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Aire Serv has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 52 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 13th position out of 200 companies.


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78130 - Would not recommend - After Spring checkup they left the main power switch loose from the wall and dangling from the power cable. I made an appointment for the Fall heating checkup and paid i

Updated by user Dec 20, 2022
Hired another company to repair!

Original review Nov 20, 2022
78130 - Would not recommend - After Spring checkup they left the main power switch loose from the wall and dangling from the power cable. I made an appointment for the Fall heating checkup and paid in advance. No show. Had to call someone else!


Estimate for equipment replacement.

I received an estimate per my request of $5,380 on May 28, 2021, for a 2.5 ton, 14 seer heat pump and a Coleman air handler due to my concern over rusting evaporator coils in the air handler on the almost 10-year-old unit (at the time of the estimate). I still had a warranty until March 2022 on the existing unit due to purchasing a 10-year warranty when the system was installed by Aire Serv. I was told by the owner (Christy Moore at the time) to wait until the warranty ran out to replace. On Oct. 17, 2022, I had the fall checkup performed and discussed the rusting coils with the technician. He didn't advise either way but I ask for another estimate to have the system replaced. Don Boyce came to my home on Oct. 17, 2022, and gave an estimate of $10,097 to replace the inside and outside unit as I was quoted $5,380 in May of 2021 that I have a copy of and showed that to Don. I was left no paperwork for the quote I received from Don and he said he would talk to the new owner about the price as I told him that was unreal for an increase to be almost 50 percent over a year's time. I asked for a quote to be emailed to me and it was with the price change of $9,700, which is still off the charts. I also paid for the service agreement when the tech came out for next year not knowing I would not be using them for the new install due to the price point Don quoted. I asked for a refund for the $201.76 for the service agreement and was told it's a non-refundable charge and they would talk to the new owners. I've used this company for many years and my parents did too. I would not recommend this company.


Satisfied with the service

I am satisfied with the service. My air conditioner was leaking due to condensation. I called today, the appointment was scheduled today, when the specialist arrived his name is Joe Locke, he immediately discovered the defect and corrected it immediately. It took about 30 minutes. He cleaned everything.


No heat when cold outside,below 32 degrees

corrected the cause of the problem (No heat ) by reopening a gas valve and switch that were shut.He completed a check list for preventive mantenance and explained everything that was done.


Young Saul solved our complaint of no heat below 32degrees.

After observing conditions of the bsmt furnace he noticed that the gas valve and switch for the gas burner was shut.Upon opening these valves furnace was now operable and restored to service. after cleaning out burner orifices checking freon pressues and completing other items on his check list he completed his job. When done he explained what correction he made and what he did.


Incomplete work, very poor customer service

They charged me $410 to fix my air conditioner worked for half a day I called back and they want to charge $100 more to send a technician to see what's wrong horrible company very poor customer service.


Horrible company

paid $79 for diagnosis after they found out the ac was not working due to a leak which I already knew they tried to charged me extra $450 to verify where the leak was. very unprofessional and they had bad ways to get the business


Rafael was fabulous!

Rafael did a job for me and was fabulous. He is always kind and professional. I will definitely hire him again and tell my friends. Thank you!


Poor Installation and Service

In April of 2019 we had Aire Serv install a 4UseDo not use-ton Trane air conditioning and heating unit in our home. We chose Aire Serv out of 4 estimates we received from reputable companies based on price and warranty, as Aire Serv offered a labor warranty that lasted the length of the manufacturers parts warranty. We received our quote from Taylor with Aire Serv and continued to stay in touch with him until we made the decision to use the company. He informed us on the install date, the size of the crew to expect (3), and the estimated time the job should take, which was a day to remove our existing 20-year-old unit and put in a new unit. In our install we were to receive new copper freon lines, an upgraded drain system, a new return to our upstairs bonus room, a new drain pain upstairs, a new compressor unit outside and a new heating unUseit and condenser in the attic. On the day of the of the install, at approximately 8am, one young man showed up. I asked him if he would be working alone, he told me that he would eventually have help. He continued to go about disconnecting the outside compressor. Approximately an hour later, another individual showed up and began assisting him. I called Taylor and asked where the crew of three were. He told me they were pulled to another job, but not to worry, when they were done, they would be on to my home. During this time, work was gong slowly and I noticed the first male who showed up to my home was on the phone a lot and at times was simply walking down the street on his phone arguing with someone. I joked to the other installer, Women problems, huh?. He said, Yeah, this guys girlfriend is always doing this. At approximately noon, I noticed there was now one vehicle outside and no one working. I assumed they had gone to lunch and would return. I again called Taylor who told me that they had gone to lunch. The second installer showed back up alone and told me that the first installer who started the job went home sick. I was getting concerned as by now half the day had gone by and the job was not half done. I again called Taylor to express my concerns and he told me that he would have it handled as he was pulling an installer now. About an hour later Taylor showed up with another person. Taylor went to work instructing them on what needed to be done and working on the install himself. Work progressed but not before time ran out Taylor was able to get the system cooling before he left at a little after 8pm that night but the job was far from complete. He told me that he would return to complete everything, but that we should be in functioning condition with no worries for now. During the installation, Taylor cut *** in the attic wall to the outside of the house to run the new copper refrigerant line, which he said was necessary. He put a gray mastic around the hole to insulate it. We were not aware when Taylor went over what to expect that we would have a hold cut into the house and this exposed copper line. This alter the cosmetics of our home. My wife contacted the franchise owner to voice her frustration. He informed my wife that this should not have happened and that they could cover the line to make it less noticeable. It was at that time that she learned that Taylor was the son in law of the owner. Taylor returned the next week with another helper to finish the job. They covered the exposed copper pipe that they had run outside, sealed the system, finished the ducting checked for leaks. It was at that time that we paid Aire Serv. Approximately one month later on May 30, we noticed that the unit was not cooling and the line outside was frozen. We contacted Taylor, who sent someone out that day and noticed that the refrigerant had completely leaked out from a loose connection in the attic. It was sealed and the unit was refilled with freon. On September 6, 2019, my wife noticed a water stain in the hallway downstairs. She showed this to me then went upstairs to the bathroom to investigate further. She was shocked to see a very large water stain above the bathtub. She immediately opened the attic and looked only to find that water was rapidly dripping from the drain line of the unit. By the time we arrived back downstairs water was exiting from the door sill of one of the bedrooms. We put a pan under the leak, my wife turned off the unit and we again, called Taylor. He did not answer the phone, but my wife left a detailed message about the issue. We did not receive a return call before 1pm, by which time I had to leave for work. I called Aire Serv and the person who answered the phone, Christy, told me that Taylor had spoken to my wife and that there was a plumber in route. I told her that Taylor had not spoken to my wife. She said, Then how did he know what the issue was?, I told her because my wife left him a detailed message. I called my wife and relayed what I had learned. At approximately 3pm a plumber arrived and inspected the drain, as Taylor had assumed it was a drain clog creating the issue. The plumber assessed that the issue was from a broken rubber coupler that had been put on during the install and told my wife that it was a serious leak but that he could not fix it, that AirServ would have to send an HVAC repair person out. I again contacted Taylor and was able to get in touch with him. I asked him why a rubber elbow that was held on by clamps was used on a pvc joint instead of a pvc elbow. He told me that that rubber elbow needed to be in place to allow for expansion and allow the drain to breath. I had not heard of this as a plumbing principle, but maybe it has to be done in HVAC work. He told me he was sending out a HVAC repairman to fix the issue and he would be at our home within 45 minutes. I called my wife and she confirmed that she had spoken to the repair person they dispatched and that he would be out within the hour. He showed up, replaced the elbow with one exactly like the one that failed and left. I contacted Taylor and asked him what was to be done about the water damage, as I was concerned about mold. He told me that they were working on that and that the had the pictures of the damage that my wife had sent. After two unreturned calls from Taylor the next day, I began to attempt to contact the franchise owner. I called him for five business days and was always told that he was busy and that he would return my call. During this time, I received two estimates to have the damage repaired. Both in the range of $300. On the last attempt, I talked to Debbie, who told me that Taylor had my information and that he would be taking care of it. I called Taylor the next day which was Friday. He told me that he was sending a drywall repair person out that they contracted named Manning and that I would receive a call from him. After not hearing from Taylor nor Manning by Tuesday of the next week, I again called Taylor, but got no answer. He called me back approximately one hour later and told me that he had spoken to Manning and that he did not contact me because he did not have my address. He told me that I would be contacted today. He also told me that he would come out, inspect the drain again and add insulation around it to ensure we would not have any further issues or damages. A person eventually came out to patch, (spray paint over), the area, but the patch failed and now I have to find a professional to fix it correctly. I have since had my previous HVAC company come out and inspect the unit. He lifted the unit where the plenum met the furnace as they were not even and was causing an air leak and a build-up of condensation that exited the bottom. He sealed the leaks on the plenums backside that were taking in air and causing whistling and checked over the rest of the system. He suggested I install an attic fan, which I did, and have had no further issues. He now regularly services my system.


I had an appointment today and experienced great, customer service from Jason Throodgill, service technician.

Jason Throodgill come out to provide routine maintenance on my system. He cleaned it thoroughly and explained in detail what he was doing. He was very knowledgeable of what he was doing. I would like to request him to come back for my next appointment with Aire Serv. I appreciate his service. Thanks


A first rate job

Aire Serv installed my new furnace with an AC coil this week. I cannot say enough good about them. On four counts they went out of their way: the intake/exhaust were installed the right way and not the easy way, the power could have been tied into from a close line but they installed a new metal flex line so neatly from a new panel connection to the unit, the existing gas line was moved for my convenience when they did no have to, and they rebuilt my plenum when they did not have to. They were professional, neat, and did first rate work.My


The broke my furnace

I called to get my furnace serviced the broke it then left it not working and told me I needed a new one when i got up set they never came back...jefferson county new york aire serve are crooks and need some good ole mafia justice...


Fantastic Company!! Honest & Highest Lvl of Integrity

My parents, both Army Vets, are trying to sell a home in Temple that needs work. My father is very ill so both of my parents are out of state for his treatment. As the oldest, I'm trying to assist them in preparing their house in Temple for the market. I'm a blue collar worker out of North Dallas so time to assist them is minimal. This company not only saved us from illegal work done by another company but also was honest upfront about the cost. They broke down every single part that would be needed for the A/C unit and ALL options if I wanted to upgrade instead. They gave facts and then separately stated their opinions. Gary and Marc performed the work, and I must say very confidently, I have never seen such kindness, professionalism, and true customer service(not even my own company can match). I am completely blown away by this integrity and customer service based company.


Company not living up to what they said

I had a tech come to my home on June 6 2020 he said that I would be better off getting a whole new AC and furnace install opposed to fixing his diagnosis. I agreed to have a new install for the ac and furnace. The tech told me he needed to have half the money of his quoted $8,200.15 before the day of install July 6 2020. I agreed I will do this. I called the office to make a payment on June 26 2020. They told me there is a Debit card process Fee that would cost an additional $160. I said that is not in my budget, can you wait until this July 2 2020 the lady at the office said yes a money order will work. I call her today and she said that they do not have my part to do the install. Its my fault because they needed my payment sooner to get the process going. That being said she said this part will take a week in a half to get to there office and they will have to reschedule install to mid August 2020. The problem is I was told to pay Half before day of proposed install July 6th by the tech and I was further led on that everything was on schedule to perform install by the person working in the office named Diane because I called her to update her on how and when Im going to pay. I really wish I was able to still have this work done by Aire Serv because I trust the company. I feel let down by the lack of communication and commitment aire serve stands by.


Over priced

October 2019 Water Heater leaked and flooded furnace, Aire Serv tech told us furnace was unsafe their sales person quoted us $14,000.00 to replace. We got 2nd quote from another company they were 1/2 the price and 2 grade better Furnace. PLEASE CHECK AROUND FIRST.


Incomplete work, very poor customer service, permit acquired one week after job was finished

I contracted Aire Serv of Salem to have a new A/C unit and associated hardware installed. The work was performed on the day scheduled. However as the techs were ready to leave I asked if the lightning surge protector was installed. They said they forgot it and would grab it from the truck to install it. Not a big deal, it was a big job and things get missed. However, the bid also included the installation of an outlet and power switch at the furnace. It was only days later that I realized that this part of the job had not been done. I called them to relay this information and never received a return call. When I called again I got in touch with their secretary who tried to tell me that they could not do that part of the job because it is not up to code. Not sure why the secretary was telling me this anyway. I asked why that step was included in the bid if it could not be done to code. She said she did not know. I called back later to speak to a manager and he tried to give me some strange explanation about the switch not being able to be done to code and I asked him why it was included in the legitimate answer. I ended up emailing Evan the rep who came out to my home to bid the project. He was very helpful and understanding and we came to an agreement on a refund number that would reasonably reflect the portion of the job which was never finished. That day, on a hunch, I called the permit department for the city of Salem to see if a permit was ever pulled to do the work. No surprise, a permit was never pulled. I called Air Serv back to let them know about this. They doubted that this was real so I asked for a copy of the permit. I received a copy of the permit dated for the day I let them know one had never been issued. The permit was dated one week after the job had already been completed. So clearly they ran over to the permit depatment after I called their bluff and obtained a permit. Ten days after I spoke with Evan about the agreed upon refund it was still a no show. I emailed him about this, no answer. I waited an additional 12 days to email him again about the non existent refund, no email response again. I called his cell, no answer or voice mail. I called the next night and a very belligerent lady answered. I asked to speak with Evan she replied "this is no longer Evan's number can I help you with something. After I repeated that I was trying to get in contact with Evan she repeated "this is no longer Evan's number. can I help you with something. Clearly I am getting the cold shoulder and they are not willing to resolve this issue. In my opinion they were ready to call the job complete without installation of the bid upon switch and outlet and they were ready to walk away without having obtained a permit until I called them out on it one week later. In the city of Salem a permit runs about 80 bucks. If I wanted to get an inspector out to do a final inspection then i would have been left holding the bag on the cost of the permit. Consumers beware. this is a poorly run franchise with equally poor customer service. If you still choose to go with them then I would not give them any money upfront and I would certainly withhold final payment until you are absolutely sure that your job is 100% complete and done to your 100% satisfaction. I kind of feel sorry for them because I think they saw an easy mark in me but had no idea that I am a pit bull who latches on and does not let go until i feel a wrong has been righted. This post will be followed up with a BBB post and a call to Aire Serv corporate to let them know the crap one of their franchises is up to.

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