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All UserManuals has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 88 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 10th position out of 763 companies.


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I was looking for a manual and print not a download, tried to immediately cancel my order, and I can get a hold of nobody


I want to receive my manual; I did not get it

I ordered it and paid for it (by credit card) but did not receive it. I need instructions re how to access downloadnone


Terrible service. They don't answer their emails and they take your money up front

They take your money up front when they don't have a user manual then try to keep your money after they FAIL to provide you with user manual. This is criminal activity. They don't answer their emails either!


My Manual is not available

I just want a refund for this Bosch 060195**** manual to my Credit Card used to make this purchase. If no refund is posted to my account in the next 48 hours I will be force to inform my credit Card company. Thomas C. Severini


My VISA was debited for a manual that i havant recieved

I ordered a installation manual which I never received. I was asked for more information, and sent it. I was also asked not to cancel my VISA payment. I obliged


No response, no manual, overcharged credit card

the only thing i received from allusermanuals was conformation of order. no manual ever came and no answer ever received from inquiries. recommend you do not use this website,


Paid for a user manual for ge appliance mod. GTW335aSN1WW have not received it

i need manual or refund can not get any help what takes so long. iam done ordering any thing on line


Did not Receive the user's n manual for the camera

Last week I paid to Receive the User's manual for the Canon Camera EOS70D until now I have not received anything. It has already been paid. Please send ASAP as I really need it use my camera. thank you for your impediste consideración. I look forward to hearing Back from you as soon as possible. Mario Araneda



Please refund my payment As you are Charging you made 17 pound Thank you I hope I'll get my hope I've got my refund within the next 48 hours


I never got my download

I ordered my manuel on 4/29/23 and I never got the manuel.. but you took 16.99 out of my account. I would love to have it if you can send it. I looked in spam deleted and any other place. No manuel


Overcharged for what was ordered at a set price

I ordered a manual for a Kaiser car frig which they said was available for $9.99. When the charge came thru it was 16.99. I rang my bank and took appropriate action to freeze my card in case of fraud. The stigma associated with this deal is distressing given my advanced age. Why is this website allowed to continue given the many bad reviews.



TURNED OUT TO BE A COMPLETE SCAM DO NO ORDER FROM THEM!!!A I ordered a manual for $9.99, paid and printed the receipt showing total charge of $9.99 however was charged $16.99 and no manual was provided. I called the number and left a message. Received an email stating that there is a $4.01 charge for charged to help support our payment processing fees, database hosting fees and covers a broad range of operating costs including customer support. - There is an optional charge of $2.99 to process your order in Priority. This charge can be unselected in the payment page, at checkout in the order summary section. There is no option to unselect the $2.99 and the $4.01 did not appear anywhere.


Never recieved manual

I paid 15.97 for a manual which I never received, I have now solved my problem with out the manual so it is no longer required, you took to long to send it I ordered it on 23 March at a cost of 15:97. this money is a lot to lose for a pensioner in her 80's so refund please


Getting tired of waiting

Wasn't able to download manual for Lawn Devil lawnmower model numbel is13240****. It is 196cc 22 inch blade. MY name is Joseph Cleaver and I have already paid to download it but they havenot email me yet on how to do it.


Different price

Hoy compre un manual Blaupunkt modelo Dallas 5023, por la suma total de $9.99, y cuando reviso la tarjeta con la que pague encuentro que me quitaron $15.97, por favor necesito cancelar inmediatamente la compra. Muchas gracias por su ayuda Luis Ribas All-usermanuals



Ordered a manual form this company. They sent me the initial purchase email with the $9.99 purchase amount but actually charged my credit card $15.97. Never got the follow-up email with the download information. Did not respond to my emails. I have contacted my bank to dispute the charge and to get a new credit card.

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