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Alside Window has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 181 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 8th position out of 170 companies.


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Broken/cracked window

We purchased this large window (94" x 42") through a contractor and for a little over a year we loved our large bay window but then we came home to a crack in the window across the one corner ~3 feet long. We entered in our warranty claim and after a protracted amount of time was told that "sorry, we don't honor a glass claim and you didn't buy a glass warranty". We never even knew there was such a thing! Then, we brought in a local glass contractor who said that the window was very cheaply made and was not surprised it had cracked. In the meantime, our contractor told us he now has 2 other customers with Alside window warranty problems. So now we have to spend more $$$$ to get what we should have initially had.


Consistently defective

I am on my third set of horizontal slider windows (original vinyl windows installed in June 2019, sashes replaced Sept 2022 worse than original with 1/2 x 3/4 inch holes and gaps to outside, sashes replaced again May 2023 have holes and gaps again)... also am on my second set of double hung windows originals received June 2019 and replaced Sept 2022 due to defects of all of them horizontal slider and double hungs allowing air between glass and sash frames as well as between panes and frames - and through frames themselves. Replacement sashes still allow air to blow. Horrible quality... consistently. It is pointless to continue replacing them because they are consistently horrible and the public should be aware of this.


Disappointing Warranty Process

They (Apex/Alside) outsource (or Automate) their warranty process to an on-line portal that is clunky at best. Took me over an hour just to provide documentation and force all files loaded to be less than 2MB. After everything was loaded (proof of ownership of house, window contract, pictures of defects (3 failed windows in 2 years since install), etc. ... My claim went into a response from local connection, window seller or online portal. I don't expect 24 hour turnaround service, but at a minimum I would expect a response within a week. It has been 2 plus weeks and can't get a response. Frustrating beyond belief.


Guaranteed Replacement windows

Ordered replacement in Nov 21. Sent wrong size. Received correct replacement today. 5-20-22. Over 6 months. Sends part only. You have to disassemble the window yourself and install replacement glass. Lifetime Warranty is bogus. Dont buy Alside


I have Al side Excalibur windows for many years. From day one until today I am constantly replacing sashes and picture windows because of seal failures. They were lemons from day one

Seal failures on almost every window they installed. When submitting a complaint they are useless. They doing even want to ship Replacement s or send a representative to examine the problem. They should replace all of our windows as they were and are never without problems


Warranty Coverage

The so-called Warranty coverage for the windows is the poorest of any product I have ever owned. Simply send you parts with no installation instructions. 4 year old home, replaced locks on patio door already. Now fixed glass pane on kitchen window seal has leaked, in addition the opposite window spring system has broken. Replies via the warranty system are non-existent.



I have an issue with all of their windows installed in my home which is a new construction. These window not only allow dust and cold air into the home but they also leak water when it rains. My sealed windows even have these issues. I have been in communication with their warranty department for months and have gotten nowhere.


Leaking water - Help warn future customers

I purchased 10 new windows for my house a few months ago and every single one leaks water. It doesn't even need to be a hard driving rain even a light shower or a light spray with the garden hose and water will leak in along the track. During a hard driving rain the inside of the window track filled up so much it almost overflowed. These are brand-new windows that were professionally installed, so it is 100% poor quality windows and not an issue with installation. The company refuses to admit that there is an issue with the windows and swear that everything is fine. Unfortunately, it looks like I will need to hire an attorney to get anything done. I have no idea how this company is still in business, they are an absolute joke. I hope this helps at least one person from dealing with the headache I have had with these windows. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ALSIDE!!!



Have a house sided with walnut type siding and have been discontinued Is there any available in your system Richard Knudsen 414-520-****


Company is unresponsive to complaints

I have been trying for about 2 years to get Alside to take action to repair/replace our 'lifetime warranty' windows, several of which have lost the seal and are now filled with moisture. They just keep stalling without saying that they will or will not honor their warranty. I think their interpretation of lifetime warrant means the lifetime of each window.


Poor quality, do not stand behind their warranty

Updated by user Apr 21, 2021
Alside has not responded to any inquiries, they are doing absolutely nothing.

Original review Mar 22, 2021
Purchased 36 "Premium Deluxe Vinyl Replacement Windows w/Climatech Glass" through Kroll Construction. Windows were manufactured by Alside Windows, an Associated Materials company. Windows include a LIFETIME warranty. Filed a claim due to a crack in a window frame (left pane) that was the result of the lock and receiving side of the lock not aligning properly, Alside denied the claim. The left pane has a cracked frame and the right pane cannot even lock since the window appears to be sitting askew. Has to be either a manufacturing defect or installation defect. Kroll Construction instructs me to file a claim with Alside, Alside dismissed the claim, neither Alside nor Kroll will take responsibility for a poorly manufactured/installed window.


No response to warranty claims

The builder of my condo installed Alside windows. Condo was built approx. 6 years ago. I noticed fogging in 3 windows which appears to be seal failure, so I submitted warranty claims for them. It's been 4 weeks since I submitted the claims and no response. I had a local window repair company give me a price to replace the bad windows and he suggested I submit the warranty claims to see if Alside would replace them. He even showed me where I could find the serial number on the windows. He said Alside would most likely just send new windows and that I would be responsible for the cost of installation which I don't really have a problem with. I just want windows that aren't foggy. The window repair company said they could do the installation. As I stated above, it's been 4 weeks since I submitted the warranty claims, and based on other posts on this forum, it appears that I'm never going to here from them. The replacement cost from the window repair company isn't outrageous, so I'll probably just go ahead and have them do the replacement. If I could give negative stars for Alside customer service and warranty I would.


Some of my Alside windows fogged up. The company has not been responsive to my complaint.

I replaced all of the windows on my home. Several of them fogged up, and look terrible. I have not been able to get this problem resolved. The company is non-responsive.


Poor quality windows

Had all my home windows replaced in 2011; the installer used Alside. In the past 3 months I have noticed a frosted/hazed appearance on one side of my bay window, and a bedroom 52" window. I don't know if this is a seal problem. I called the installer and they mentioned to contact Alside and submit a claim. I attempted to register online with Alside and keep getting a notice.."the site administrator has been alerted" and the claim process ends. After reading the numerous complaints of the Alside claim process, it's apparent many customers have been left to deal with their defected Alside windows with no help from Alside; I'm one of them. My concern is: if two windows are showing defects after 9 years, then eventually, all the house windows will start to show defects. I should have kept the original windows which were 40 years old; the workmanship was far more superior compared to Alside's workmanship and quality.


Bad Product Report

Updated by user Feb 21, 2021
As of today, 21-Feb-2021, I have not been contacted by anyone regarding the resolution of this problem.

Original review Jan 22, 2021
I had all of my windows replaced, and four of them have fogged-up, and look terrible. I am unable to file a warranty claim because their website won't allow me to upload documents.


Leaking windows

We have water damage in our home due to the newly installed (by Alside's factor-trained installers) windows leaking. Jason Fitzwater (ISS Manger of Alside Baltimore) came to our house to inspect a window that leaked in our kitchen and told us that it was a "industry standard install," so I guess Alside is fine with leaking windows. We've had multiple contractors inspect the 19 windows installed by Alside and they basically told us all the same thing, that the windows are not installed properly and that every single window will be leaking relatively soon. We reported issues back in July when we had a water stream coming through our kitchen window. We found additional problems with the other 18 windows installed. Contacted Jon Dye (ISS Regional Director) and showed him pictures of issues and water damage, he said he didn't see anything wrong in the pictures. Well, there was mold clearly visible on the new wood installed by Alside, so I don't know how he didn't see anything wrong with the pictures. We were supposed to get custom windows from Alside. They came out twice to measure the openings. We were told that we could go with a larger window, that would take away the stool on the inside or we could go with a smaller window and they would have to build a frame around the window to fit our rough opening. We wanted the larger window but then we're told that it was up to the company on which we will recieve, well that's really not customs windows then. Smaller windows were installed, with unprotected wood around the windows. Nothing was done to seal new frame to our rough opening. The new wood is exposed to the elements, so the wood is getting wet and causing mold to grow inside my house. I don't understand how anyone from Alside can say that this was a good install and they don't see any issues. We have multiple windows currently leaking and more in the future. Alside was supposed to come back to "fix" our issues, but told us what we wanted has never been done before by them. All we wanted was our windows to be properly installed and sealed from the elements. I can see that they have never properly sealed a window before. There are probably thousands of homes with leaking windows because of Alside's installs. If you have ever had windows installed by Alside, please do yourself a favor and have the window inspected by a properly trained profession (obviously not Alside). After finding additional issues in other windows, we decided not to have Alside do anything else at our home because we don't want anymore issues to pop up. We have no faith in anything that Alside installs or produces. We were trying to improve our home but now it's in worse shape, then before the window install.

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