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2.4/5 - based on 433 reviews

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AM Auto Parts has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 433 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 15th position out of 513 companies.


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(617) 314-9610

1 Distribution Center Circle, Littleton, Massachusetts, 01460, United States

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I need my parts delivered to me ASAP!!!!! My car need to be fixed!!!!!

I emailed my information back to the company and no one responded and I need my parts ASAP which I'm still under warranty!!! My car need those parts to be fixed ASAP!!!


Recieved two parts when only orderd one

Strangly I was sure I only ordered 1! And I have bought several parts from you. PLEASE IS THERE ANY WAY YOU COULD STOP JUST 1 OF THE ORDER THE ORDER # IS 17-1029*-***23 As you can see there are 2 orders being shipped. Could you please have one of them shipped back or last resort send me a RETURN label.? send me a RETURN LABEL IF YOU CAN'T STOP IT. FIX THIS I BEG YOU. BEING DISABLED AND MY FINANCIAL SITUATION.PLEASE RESPOND ASAP


My order not arrived

My order not been sheep I need to know what happened to my order the said arrive end 1 day n 3 days pass I need to know when my order is going to be ready


Never get my order

Adress was right on my order , never get my item to my door . Made my order on april 25 ,delivery may 01 never happend . So is impossible to follow the return police on ebay because I never get it . So i dont have info from the seller ,but they take the money out of my debit card.


Never received order

Packet never came to my door even with the right adress for delivery . Never get to my door UPS send back to the seller . Is impossible to follow the return steps because I never recive my order .


Horrible. CUstomer service don't get back to you

Bought a intake that was modified found out it will work on my own they don't get ahold of you then when they do ask ya same question from original question it will b my last time ever buying anything from them I just wonted to know if the part was interchangeable thanks to me and research I found out it does five days later bad buisness


Received wrong item

Received the brake pads which the listing on Ebay said would fit my vehicle. When I tried to install them they did not fit. I contacted customer service and the response by email was pretty quick. No CS by phone. After a few emails back and forth a full refund was issued to my PayPal account. Unfortunately they did not have the correct part for my car. If they did I would have certainly purchased them. Overall a good experience. Would buy from AM again.


Wrong part

This is wrong I have a car show at 4:00 pm and y'all send me a lt1 V8 fuel pump and it clearly says a 3.4l V6 I have to have my fuel pump before 4pm tomorrow and I waited this long for the wrong one


I paid extra for 2nd day delivery, but its very late delivery.

They are not honest with their customers and do not show clear delivery regarding 1-2 days. They also do not respond to their customers' emails.


Bad part

I got a bad part, the driver side mirror does not move far out enough I called, and left a message and a voicemail, no one got back to me so far, I hope you will replace the mirror or give me a refund. Thank you


I would like to exchangeppl for right parts

I ordered the wrong strut before I notice they were rear strut. I tried to cancel as soon as possible but there's no way or no phone number to reach y'all in and emergency. I needed the Front Strut for them car. Now you want to keep $40.00 if my money for a return when a dozen of eggs cost damn near $10.00 and it still have to order the right parts. Mention this in the email plenty of time and call it receive back is thank you for your response.i left my phone number in of of those email.


Try to return item can’t get nobody to call me or anwer

Wrong part try to return but no help. tried multiple times by phone and email but cant get no help. I have searched and searched for a phone number but could not find a legitimate number to call.


Change shipping address

Hi I would like to change my shipping address 8303 Skillman str apt 205 Dallas Texas 75231 There was an error with the one that was used while placing the order


It is very difficult to actually talk to a customer service representative

Need to return parts. Both parts ordered were wrong so I'm trying to get one return label for both parts together


Need a product return label

I am filling out this return item sheet an have done so at least 15 times I purchased this item it does not fit car.bit when I bought the it would fit not I need to return to get refund an it's not as easy as it was to purchase i fill like I am getting the run around. I really thought the site was an official am auto parts site may be I was wrong smh I would recommend Amazon if Amazon does not have do not trust any other site


Broken part

Broken brake pads and rotor is chop or nipped had to pay extra to my mechanic for trip to auto parts store and purchase new pads extra money I had to pay wasn't in my mind

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