/couch is going to be arriving lateand Walmart didnt even tell me!!! I had paid for set up and installation for the next day, so naturally i was angry that the purchase would not be there before it installedso unprofessional and unreliable of Walmart!. Naturally i was pissed so i contacted Angies MYSELF ands they were great!!! The first Angies rep transferred me to Angies Walmart customers line and gave me their direct number. Then the second customer rep reschedule my installation and set up a new appointment date and time since Walmart ran late at the last minutethis was last minute around 7 PM and Angies took care of me after regular business hours!!! Im impressed! The man coming to my house was very nice and accommodating on the phone when i called him, and said dont worry about Walmarts mixup/delay. Walmarts customer serviceand productsare NOT what they once were! After sitting home ALL DAY Thursday waiting for my Walmart daybedd to arrive as scheduled, now i have to wait all over again TOMORROW! Will Walmart be on time todayi dont knowthey have become very unreliable! I told Angies staff that i WISH that all customer service companies were QUICK and EFFICIENT like Angies and i actually got two live human beings in less than five minutes which is unheard of in todays wait-forever computerized-customer-service that take hours of being bounced around and then getting disconnect! A+ for AngiesLOVE THEM!!! D-for Walmartnot a happy or satisfied customer in any wayWalmart needs to get their act together because Im really hating shopping with them lately.


Stop getting text

Can't stop text angies list it bad don't have anything to do with angies list bad company impossible to get a phone call


New driveway/sidewalk with cracks

Highland Innovations Solution replacedI my driveway and sidewalk about 5 weeks ago and the sidewalk is starting to crack. I spoke to the owner on one occasion and then with his son about this issue, I have not received a phone call back. I sent pictures as well. When speaking with the owner, he told the cement will crack, what kind of response is that!


Refund never received.

I cancelled a job on May 16th that was set for May 19th. I was promised that I wouldnt be charged and indeed I was still charged. May 30th I spoke with Alex and she processed my refund for 341.77. After a month and a half, I have not received my refund. I have contacted my bank SEVERAL times and have not received a refund. I would greatly appreciate it if I could provide my bank statements to show proof and actually receive money that I never agreed to have deducted. Thank you for your attention to this


The WORS! Took my credit card and no one showed up . Then you can’t talk to anyone on customer service. Then it said text to customer service. Then it said 5.00 dollars a additional chrge .

The repair man My wood fence was to be repaired show up No one came to do the job Wood fence needs repair work


They have canceled 5 times. They are horrible!!! Also, didn’t refund my money. Had to dispute it with the bank!!!

They have canceled 5 times. They are horrible!!! Also, didnt refund my money. Had to dispute it with the bank!!! Never order from WayWair!!!


Nobody working on weekend.

Nobody working on weekend. Not sure why you need me to use 100 symbols so I will repeat my issue. No weekend. help


Service provider did not mow my lawn and he has build me

Good folk was supposed to mow my lawn on Sunday after changing my Thursday appointment to Sunday. The person came, we walked around the yard so I could show him what to do, and then he ordered an older man that I had raking in the car to get out of the way move, etc. etc. in an aggressive manner Which is quite inappropriate sense I am the boss or and homeowner. The older person was trying to explain that I am his boss and hes following my direction. So the good folk person said, im gonna be mowing here , so you can take a break. Of course the older guy would have moved once the person with the Lawn Service came to the back. Anyway, the good folk guy left and then sent me a bill for $95 which I am not paying as he was very rude and unprofessional and did not do the service. He wrote me in an email that it was a hostile work environment. I think he was just trying to get out of the job without doing anything. A customer service representative at Angie, said that they just locate service supposed professionals, and then the person requesting their service makes the decision, so Angie is in no way financially responsible. I will not do business with them again. I am quite disappointed especially because I called seven times over three days and Angie did not call me back when I left a number I talked to six customer service representatives three of them gave me different numbers for that complaint department and I left my callback number yesterday, and was never called back .


Oh, I need to hire people and the websites giving me a hard time

Power outage 3 rooms new tim Floors Paint interior and trim crown Crown molding Way es clotting master and office Remove carpet instal tile


I am a victim of their service

I posted some renovation to be done in my bathrooms in March 2023. A guy from Suni Building Corporation which is affiliated with Angi answered the call and came into my house. He showed me pictures confirming that he can do the job. When he started the work he brought two Russian helpers with him. They started the work on a Thursday, they did Friday and Saturday. They wanted to come back on Sunday and I told them no because I go to Church that day. That same Sunday I noticed that some of my jewelry were missing. I call the guy to let him know because no one comes to my house and this is where the pieces of jewelry have always been placed. He told me he can swear this was not done by the guys. I felt sorry for him because I thought he was a foreigner trying to make a living. He let the suspected robber go and I let him finish the work. He uses cheap material and within a week I realized that the work was falling apart I called him and texted him it took him almost 2 weeks to call me back. He told me he had a car issue and when he gets the part for the car and it's fixed he will come to fix the problem. After another week of not hearing from him, I called Angi and when they got in touch with him it happened that he is in Florida vacationing when he told me that he has a car problem. I have been a victim, this guy brought extra Russians in order to steal for him while they are pretending to work together. Not only they robbed me and the work quality was mediocre. Please hire a contractor for your home improvement. Do not go on Angi some of these people are not legit you do not know who you are letting into your home. PLEASE HIRE A CONTRACTOR, IT MAY BE MORE EXPENSIVE BUT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE and IT WILL BE WORTH IT


Resolved: Angi is a criminal company run by the mafia that the public needs to be made aware of.

Updated by user Jun 16, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Updated by user Jun 16, 2023
Angi had the audacity to send me an email stating that they had already returned my money to my account when they actually had not! The way I got my money back was through my credit card company.

I had to file a dispute. Other than that I was not going to get my money...

Original review May 17, 2023
I used my credit card to pay for a locksmith to change the locks on my church to protect it from trespassers with Angi. This company rescheduled twice without my permission, charged me over $200.00 to change the locks on 2 entryways and then did not do the job. The so called locksmith named Jeremiah contacted me through text messaging to tell me he was at the location and never contacted me again to let me know whether or not the job was done! Also, Angi went into my private files in my smartphone and illegally took a photo I had in my gallery of my personal check with account information on it. Not only that. After all of that criminal activity, Angi had the audacity to continually solicit business from me through emails! This was after I confronted them! These people are obviously criminals and no one should ever hire them for ANY reason!!!

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