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AJ Perri has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 147 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 5th position out of 200 companies.


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1162 Pinebrook Rd, Tinton Falls, New Jersey, 07724, United States

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Failed service repairs 5 times

Company is incompetent. Terrible service. Failed to repair unit, air conditioning, installed in January. 5 visits and still no air conditioning. Tells me cooling pressure is excellent. Line froze. No cold air, thawed out, now still no cold air. Do your self a favor and stay away. They have a history of deception with the state of NJ.


Charge for bad customer service

Called AJ co. For a clogged toilet. Plumber came out and told me what I already stated, then he says they can't snake my toilet in my COUNTY. They did say they could replace my toilet for 1500.00 . Then I get hit with a 137.00 bill for doing nothing. Shameful


Botched installation, Failed inspection, AC unit failed at first heat wave, fixed. then failed again in 3 hours

AC unit with new coil installed January 2024. Failed inspection by the town twice, plumbing and mechanical. AC unit failed during heat wave 4th of July, repaired two days later, electrical problem condensation pump problem. Failed again 3 hours later, fan runs but blows warm air. Likely refrigerant leak. Can't come for 4 days due to understaffing and weekend. No 24 hour service available as advertized. Reported repaired system failure on Friday, 3:00 will come Tuesday. New water leak where new coil was installed. No cold air. No service. I will report to Better Business Bureau in NJ. The company has past history of violations with Attorney General in NJ and was fined.


Worst Service Imaginable from AJ Perri

STAY FAR AWAY from A "JACK" Perri. They sold me an HVAC system with two min-splits in 2020 during the pandemic for $25K I paid in cash. The HVAC needed coolant in 2021 and 2022 and they insisted there was no leak. Leaving me stranded with a chronic illness (leukemia) in 100 degree weather. It was only after contacting BBB did I get them to come out and troubleshoot the system to finally find the leak. Parts are on backorder with no estimated time of delivery. Imagine had I waited till April like AJ Perri wanted me too. Then both mini-splits systems stopped putting out cool air. I truly thought I was being punked. The coolant leaked out due to *** poor installation practices. Next my sump pump goes out for the second time in 5 years. Quality assurance blamed in on manufacturing ... maybe you need to buy better products. I just want my money back. I am tired of the false promises, the technicians that don't have a clue on what they are doing.


Very poor customer service

Spent $24K two years ago for air conditioning and heating units they said I needed. 10 year guarantee for parts & labor. Told they would respond to any trouble calls same day or next day. Called today 10 Aug 2022 because air conditioning not working. We are having a heat wave told first available appt is 17 August! I have leukemia and recovering from recent surgery. I am confined to my house. The heat will kill me and it will be A J Perris fault . all they want is your money. Stay away before you suffer needlessly.


Overcharging. rediculous prices

ac outside unit fan/compressor stopped working. contacted aj perri because they would get there that day. waited all day at 830 pm i was called and told tech was not able to make it and they recheduled for the next day they "waived 129 dollar service call fee" came the next day 50 min outside given 4 hr window. tech was fine diagnosed capacitor problem. was CHARGED $599 FOR CAPACITOR WHICH COST $70. TECH WAS THERE LESS THAN AN HOUR., THEY GAVE A 10% DISCOUNT. STAY AWAY


You guys install the new $8000 Unit without changing the filter now the units not working correctly

You guys installed a $8000 unit and never change $10 filter now my AC is not working correctly they came out three times and couldnt figure that out!


Outrageous pricing

I called A.J. Perri to replace a faucet in my bathroom. I had purchased the faucet so the estimate was for installation only. The quoted price was $546.00 and included a 10% discount. I thought it was a mistake but it was not. Their pricing is beyond excessive. There is absolutely no reason you can give to charge $546 for less than an hours work I didnt have the work done and will find someone else. Only positive was how nice the tech was and he has no control over the companys greed.


Had to use Better Business Bureau of New Jersey to get resolved!

Buyer Beware! Very High Prices! Very Poor communication! Poor workmanship. Would not recommend to anyone for anything.


Can't get their 100% UNCONDITIONAL Money back refund

Purchased their over priced AC unit in November 2021 and found out in March 2022 they don't do the AC vents at all! They also clean fiberglass vents which are not supposed to be cleaned! Now fighting with them to get my 100% UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (still within a year) Just want my money back and their equipment out so I can get it replaced properly.


They do not stand behind their service. I have had the same damper replaced on my furnace in the last 5 years and it is broken again. Their response is it will be $119 for technician to come and look.

They do not stand behind their own work. I have been with this company for over twenty years. As soon as this service contract is over I am going to another more reliable company


Broken boiler

Called AJ Perri for boiler maintenance. Found out they sent a salesman to do the maintenance. Said the PSI should be at 30 and did a manual fill and wound up causing problems with the autofill part and don't know what else he broke. 30 minutes after he left I had water all over the garage. Don't know what else he broke. Waiting for a TRAINED tech to repair. And the price I was quoted by the second AJ Perri was actually 3Xs more than the quote I received from a recommend tech.


Very bad service

The outside a/c unit kept occasionally tripping the circuit breaker upon startup. Called for service and the "tech" finally showed up at 9 at night (9 hours late). Barely touched the unit except for checking to see if it had power, he said it was too dark to take it apart to check the compressor or fan. I explained that it was on its own circuit and cooled and ran fine. So we start the unit up and the circuit breaker tripped so he could see the problem. He tried blaming it on the 15 amp breaker, should be 30 amp he says, I said 15 amp is what the specs called for from the manufacturer. The air handler is on its own 15 amp circuit. So is the furnace. So he didn't test the fan or condenser or the capacitors. What he did do is by pass the capacitors, the unit ran anyway. So he pokes at the wiring he disconnected and shorted out the unit, (big flash and sparks), now it wouldn't start at all. Goes back to the truck and gets a new fuse puts the wiring back together as he found it. Then claims as a diagnoses that the unit is old and probably runs hot is the cause of the breaker tripping. I've run the a/c for 13 years and with no problems until now. On the invoice states the condenser was shorted as the work performed. So he's claiming the short he caused as the problem and solution. So if Simon shows up at your door don't let him touch a thing and don't pay him. Very incompetent.Do not hire AJ Perri


Terrible service

Original review Aug 22, 2021
they came out to hoboken for an estimate of a leaking tub spout. they ordered the part(s) and set-up the second appointment. on two occasions (day of or day before appointment) they called to say could not make the appointment because of other higher priority jobs. the day of the job (the third time) they leave a message saying they do not perform work in cities where they have to pay for parking. in actuality, they were too lazy to find a parking spot and used this an excuse to back out of the job after 2 weeks of jerking us around. They had already been to the house once before to do the estimate so obviously they do business in the city of Hoboken. An extremely unethical and unreliable company.


A good experience

a few weeks ago a guy named pete from aj perri came to clear my house sewer trap. he was exceptionally professional and he didn't leave a mess, which is an triple plus. he was so clean that you would have thought he didn't do a thing, i don't know he he did it.


Very Poor Customer Service and Workmanship - LESS THAN 1 STAR

PSEG and another plumbing company were called to fix new problems caused by AJ Perri. AJ Perri came to my home to address a noise involving boiler on 3 different occasions. By the time they were finish working, I had 2 new water leaks and a gas leak. So disappointed and frustrated. Poor customer service and workmanship. In addition, one of the serviceman requested to use my bathroom and it smelled foul when he exited. Room smelled really bad and had to aired out. Requested a callback from management and never received a callback.

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