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1.4/5 - based on 86 reviews

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Alien Tape has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 86 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 5th position out of 211 companies.


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Alien Tape Reviews



I have not heard from alien tape at all I would like to hear from them. I am very disappointed in their tape it took off the paint off the wall.


Faulty product

The tape doesn't even hold a lightweight 4x6 inch frame. I put a strip of tape on back of frame & it holds for a week or so & then the fame falls off the wall.


To help warn others

This is the worse product ever! I tried pictures, decorations, hooks and much more It doesn't hold more than 5 mins, rips off paint a me leaves stains. TV ads are total lies and fraud DD NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!


On tv you advertise it sticks to all .

The tape. Don't work as advertise.I tried to mount ,2 small sconces on my brick wall.and they fell and broke


Hanging 3 lbs picture frame

I have had over 4 picture frames fall onto the floor and break. These are plastic and glass mind you. Terrible customer service if we can call it that. It's more of buy buy buy or junk we can lie it wouldn't hold 1 lb don't waste your money expect everything to be on the floor.


It tore my paint off the wall!!

I went to remove item very light and paint came off, disappointed.think about were you will stick this product, It sticks and will get stuck.


Cost plus shipping and handling

I purchased the alien tape via online 2 weeks ago and still have not received it. You can purchase the alien tape at Walmart for $19.88.


Cost plus postage and handling

I purchased alien tape online 2 weeks ago and still have not received it. I do not suggest your purchasing it online as Walmart sells the exact same alien tape for $19.88Purchase this product only at Walmart


Nothing sticks

I purchased this item it shows a man hanging from tape.yet it states only 17.5lbs confused. Nothing has worked for me. I tried several times to make this work for simple things less than lbs listened. Don't buy productD


Tape pulled the finish off my cab

I purchased alien tape and followed the instructions. Their advertising states it can be used on any surface. It even shows it being used on a cabinet. I used it on my cabinet and when removing it, the tape pulled the finish off the cabinet. This is going to force me to have my cabinets redone.


Help others save thier hard earned money

Aliens are probably truthful & above falsehoods, Alien tape is definitely EARTHEN try it yourself if you have the extra cash then I can read your disappointment too


Terrible experience

I purchased Alienate at Costco. Used it for some Christmas decorations as well as the edge of my area rug. I just removed a piece of Christmas decor. Did what they say, that is to twist it. Well, it finally cam off but took a custom plaster application with it, right down to the sheetrock paper. I haven't tried to remove from the floor yet where it holds my rug down but I am terrified that it will damage the flooring. It isn't as straight forward as they depict on the ads on TV. I won't be using this product anymore.


Bad product results

Alien tape doesnt hold up to his name and product satisfaction.The product alien tape has broken my precious sea ordaments, making me a non-believer of ur product


Alien take doesn’t hold up to his promise

I purchased the alien tape from Walmart and used it to hold up my hobby lobby sea ornaments. When all of a sudden my Ornament fell down and broke. I was so disappointed and very upset. I would like a reimbursement of my purchases. I would also like an apology letter from the makers of alien tape as well. I am a non-believer of this product and when I see it being advertised on TV it makes me more mad. I live in Arizona, where it's hot, where your alien tape didn't hold. I would like a returned phone call regarding this issue. Thank you, Mary Perez


This product doesn’t do what it supposed to do! It’s a lousy product!

My wife bought this product in hopes that it would be useful for sticking to the wall without a problem. Unfortunately, it didnt hold up and took off the paint and damaged the wall as well. It is a lousy product and doesnt work as advertised. The product needs to be tested and improved before it destroys ones house ever again!


It tore my wall to pieces and would not hold

This is a horrible product it damaged my drywall it tore into my drywall and the shelf fell off. I mean Ive put enough alien tape on there that it would have held any shelf and there was very little weight of what I put on there and now my wall is damaged and what I had on the shelf is broken. This stuff is horrible I would not advise anybody to use it I have pictures of what it did to my drywall now Ive got to plaster and paint my wall because of this stuff. Alien tape is horrible and a ridiculous product. I would not trust it to hold anything.

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