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Alsco has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 57 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 20th position out of 763 companies.


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20 Bridge Street, Pymble, New South Wales, 2073, Australia

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I do not have any complaints per se. The rep that I spoke with was very friendly and informative. My concern is that I do not see any Black women in the brochure. This is a growing trend that is of concern. Even in brochures that are 'diverse', they are not represented. Thank you for your attention.


Unfair work conditions

I worked for Alsco for a few months. The start pay is 12 for alsco employees but they pay their Temps 15. This is a problem. Not only that the Temps are aloud to leave every day at 2:30pm. While the alsco staff have to stay everyday. This is unfair. Also I got my period and told Nick that I had to leave he tells me if I leave don't come back. I then went to his boss Bill which he said it was okay to leave. The bathroom are disgusting and mold is growing. They only have a few stalls working and only 3 people can be in the bathroom at a time. It's more then 50 people in here. Please explain. They don't clean the bathroom with bleach. They don't care about any employees at all. The napkins come to me dirty and still have food and rats and roaches. Sometimes they are die other times they are alive. The white napkins don't even smell like bleach they smell like trash that has been sitting out for months. Jordan's a lier he tells me if he let's one person leave at 2:30 he has to let everyone leave at 2:30pm. But here's the problem the Temps leave at 2:30. This is bais and discrimination against all staff that have to stay mandatory. Please explain. They don't follow any covid regulations they have staff on top of each other and there is no room. I got sick a few times. The ppe wear Please they only have XL gloves and that's it. If you want glove NICK told me to go to Amazon. What how can staff do there job without the proper equipment or tools. Not only that when you work from 6am-4:30 how many breaks are you suppose to have while let me tell you they give a ten minute break 8:10-8:20 lunch is 11-11:30am and the last break is 1:15-1:30. They don't give us any more breaks. We are suppose to have another break. This is a hostile environment.


Lost phone

My brother was at a rehab before moving back home to start chemo. The phone came up lost. We called your company and within 4 hours we had received a return call that they had found it


*** services, never accurate in their items delivery

They picks up more uniforms and deliveres less the difference has to pay customers as lost items by customer Fishy contract try to read each lines carefully they puts extra charges to find out a way to increase the price laters and many more



They over charge you, even charge "rent" for things you "may" need in the future, threaten us with their Greensboro atty to pay around $28,000+ or keep doing business with them. They are the worse. Joey the representative was *** trying to come over to discuss for a lower charge top keep us, and I said well that shows you are already ripping us off if you can lower the price. They Suck!!


They are the WORSE!!!

They try to threaten with a letter from their Greensboro lawyer which is a big laugh!!! They over charge and even charge "rent" for any items they "store" in "case" you need them. They also over charge my business which is 84 years old, charge us twice and it took at least 3 weeks for us to get it back. I'm ready for them!!!!!



We used ALSCO for our linen service, and right from the very beginning the service was TERRIBLE! We were ALWAYS short uniforms and coveralls, and it was NEVER their fault. Followed their guidelines for cancelling and they didn't show up when they said and now charging us an outrageous amount for stuff, they haven't been bringing us, and stuff they left here when they did show up to pick up. I could go on and on! WORST LINEN COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY!!


Terrible service

One of the reasons why we are no longer want their service due to the fact that their coats are not being properly washed and their employees are too lazy to pick up the hangers they just leaved the wire hangers in our office its cluttered. Weve asked them several times to pick up the hangers and packed nicely for them, we been ignored.


Missing uniforms

ever week we get no where near are uniform supply. We turn our shirts and pants in at the same time and we all have 11 pairs. This week I was only brought 3 shirts and 7 pants last week was the same and weeks before more of the same one week we didn't have any uniforms and then when they did show the brought the wrong companies.


Not dependable

Can't get them to come for service. They give employees business cards for you to contact them for items. When they don't bring you the product or they deliver people quit, It's always your fault no matter what! Lacking service skills because they don't have any. Zero sense of wanting to take care of the customers as far as the office help goes.


First Hand Knowledge

Dont EVER use this company. The service is horrible and double bill you all the time. They do not clean the garments properly. For example they wash dental isolation gowns together with dirty industrial uniforms. Absolutely disgusting. The GM David Sweeny increases costs to ALL customers without telling them and it just appears on the invoice. Dont ever deal with Eric Divers a sales rep there as he convinces you to sign a contract that you cant get out of and the price triples overtime. DO NOT trust this company. Sheila Evans is the head of production and sends back unwashed products to customers. As far as working there the turnover is crazy. No training as its an American company that has no clue about Canada. STAY AWAY!!


Poor service and it never stops in 3 years

every shipment of sheets are torn, stained or wet.... terrible contract be sure to read if you dont believe all the bad review and you will see.


Not returning call after leaving messgae

Called in over invoice of something I am being billed on something that was ordered by an unauthorized purchaser and not part of our agreed contract of what is being supplied. Have not heard back about bill let alone who ordered the product or if I have to pay.


Bad business

What kind of Monkey show is the Service Manager Running? Even if you're in a locked contract they adjust your prices to nickel and dime you! They raised their service charges and started to charge minimum even if your contract states otherwise. If they can't get you that way, they cut your inventory and product delivery back so they can charge you an emergency fee to send what you ordered earlier! You have to reorder your order be charged extra! At one time they had a monopoly on the surrounding areas. With competition moving in they've decide to be volatile and aggressive with new contracts. Times you're not sure if you are ordering a new product or signing a renewal contract speaking with their other customers! What a joke of a ran business! Is upper management made of con artists?



I was scheduled for an interview with the HR manager in Charlotte, NC. The HR manager gave me specific instructions which I followed. Once I arrived to the location for the interview, I sit for 40 minutes after I asked for Vanessa Murphy. I called her to ask what happened, and she never called back to apologize or reschedule.


Alsco Driver Stole from our restaurant

We let our contract run out and hired a new more reputable table linen provider. The rout driver came back several times and stole linens from the restaurant. We filed police reports. Upon being confronted with the thefts he told police that the route manager encouraged that behavior to " punish " customers that do not use them and force other companies out.

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