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2.8/5 - based on 29 reviews

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Aire One Heating And Cooling has a 2.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 29 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 18th position out of 200 companies.


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Aire One Heating And Cooling Reviews


Insulted by sales man

I had Aire one come out to my house for a sales call. I have not been so insulted in many years. From the time he entered my home, he would not listen to what it was I was looking for, which is a second heating unit for the upper floor of my home due to how it was constructed. He dismissed me and began speaking to the man who was visiting me, in the room. I am the female home owner. The sales man literally made a statement about the difference between AC and DC current, while speaking to me and then looked at my male friend and stated. ' you understand, right'. He continually interrupted me, and spoke over me, while I was speaking to the point where I actually had to ask him to stop. He directed his comments to my male friend, even after I explained that he was not my husband nor was he responsible for the home in any way. He would not listen to what it was I was trying to have done. His comments directed at me were about how quiet the unit was that he was trying to sell me, which would benefit my beauty sleep. He continued to try to upgrade me to a unit that was much larger than I needed for the square footage I was trying to heat. When I called him out on this, he stated that well yes, I didn't need one that big and he could give me a smaller one to save me $500.00. When I told him he was not going to make a sale today as I was getting different quotes, he stated that if it was a finance issue, he could arrange financing for me. I informed him that financing was not an issue as I intended to pay cash for the unit. This sales man, informed me that as ' My friend' he was telling me what I needed to do. I will not be dealing with Aire One at any future time based specifically on how insulted and dismissed I was by this salesman.


Poor customer service

Aire One sold us an AC unit a year ago. Noticed cracks in the foam insulation covering the lines leading into the house. Asked to have the foam replaced or repaired. Told any service call is $80.00 in advance to inspect it Offered to send a photo to show our concern They weren't interested. What is the point of a warranty on parts and labour if you charge extra when a customer calls. Seniors beware. This is not a company that you can trust.


Annual Protection Plan furnace and A/C call

Technician Olsen was thorough, efficient and knowledgeable with an engaging personality He comes across as taking pride in doing a very good job and enjoying his job and the customers he serves. and ask for Olsen


Advertising misleading

Both Carrier and Air One advertise available rebates that are almost impossible to qualify for. The process is ambiguous at best and far from being transparent. Although I am happy with the product and installation I do not appreciate the misleading promotional advertisement.


Installation service.

We purchased and had installed a new furnace and air conditioner in late July. It is now October, and we are still having problems with the installation. The Operations manager (Brady) who would not identify himself with his full name is claiming that somebody in our household gave their electrician permission to unhook our heater in our garage (which is untrue as we had just paid an electrician $150.00 to hook up last winter). I am not sure why we would have this process done again if we had just paid for such a service. This company claims that the electrician is stating there is not enough breakers in the panel box which a fellow Air One employee states is untrue. Brady claims that it is not the companies issue despite that they created it. The wires were left in the panel capped and hid from us with no explanation from the electrician. We have been indirectly called a liar by the operations manager who was not willing to provide any paperwork regarding his alleged facts about the wiring and installation. We have requested a electrician come out to resolve this issues on two different occasions and the company has sent out technicians on both who where not qualified to address this issue despite the knowledge that an electrician was needed. This was become a very frustrating process and it feels that we have been deceived, called liars and given the "royal run around by the Kitchener. The operations manager in my humble opinion suggested that he could send out a technician and uninstall the furnace and air conditioner. .


Unsatisfactory results

I purchased a performance Carrier air conditioner 7 years ago. On the first hot day of the 2020 year I noticed that the temperature was not going down so called the service people at Aire One in Kitchener. They came promptly and I was told there was no refrigerant in it and there was a leak. After nitrogen, refrigerant was added 3 times, dye and 4 visits from service people at a cost of $875. the leak was neither found nor fixed but I was told the dye was a sealant and should seal the hole and it seemed to be cooling. After awhile I heard a rattling in the AC so turned it off and another serviceman was called.The last serviceman said I needed new coils ( However a previous serviceman said the coils were not the problem) and also the compressor needed to be replaced for a cost of $2057. plus refrigerant at $80 per ton. I suspect that the running on little refrigerant after they said it was fixed did the compressor in as it was fine at the beginning.This is a 7 year old AC, run for approximately 2 months of the year, set at 25 degrees which means it is really only working for just over a year. I understand that this Carrier should work for 18 - 22 years. Needless to say I am very upset . This seems to me to have been a faulty AC which I have paid $875 with no result and no compensation from Aire One or Carrier. Liz Hansen Guelph Ont.


Fantastic Experience

We had our central air maintained by air one kitchener and we are very happy with the service and we will use them again


Good service by Ricardo!

had good experience even Ricardo was new to the company he inspect and install the fan motor of my furnace. all the wires were properly installed and it was neat!!!


Ricardo excellent service

Today, was our last service call under ten years warranty for my air conditioner and furnace, this technician new exactly what he was doing and Checked everything thoroughly and explain me in detail everything. I have had very bad experience with Aire one but this particular person I was very happy.



few years ago aire one came to fix my furnace as it wasn't working. guy said that the exhaust looked bad. I stood there while he wiggled the pipes and did an air leak test with what I believed was soap and water. he said it was fine. I went upstairs and within 5-10 min I heard a few bangs... well the *** came up stairs to tell me that the pipe he just checked fell off. I called him out on it and he said theres nothing I could do. he could have turned my gas off he said, but said "im being nice and will glue it back on" then tried to sell me an updated exhaust pipes. nothing but a bunch of crooked thieves!!!


Great service. Highly Recommend

had my 26 years old furnace die on the coldest night of the year. Called another company who came out and red tagged my furnace and wouldn’t get my heat back on. They give me a price for a new unit. My friends told me to call Aire one first before I do anything. I had James from Aire one come out to look at my unit. He was awesome! Did not rush went over every detail and answer every question I had In the end my furnace was no good. I got a price from Aire one and it was significantly cheaper then the other company. They also installed the next day !!! Great service all the way around.


Not playing games

Scheduled an appointment for a Tuesday afternoon to service furnace and water heater. Was told, we can come at 3:30pm when you finish work. I come home to a bill stuffed in the door for a missed appointment. He showed up at 1:15. I am still at work. So, I re-schedule. I called and said pick a time and day. I will take the time off. Ok, Wednesday between 1 and 4. Didn't arrive until 4:20pm. What the *** Get your *** together!~!


Get a second opinion

James came to my house November 22/18 to service my furnace. He refused to service it, said it was dangerous and if he wasn't such a nice guy would put a sticker on it which would give me a limited time to have it replaced. He charged me for the service call and said I would get the money back when I bought a new furnace form them. I called a OOSTERVELD in Guelph. The technician replaced a missing cap on the condensation trap, checked the furnace and said it was fine, should be good for years to come. It should be noted that I am a senior female.


Unethical Service, Price Gougers

Gas valve was defective on a Carrier unit just a little over 2 years from installation. For the initial visit they charged $125 + tax. They left my family with no heat for 3.5 days during the coldest days until the part was ordered. They left just 2 space heaters to keep the family warm, but it barely did anything. Then they wanted another $500 just to install the part that was under warranty. After speaking to reliable sources in the industry, the installation should of been 1 hr-2hrs (2hrs being very generous) at an average technician rate of $80-$125/hr. After hearing of this rate, I phoned Aire One's office and they played dumb saying that they told us prior to ordering the part that it would be $500 and I let them know that there was no mention of that. They said they talked to my sister, but they were talking to me because I don't have a sister, but Aire One still played it off as if I had a sister. Cancelled the installation and went with Enercare. The replacement part was installed within a 4hr window of placing the call and the Enercare technician said, "Why did they [Aire One] turn off your heat, the unit can run with the defective part, it will just make a little noise. They could of kept the house warm until the part was installed." We will never use Aire One ever again. Be warned they make a situation worse so they can overcharge their customers after placing you in a bad situation. What would of been a $500 cost with Aire One ended up being $129 with Enercare.


Uncertified butchers

we bought a new ac and furnace in july they destroyed our house left steel shards and sheet metal shives in our babies play room we have had then back 6 times and they still can’t get the ac to work without leaking water. thay also don’t tell you even though they have york logos all over their website they aren’t a certified dealer wich means no 100% york money back guarantee. avoid at all cost


Unethical service call turned to sales pitch

Carrier/Payne Warranty Repair: I experienced a problem with my furnace and, after doing a lot of research, determined that the secondary heat exchanger had failed. I also found out that my make and model of furnace was covered under a 20-year extended warranty as detailed in Service Bulletin SMB 09-0024A and revised in 2014 under SMB 07-0056. In essence, Carrier covers replacement of failed secondary heaters for all parts and a flat rate for diagnosis and labour if this part failed or is about to fail. No local repair outfit was willing to do the work under warranty, claiming I had to pay up front and then get reimbursed from Carrier in spite of the policy which states the dealers have to file for payment and that in no manner should the customer be charged for this work. I contacted Carrier directly to have them send someone who would do the work. They had Air One contact me and the caller told me she was familiar with the Service Bulletin, that I was covered when I gave the model number and serial number and that a technician would come out to verify the nature of the failure. She told me the Carrier labour flat rate would not be sufficient so I had to pay the balance, about $800.00 to which I agreed. So far, so good. The technician shows up this afternoon and tells me that it is very bad, that I needed a new furnace. I asked him what the problem was - "a failed secondary heat exchanger". I showed him a copy of the Service Bulletin, read out the specific terms, and he wouldn't acknowledge any of it. He still insisted I buy a new furnace. When I refused, he called the office, jotted down some information. The service technician then told me I would have to pay for the whole repair up front and it would be $2,103 ($755.40 for the heat exchanger, $980 labour and a $125 service fee to get the part in, plus tax) plus parts for installation. He told me that was the way the industry worked and there wasn't anything I could do about it. He told me that only then would Air One apply for warranty reimbursement. He then tried to get me to accept a visit from one of their salesmen. I sent him away. It is totally unsatisfactory to get one person to tell me that I only had to pay $800 under warranty and the technician to then try to set me up to pay almost three times that and push hard to get me to buy a new furnace. I didn't call Air One for this service. I only contacted Carrier so they could send me a company that would do the warranty work. Air One is the company to which Carrier sent my request. I was tricked into paying for a $90 visit under false pretenses. All of this situation is highly unethical. At least the other companies told me up front that they wouldn't do the warranty work thus allowing me to decline a service visit. The only redeeming factors were that the technician showed up in the time frame promised and he did come up with the correct diagnosis. As a consequence, I will not have any further dealings with the Air One Kitchener location.

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