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Andersen Windows has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 84 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 12th position out of 170 companies.


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Extremely overpriced windows - High pressure tactics to sign today

Very nice salesman. Spent 3 1/2 hours with a sales pitch and a window demonstration. The cost for the 10 Windows was $64,521. I was offed a 20% discount if the order was accepted within 30 days. Better yet, if I sign that day with the salesman, I would get a 25% discount reducing the price to $48,390. You get a 20 year warranty. Those prices are insane. Average window replacement is about $700 to $1000. I was expecting a price of $7,000, but maybe as much as $10,000. The guy really pressured me to sign immediately for the 25% discount that I could get on any future windows and doors. The salesman s very convincing to get you to sign. DON'T EVER SIGN IMMEDIATELY. Get 3 or 4 bids for windows and doors.


See message

Dear Anderson Windows, My name is Sarah Bernardi, I am writing to tell you about a situation which occurred when I was trying to buy Anderson windows for my home. I wanted to replace the Anderson windows that were original to my home. The windows were the 400 series slim line type, being 44 years old they needed replaced. I called Renewal by Anderson because it seemed like the logical thing to do. I made an appointment and a man from the Monroeville PA branch of Renewal by Anderson named John Lucadamo came to my home in May 2022. I showed him the windows that I wanted replaced, and I told him I wanted the same size windows with the same wood trim and metal exterior framework/not that I had. The salesman, John Lucidamo told me that Anderson windows no longer made the metal exterior framing. He claimed that style of window was discontinued because they were found to be defective. He said Anderson windows used fibrex now. I never heard of fibrex, but I figured he must have known what he was talking about considering he worked for Anderson Windows. The salesman assured me that the fibrex would only be on the outside of the house, and wood would be on the inside, the same as I had. The only difference was going to be that fibrex was going to be replacing the outside window construction. Jon Lucidamo then measured all the windows and started easing me into the price. I asked what my kitchen side by side 50-inch window would cost. He said $5,000. I thought that was a lot, but I figured Anderson windows were not cheap. Then he came up with some $50,000 price to do 6 double windows 2 single windows, a smaller double window and my 9-foot bow window. He proceeded to knock that price down by adding special offers and a coupon he had in his pocket. The price came to $37,022.00. I agreed to the sale. I needed windows and I had the money from my husbands life insurance to pay for them. The window installers arrived August 22. Ironically that was my late husbands birthday. The installers were cutting the trim work in my driveway. You could smell the pine scent as they carried the windows into the house. As it turned out, the pine trim was the only real wood being used. The windows I was sold by Jon Lucidamo were fibrex with a veneer covering on the inside of the window which gave the appearance of real wood, but it wasnt. On closer inspection, over the following week, the veneer looked like compressed sawdust with lines drawn on it to imitate wood, certainly not furniture quality. My point in writing this letter is to let you know that I was scammed into buying windows I did not want by a man who claimed to work for you. He knew I wanted to buy the exact same Anderson windows I had and he purposefully lied to me to get me to buy the fibrex windows he was selling. The thing that really makes me mad is the fact that he lied and said the Anderson windows I wanted to buy were discontinued. They werent, you still make them, as I later found out. I cant believe this happened to me. Mr. Lucidamo knew the windows I wanted to buy existed. He told me they didnt because he wasnt selling Anderson windows, he was selling Renewal by Anderson windows. Apparently, Renewal by Anderson is a sister company of yours. Im still not sure what this means because I cant figure out why a quality window company like yours would want to replace your windows with a substandard material like fibrex? Not only am I left with windows that arent real wood, but Im also left with 3 windows that dont lock. All the windows were installed incorrectly. The sash on every window moves from side to side and you can see outside to the screen. It takes two hands to force the windows open. They all leak air, and one of the windows was installed with a crack. Jon Lucidamo claimed he would replace the cracked window, and fix all the other problems. but I told him I wanted all the windows removed from my home so that I could buy the Anderson 400 series windows that I originally asked for. Id like to know how you feel about this? Did you know that your sister company that claims to be under your umbrella (whatever that means?) is stealing the sales from your product and selling their fibrex instead? At this point Ive stopped payment to Renewal by Anderson, and I made a complaint to the Attorney Generals office. They reviewed my complaint but were unable to help me. Im unsure as to what they did, but it appears to be nothing. After reading comments online, it is apparent that many people have the same problems with Renewal by Andersons windows as I do. It isnt legal for a company to misrepresent its products. Renewal by Anderson also added pages to our electronic contract that were not numbered. I asked Renewal by Anderson many times for a base price on the windows I purchased, but they refused to provide me with that. I have no idea as to what the bow window cost, or what I was being refunded by not purchasing it. I figured I would write to you in the hope that maybe you might be concerned by the fact that Renewal by Anderson is claiming your windows are discontinued so they can sell theirs. Does it bother you at all that I am a loyal customer of yours who got ripped off? Or that Renewal by Anderson is also stealing your sales? It was a blessing in disguise that the window Renewal by Anderson brought to replace my bow window didnt fit correctly. After calling your customer service I was directed to a contractor who installed the Anderson 400 series bow window I originally wanted. Its beautiful. (photos below) I wish I could say that about these other windows. Im not sure of what Im going to do. Renewal by Anderson claims they are going to put a lien on my home if I do not pay them the remainder of my balance. I will probably end up in court with them. Is there anything you can do to help me, and if not, can you please forward my letter to someone else in your company who possibly can? Thank you, Sarah Bernardi Araslyn@***.com 724-523-**** 1022 Dahlia Lane, Jeannette PA 15644


Renewal by Anderson sells to potential customers needing three or more windows only

Original review Apr 05, 2023
On April 5, 2023 at 12:45 p.m. I visited the Renewal by Anderson Store located at 2601 Nelson Miller Parkway in Louisville, Kentucky, I entered the store and noticed no one was available to greet potential customers. I viewed the floor models for a few minutes. Still no one inquired if I needed help. For about 4 or 5 more minutes I viewed the cross sectional models for renewal and full frame windows installation. I was then noticed by an Anderson employee who was in a meeting room next to the installation models. After a couple of more minutes, she left the meeting room to ask what she could assist me with. As I was in a Renewal by Anderson store, I responded a replacement window. She asked how many windows and I responded one bathroom window. She then asked if I had other windows or a door to replace. I responded no. She informed me the minimum of number of windows to purchase Renewal by Anderson products was three. I was temporarily speechless. After regaining my thoughts I asked if the only other option to purchase Anderson products was at Home Depot and install on my own. She indifferently stated yes. I have not in my 69 years been to store of any kind and been told the dollar value of my purchase did not qualify me to obtain products from that manufacturer. As I did not qualify to make a purchase, she left the conversation. Apparently, my purchase did not qualify me to ask questions about Renewal by Anderson products either. I exited the Renewal by Anderson store and drove to the nearest Home Depot located at 10301 Westport Road. I viewed the small section of Anderson windows. The store had on display the 100 series, 400 series and E series. Some displays did not have prices and those displays that did have a price for only the size on display. I found a Home Depot employee and asked about assistance with windows. He stated that an employee should be there as he is in the store today. I went back and found two desks near the windows display, No Home Depot employee was at the desk or nearby. I did locate product literature for Anderson windows and took brochures for the series I planned to purchase. Home Depot may or may not employ staff that is trained in answering questions about Anderson windows. I cannot comment on this employees proficiency in responding to product inquiries since that employee was not available. I expect a Renewal by Anderson employee would be better trained to answer my questions, but that option was not available due to my purchase of one window. I have shopped at Home Depot for many years. I now purchase home repair and improvement items at locally owned and operated stores because of Home Depots limited selection, untrained employees and limited availability of employees on the floor. These stores include electrical and plumbing specialty stores. I mention my negative experiences with Home Depot as I consider Renewal by Anderson managements decision to market their windows at Home Depot to be detrimental to potential customers and Renewal by Anderson sales. Management is accountable in this disastrous marketing strategy just as significantly as Home Depots managements decision to carry a product line that is not supported by Renewal by Anderson or Home Depot management. In summary, if a potential customer wants to purchase one or two Renewal by Anderson windows in Louisville, Kentucky the only option is Home Depot. This is not an acceptable purchasing alternative. I will be researching Pella, Champion, Milgard, and Simonton to determine if they want to sell me windows.Nopt able to purchase


Horrible in home experience

Sales rep would not leave our house. Quote for 10 windows was about $50,000 but then he discounted the price to $44,000. We could not afford it. It took 2 hrs to get to the first price then another 1 1/2 hours- I called the police to come get him out of the house. 4 trips from our living room to his car.


Delays and brush offs

Its official Anderson Windows is the least reliable company Ive dealt with building my home and possibly the worst Ive ever dealt with. They have some serious problems from delays, damaged products and frankly not able to deliver on the products ordered. They should stop taking orders until they can complete the ones they have outstanding. Their delays are costing me major $$$ not being able to complete my home waiting on them. Over 10 separate delays continuing to push the delivery date with zero communication until expected delivery date.


They were unresponsive and did not resolve their delivery issues. They allowed us to pay for delivery from their factory when they were delayed with their shipping. I don’t recommend this company.

Delayed delivery and made us pay for the shipping. The truck we payed for came to pick up the product and only half the order was ready. We payed $1550 out of pocket for trucking. The whole order was not readily available and we were only able to pick up half our order. The response Manager Karen Edwards was unresponsive to my emails.


The Warranty Has Run Out

About twenty years ago we used Anderson French Doors as part of a kitchen remodel. The doors were professionally installed by a licensed contractor. They were pricey but beautiful. They are not near a source of water other than seasonal rain. There is extensive dry rot on the bottom of one door. We have since learned that this is a common problem with Andersen French doors. When we called Andersen we were told that "The warranty period has ended". I'd add a picture, but it's just too heartbreaking. We're very disappointed in the product. Should doors not last longer than twenty years?


Delivery of Ordered Windows

Dear Sir?Madam, I am express my frustration. On May 16, 2022, I ordered a number of window through your authorized local dealer in Toronto. At the the time, I was told expected delivery would be 14-15 weeks. We are broaching 20 weeks with no delivery in sight. I have put in a number calls with regard to the lack of transparency and nebulas response to definite delivery. When parties enter an agreement to purchase their exist a covenant that parties are bound by the purchaser to meet his financial obligations and the vendor to full his completion of delivery in a timely and efficient manner. Anderson has not met this parameter. I took early retirement, to assign myself as primary caregiver to my elderly parents in heir twilight years.The windows are intended for their home, so that they can be maintained on one floor that is comfortable from drafts, meeting safety protocols and falls prevention. The undue stress, that this having on my parents is visible in changes in their mental status. The elderly are impacted greatly by the stress vulnerability paradigm. I am of the position, that any disclaimers of delays, are inexcusable given the economic forecasting and modelling available, to your team. Orders by Anderson should of been put on hold, rather than subject individuals, especially the elderly, to high levels of anxiety and stress. I implore you to expedite this matter, and to consider suitable reconsideration/compensation, for this chaotic experience for Mr. Tom Petheriotis and Sotiroula Petheriotis. Sincerely, Kostas Petheriotis (POA)


Not satisfied with customer service and support

I contacted Andersen and stated that my screen/two window storm door had warped and what looks like the pressed wood used for insulation had expanded causing the door to have a 1" gap at the bottom. I purchased at H-D but they wanted me to jump through hoops to get satisfaction. I have several pictures and model/ serial numbers and could have texted them to the company right away but that was not acceptable to them. Needless to say I am not happy.


Customer service

Broken window replacement. Why would it cost me 850.00 to have one pane replaced? We have spent over 50 thousand dollars to have all our windows and two doors replaced by Andersen. Your representative Dave Hylton has not returned my call. If we don't hear something soon we are going to call our TV stations and have a report done. The Wellers 480215****


Called about window with failed part.

My Andersen 400 series window is 5 years old and the part that slides in the casement has broken from the pin in the window frame. I called and gave them all the information they asked for then let them view the window through their app. They identified a replacement part, but would not confirm/guarantee it to be the correct part. On top of that they then told me they could give me a list of contactors to perform the repair at my cost. In essence, I would be expected to pay for a contactor to come and possibly tell me I had the wrong part, then come again to install the correct one. I asked to have someone come and confirm the part required, the response to this was a flat "We don't do installations". Then I asked to talk to a supervisor. I got the same run around from him. Then he told me I was being rude and that he was not going to do anything for me. He then said he would pass me to his management and never did.


Finished install problems

Watch out for Andersen windows. They have 2 100% separate companies. Andersen Windows and renewal by Andersen. They both get there windows from the factory in Minnesota, but the number I called was only for Anderson windows not Renewal by Andersen. Same windows, but Andersen windows cant help me


Customer Resolution

I contracted with Renewal by Andersen to replace 18 windows and a patio door in our home, after 6 months the install day arrived (28-29 April 2022) and the crews showed up with the wrong style windows, I advised them, the supervisor and the manager of the error but they still went forward and installed the windows advising the salesman would have to handle it as he wrote it up. It took 6 days for the salesman to contact me regarding the problem and after telling him about the issue its been 7 days and still no further response as to how to resolve this error. I am very disgusted with the "Warranty/Service" that is advertised. I am getting more impatient as I'm sure you want to be paid the $49,000 for the job, but I won't pay a dime until the job is done properly. I stressed to the salesman and the second rep that measured we wanted "Double-Hung" style windows, we received side sliding. I understand we signed off on an I-Pad that the order was correct, but the order identified each window as "Glider-Double" whereas I don't work for Andersen I was under the impression it was the description for the Double-Hung style we stressed we wanted. Please step in to resolve this matter so I don't have to take it further.


Unable to get customer service to understand

Dear lord, if you are going to have customer service workers from India, they should at least speak English.


Customer service no help not helpful rude,

warranty issues you pay thousands of dollars for windows and no customer service help at all, customer service gives hard time , no help whatsoever SHAME ON YOU

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