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Airtasker has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 69 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 4th position out of 279 companies.


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2003 Level 20, 109 Pitt St., Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

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I booked a trady he didnt get the job done we want money back. He came had a look at the job nothing was completed


Person has not shown up

Tradie did the fone deal for job. On that behalf , I paid the amount plus Airtasker fees. Now, the guy is coming for work


Resolved: Complaint, Refund

Updated by user Aug 02, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. They emailed me and it was able to be resolved.

Original review Jul 26, 2023
I put a request to have some tiling done, The tasker showed completed. No work has been done at all. I am having a great deal of trouble getting through your website to clear this mess up.


Damaged property

The airtaskers smashed a window when they were moving a bex. They had no insurance and demanded payment telling me their uncle would fix it I said i would pay when fixed so they started removing items from my unit and i called the police. Then all afternoon they harassed me saying they didn't do it. I said we have photos of them sweeping up the glass. Haven't heard back from airtasker. It was costing $248. The window cost us $275 so out of pocket


Poor contact

You guys are so hard to get ahold of I need to speak to you about the task you just canceled cause I completed the job


Unhappy customer

My task hasn't been finished but my money has been taken out of bank still waiting for job to be completed no response from airtasker.have offered my assistance to him for completion. Needs to be finalised asap. Please help.


Account enquiries

Rang airtasker but was wrong number. Web site gives wrong contact number. Very difficult to contact airtasker. Poor service


Shitass company thief to say the least

Should be a criminal matter. I have stolen money out of my bank account with no way to contact them thieving ***



They just refunded after long hustling no reply no communication They told me somone will be fix my toilet seats never turn out


$197 from my account no service

I asked to change toilet seats paid $197 took my money no one came and fixed my toilet seat and no refund till now I put the name of person who was assigned


Paid for service and not able to get the service from another person that cappted my offer

I placed a task for someone to come and do my lawn. Small job . One person accepted to take the task. Since Friday 19th of May 2023,He had not been done the job. On Monday he later canceled. When another person accepted the job, this site is asking me to pay another money . Very difficult to get through to customer service; Dail +61 1300****64 ; The number is not working . My thinking is that this must be a scam


Resolved: Refund & CHANGE OF EMAIL!!

Updated by user May 28, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. They finally responded after receiving an email from

Original review May 20, 2023
About a month ago I posted a task with the heading "Develop an e- commerce Shopify website for me ASAP". Earlier this week I asked for the task to be cancelled because the tasker was not responding to my emails. I have sent numerous forms in explaining the entire situation & have had absolutely no reply that I am aware of from Airtasker. I thought that this may be because my email has changed. It was originally registered with Airtasker as lstephens@*** but this email is no longer available. My email is now beachnest4567@***.com - & I have tried to change it on my Airtasker site but the site won't allow me to do this (I get a message saying "Your email cannot be edited. If you need to update this field contact customer support". This is unbelievably frustrating because I have tried, & tried & TRIED to contact customer support! I'm getting nowhere & I want a refund. My task has now been marked as 'cancelled' but I still have had absolutely no communication from customer support!!!



I have paid $146.90 for plastering & painting service. Invoice # P002867**** Please send me a company invoice for this transaction. My email address rohitdang1968@***.com Thank you Rohit Dang


Paid for a Job that was not done

Updated by user May 16, 2023
There has been no response from my emails to resolve the issue of paying for a a service that was not done, or how to get my money back

Original review May 16, 2023
I have been trying to contact airtasker since Saturday with no success, I requested a locksmith to retrieve the keys locked in my car, the guy that came to my car was not a locksmith as requested, He used a coat hanger to try break in to my car and scratched the paint in the process and did not get the keys out of the car the looks like I PAID FOR A JOB THAT WAS NOT DONE , the keys are still locked in the car. Can I please have my money back so I can find someone else to get the keys out of my car can someone please help me.. I can not find a phone number to ring,


Floor Board Not Propely Fixed

A floorboard task posted was not properly done. I have not released the funds and I am wondering what my options are.


Neither person showed up, but both charged my s c u checking account

2 charges off of my s c u checking account where neither person showed up one for December 16th 2022 for $45,& another one for March 2nd 2023 for $50. I would like these two transactions refunded back to my s c u immediately.Thank you, Teresa

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