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Aliexpress has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 17800 customers. In the Auctions and Marketplaces category, it secures the 4th position out of 351 companies.


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I have confirmed my delivery by didnt receive my order..will I still receive my orders...please reply


Resolved: Counterfit fraudulent goods with impossible returns window

Updated by user Aug 23, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund. If i had not accepted a partial refund within an impossible returns window, i would have gotten NOTHING.Criminals burning the earths resources, producing unbranded trash.

Updated by user Aug 23, 2023
My bank was unable to give me a card refund because they couldn't get in touch with Aliexpress either..I ended up accepting a partial refund from the seller of 30% the product's value. which means an 8 year old tablet cost me £67 and a month of stress instead of £97.

Original review Jul 24, 2023
I was given a return window on Saturday the 22nd to return the item before 1st August (by the 31st of July) to receive a full refund. postage is 6-7 working days to Shenzhen. the earliest i could have posted it was monday the 24th and it would not get there in time. I already told the seller that i can't afford to send it until the 27th and it would not get there in time. I've been given an impossible return window. Usually aliexpress when the product is technically incorrect (not just the wrong size), give a refund outright but the seller pasted a script at them, lies explaining quality control methodology. so instead they told me to return it. I had no way of providing further evidence to change their minds and when i submitted a seperate report, their automation simply told me to file a dispute which i can't do because one is already ongoing. (the refund process). their customer service URL doesn't work either and there is no web based chat despite them saying there is. This product is meant to be a 10-core 64 bit cpu (MTK6797), 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM, also it's meant to be 1440p (2K) and 11" android 12. This product is.. a 4 core 32bit cpu (MTK6735), 10GB of storage and 14.6gb of RAM, also it's 1280x800 (720p) 10" android 7. I paid £97 for it, thinking it's the first example. it's worth £30 (the latter example) THey do this alot, this is commonplace but I'm a former technical manager for IPC Archtec and i have been sold counterfit, fraudulent goods. I am powerless to do anything about it because Aliexpress don't have the facility of contact (unless i call the US office or Hong Kong) and by the 1st of August i will loose the right of refund. I suffer from mental illness and am on prescription medication but even that, isn't, helping. at the moment. This has been drawn out and horrific, I'll never buy from aliexpress ever again


I did order 2 Xiaomi Band 8 watches but the vendor did deliver something else

and in spite of all my evidence, pictures, video's, vendors website portal still showing the scam etc,, the vendor states he has delivered the right product, and aliexpress states i can return the goods (cost more than the goods = >60 euro) but sees no fault has happened from the vendor - so they encourage fraud on their site, do not tackle it, encourage the vendor to continue his malafide practices and lure more customers into scam order, ripping of clients. Both vendors and AliExpress CE are at fault here


I want to report a fraud.

I ordered the following items from a store in the same order: 1. Ender 3 V2 2. Laser engraving kit 5W 3. 2 KG filament The seller sent me links to what I should order, and I placed the order and paid. The problem is that the seller sent me a link for a laser that is not compatible with my printer, without the fixing plate and control box. Essentially, I was deceived into buying an item that doesn't fit my printer. I complained to the seller and asked them to send me the control box and fixing plate separately, but the seller is pretending not to understand and is asking me to buy the laser, fixing plate, and control box again. They refuse to take responsibility for delivering the wrong product or exchanging it for the item that is compatible with my printer. I want to emphasize again that the seller sent me the link for what to buy, and I purchased everything from them. Now they are playing dumb. This is pure theft and fraud. I hope you can resolve this issue because all I want is to receive what I purchased and paid for correctly.



I ordered a prom dress from the store and it had the wrong size. I asked them can I send it back and get my money back because they jave a money back policy. But the seller's communication was so off that when I made a dispute nothing worked. Now I want to return the dress, it hasn't been worn so I need my money back.


Dissatisfaction with last purchase

Incomplete refund The total amount is $134.49 and I was refunded of $67.25, I have balance of $67.24. Im waiting for the balance, meanwhile I am also waiting for your label to rerun the material.


Application de la garantie légale d'un vendeur order 301871****917911

Hello, i ordered a Junsun V1 Pro 4+64go in october 2022. The mother card is dead and i want to require the legal warranty and their own warranty, but they ask me 106 to apply the warranty. Can you, please, contact the seller to tell him to apply the warranty as he describes it, in his sells?


Damaged product!!!!!!!!!!

On May 3 2023 I purchased a rc remote control drone. When I finally received it found out the remote would not do anything. Even after a the remote was charged. Today is July 15th and still today I'm still going back and forth with the seller. They sent me a new remote and I told them any new remote has to be bound to drone. To this day the seller and his so called engineer still hasn't comprehend that . I've ask over and over to refund my money and I've ask them just to replace with a new one .THEY NEVER RESPOND TO EITHER ONE OF THEM .I NEED HELP . This not my first purchase of a drone .I own 15 of them and three are DJI DRONES .


Resolved: Complaint on seller

Updated by user Jul 04, 2023

I said to seller that I want to return back the item but the aliexpress did 44 euro refund and tell you have to pay 108 but why I have pay when I want to return it its damage and poor quality.

Original review Jun 29, 2023
Hallo I want to return the drass its not good damage and poor quality i did contact with seller to return the drass but seller is not response me. And also did 44 euro refund but i dont want refund i want to return it . And get me full maney back 147 euro .


Aliexpress management seems to be coniving with sellers to rip off customers/buyers. Which is tragic and unfortunat. They allow sellers to sell fake products to unwilling customers without checking.

Updated by user Jul 26, 2023
It was a shame they did not resolve my issue. My money was NOT REFUNDED instead they said to contact the seller to resolve the issue.

I paid my money to aliexpress direct and not the seller. The seller sold me a fake shoes which was not not the same as advertised by...

Original review Jun 26, 2023
I recently bought a shoe. When the shoe arrived with was completely different from what was displayed on the sellers web page/marketing profile. The design was no where near originally displayed one that made me to buy it. It was fake design. I then placed a dispute to have my money refunded and aliexpress management (judge) came back and said no refund which pissed me off because they seem to favour the sellers more than the buyers and they seem to forget that buyers are the reason for their business to survive. I have attched the judgement, the screenshot of the shoes and the fake shoes for everyone to look at and see what I am saying. This is a complete shame for aliexpress to continue to act in this manner.


False information about delivery

Original review Jun 23, 2023
On 9th of June I received a message that I have 2 parcels (and 1 on 10th of June - all together 3 parcels with deliverer Cai Niao - to Evri (Hermes) received from Evri I should pick the way of delivery - I've picked collection from the nearest Parcelshop. In the messages it was written that they will inform me wen ready to collect. I've checked few times they didn't received. Now I'm expecting the 4th parcel the same company, the same story the parcels are somewhere. I recieved a message 4 days ago from that I've sained for my parcels which absolutely is not true. I' ve tried to open dispute it wasn't accepted my information and mails to Evri and from Evri that they don't know where are the parcels. It left less then 3 hours and I will loose my money paid for this parcels. You know that Evri always makes a pfotos as a proff of delivery. I didn't received and no one else in my behalf. Please help me.


Aliexpress - Refund Issues

The dress I ordered Package #:816386****865248), March 13th from Smileven Wedding Dresses Store on Aliexpress for $119.58, through expedited shipping and tracking available, with estimated delivery date of April 4th, 2023, but instead it arrived later on April 6th, 2023 and I could not even track the dress throughout the shipping process. When the dress arrived, the dress was not the correct color that I ordered and the wrong size. I contacted the seller after placing a request for a full refund on April 7th, 2023, and the seller told me to resubmit a new request with the reason 'I don't need it anymore' or 'I ordered the dress by mistake' and I would receive a full refund when the dress is returned to them. Given, I had dealt with this issue before, I did not submit a new request and went through the dispute process where Aliexpress sided with me on the dispute and agreed the seller owed me a full refund and bore shipping cost to return the dress. I contacted the seller on April 14th, 2023, after the dispute decision came out to request the return label from them and at first they claimed that the buyer is responsible before I showed them the dispute outcome, then they insisted China doesn't have any return labels, and insisted I should just return the dress and Aliexpress would cover the cost. A week had passed since then and after many contacts to the seller again on April 22, 2023, I returned the dress and just paid the shipping fee myself because the seller refused to provide a return label and the time to return the dress was almost up. I sent a screenshot of the receipt and notified the seller I sent the dress back that same day and how they owed me still for the return shipping cost of $80.40 cents. The seller ignored it and just sent me the Order Confirmation Status. The online customer service also assured me they would attach an official note to Smileven Wedding Dresses Store requiring them to pay both the return shipping fee along with the refund and sent an email confirming the request was made. On May 5th, 2023, the dress I returned was confirmed delivered and the seller confirmed they received the dress. I informed them again they still owed me for return shipping and they ignored it again by repeatedly sending me the order confirmation status. I received the refund of 119.58 for the dress but not the return shipping refund of $80.40. And on April 21st, 2023, I purchased a dress for $110.19 again with the same seller on a separate account, scheduled to arrive May 10th, 2023, and arrived May 15th, 2023, and did not come with tracking available again. Therefore the seller has the money to pay me and is outright refusing to comply. You need to refund me the FULL $80.40, as it is not my fault I did not receive a return shipping label. I need this issue resolved immediately, and I want my money back ASAP.


A thief has bought goods using my mother's bank card.

Someone else has purchased items from this web store using my mother's bank card. That thief has ordered goods worth RS. two lakhs(600 Dollers). Please help to find his name and address.


Issues with an order a refund

I received your helmet from the seller that was defective I sent pictures to AliExpress that clearly show the flaws and I'm having trouble getting my refund this is a joke do not shop at AliExpress


Diona Laser hair removal

I got problem on the seller from Aliexpress The company name is Beauty International Factory ,i bought the Diono Laser hair removal marchine..this marchine got problem totally cannot use and i ask for refund ..the seller only refund me $279.79 i buy this marchine is $1103 is not unfair to me i feel like Scam my money please follow my case ,Couse i cant send the Videos,please i only want to refund my full amount Thanks


Resolved: I’ve been scammed I didn’t receive 4 packages I’ve ordered and I haven’t been refunded ,I’ve tried to contact them but so far I get unreliable robotic answer real incompetency at maximum

Updated by user May 18, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Apr 17, 2023
I've ordered four packages 2 of the packages logistics weren't updated beyond package delayed after I've waited for a long time I've messaged the seller they said we've shipped it ask Ali express or call the delivery company of your country by the time I've got the right information it was too late the item were returned. When I asked for solution I only received an unhelpful robotic answer I've asked for refund AliExpress refused now I don't have the package nor my money I've literally burned my money. As for other 2 other packages one of them were stuck somewhere in shipping process with no updated information after waiting for a long time I've gone to delivery company that they said that they will ship to at my country they said we don't have them call the center I've called the center they said it didn't reach us they told me to contact the seller told me that Ali express will give us solutions that will satisfy both of us I've contacted AliExpress platform they admitted that the shipment process was abnormal, and it is stuck somewhere they promised me that they will refund me only they went back on their words and sent me message that says my refund request is invalid the package is shipped. As for the fourth package the product I've ordered was never shipped to me and I didn't get a refund, the seller informed me that they don't ship anymore, The shipping company that they work with stopped their shipping method, so they had to change it, so they asked me to pay extra to get my package I was ready to pay extra even though that this is not what was agreed upon, but I just wanted to get my package instead of finding a solution they started giving me incomprehensible instructions, and I asked for clarification. I only found an unhelpful robotic response. When Ive opens the dispute they asked me to close it promising that they will refund me I trusted them and did what they asked, so naturally they should start the process of refunding me instead they asked me again to open dispute and say (refund me for other reasons instead of I didn't receive my package in the opening dispute reasons option)and we will refund you I've tried to open dispute again, but it didn't work because I've already opened it and closed it myself now the order is closed AliExpress sent me message that the item is shipped, and my money is gone. MY QUESTION IS DO AliExpress MAKE PEOPLE CHASE Information AND TOSS THEM AROUND BETWEEN UNRELIABLE SERVICES AND WASTE THE CUSTOMERS TIME AND MONEY!!! Is this how AliExpress operate now and when they have issues at their end they are not solving it instead they're asking the customer to solve the issue with Incomprehensible instructions and giving you baseless promises AND THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO COME AND TELL ME MY REFUND REQUEST IS INVALID!!! AND WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF DISPUTE OPTION IF IT CAN'T GET ACCURATE Information!!!


Companies that still do business in Russia

Since Russia has invaded Ukraine, can't stay aside. With this review, we present our team's opinion only - nothing more than that. We as an organization always defend the freedom of speech by providing a platform for consumers to voice their opinions and to talk about any problems they may have with various businesses. Today, we want to give voice to the tragedy of the people of Ukraine and let the world know the truth. A lot of major companies suspended their business in russia not to support the war. However, there are still large international corporations that continue operating and paying taxes in russia. Taxes that are used to finance the army of the aggressor. With this video, we want to show the consequences of such a decision for civilians in Ukraine and ask these companies to stop doing business in russia.

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